Friday, February 19, 2010

Photography Graphics ? Playing with graphic Visuals!

“Living a life through the viewfinder lets you see more than you can perceive, it broadens the horizon, enhancing ones imagination and revealing the world in a dazzling array of colours”.

A picture speaks a thousand words, It conveys a million emotions, it freezes time, capturing a moment forever, such that though it may fade out from your memory, yet it won’t die. Eternal, everlasting. The art of capturing a good picture does not only depend on how good a camera is, but upon how good the photographer is, and his knowledge of the subject. Photographers’ most potent tools are not only the camera, the lenses and post production work, but also the usage of his creativity, and thinking out of the box. Taking a simple moment, gathering its essence and magnifying it to such an extent that the viewer is left enthralled is a photographer’s true job, and it is by no means an easy task.

Viewing the world through the third eye is not an easy task, but it is surely a fulfilling one.

However, today, along with these skills, some other tools useful for a photographer are filters, Photo editing software’s like Photoshop, Coral Draw, Imageready, Hp Dreamcolour, among others. Sometimes, a photographer needs a certain effect in a photo, so for that, filters may be useful. An example being flares- suppose one desires the lights in a picture to appear like stars, so on addition of a filter in front of the lens, the desired effect is achieved. Polarizing filters help us get light of only a particular vibration to pass through, and the image is changed accordingly.

However, it isn’t possible to use these filters in all situations, so software’s such as the above mentioned Photoshop, et al. are used. By using them, the cost of investing in different kinds of filters is also reduced to a great extent.

Such Software’s are used not to get the perfect image (For nothing can replace the photographer), but it helps enhance the images. Simple commands such as Auto Contrast and Auto Leveling can change an image by a great degree. With the use of such software’s, one can obtain HDR images- with the help of Auto Exposure Bracketing- and get images with vivid colours. In case of shooting portfolios of models, skin melioration can be achieved, and if there is a dearth of make up on the subject, it can be applied on the image via various tools. The hue and saturation of a particular image can also be changed by using such software’s, desirous text can be added, and various other enhancements can be done.

Another technique Is clone making, wherein the subject’s picture is taken in different positions using the same background, and then via editing software’s, the images are merged to get the final image, wherein multiple subjects appear on the image. This effect has been used in lots of posters, especially for movies and commercials.

So, today, editing software’s are not seen as a luxury, but a very serious need. Editing and adding graphics has made a niche for itself. So keep on getting those pictures! Happy clicking!

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Graphic Creations With Software

A basic understanding of computers is all a person needs to create their own graphics with today's design software. Even with only small amounts of design understanding, people can still use simple design programs to build their own cartoon strips, holiday cards, flyers and invitations. Your business and yourself can save money on special occasions by using one of the many user-friendly affordable programs that are out there.

Number one choice of design software for both professionals and amateurs is Adobe PhotoShop. By cropping, recoloring and add special effects give PhotoShop users to change photos anyway they want. Completely new images can also be created using special drawing tools, or existing images can be changed anyway the user wants it. Photoshop uses a system of "layers". By using layers, separate pieces of an image change, while the changes separately.

For example you can change the color of the bottom layer without affecting the color of the upper layer. If you want to draw more than creating full images, Adobe Illustrator choice for you.

Photoshop is a pixel based program while Adobe Illustrator is vector based. What does this mean your probably asking yourself? When you make a picture in Photoshop, you should use a particular decision. A computer screen displays 72 pixels per inch for a clear picture, but when you print a 72 dpi image, it appears bricks and veil. To make an image for printing in PhotoShop, use 300 pixels per inch to get a nice, sharp image. Because Illustrator is vector based, it uses a system of paths instead of pixels. In simple terms, it uses lines rather than colors.

This means that everything you create in Illustrator can be enlarged to any size you wish without ever becoming blurry or grainy. Designers often use Illustrator software to build logos for a variety of advertisements. The same image or logo drawing can be used on a small card or enlarged to fill a billboard.

For those who want to create simple greeting cards or party invitations, there are a number of user-friendly programs made specifically for these purposes. Many offer templates for multiple print sizes and folding options. For the more experienced users, the software program Quark an excellent print layout tool. Adobe InDesign also offers professional quality layout options along with many of the same tools used in Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator. If you must use these two programs, you could easily create professional-quality materials with InDesign.

There are a wide variety of file types used in graphic software programs. Most have their own native formats, which can only be read by parent programs. PhotoShop files have a. PSD extension, and Illustrator files are AI, making them accessible only by PhotoShop. When you work with a work in progress, it is a good idea to save files in these formats, they offer you great flexibility to modify your creation. But when you have finished your work and is ready to print your material, you can store them in a variety of ways. Web images should be saved as JPEG, GIF or TIFF files. Images ready for printing is best saved as EPS files, to maintain color accuracy. If you plan to send graphics via email, PDF offers the greatest flexibility, since most computers have Acrobat Reader program is required to read PDF file type.

No matter what software suits your needs, making digital graphic lcd module can be a fun and simple hobby, or even a professional career. It may take some time to get used to the terminology, but once you learn the tools of digital art, you'll be on your way to building functional and decorative graphic masterpieces to share with the electronic world. LCD modules

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Choosing A Right Graphic Design For You

A graphic design is a creative process that combines art and technology to effectively convey ideas. A website is the actual place online where your business or product is presented, whereas a graphic design is an image of logo that represents your business concept. It is what the people remember most, as it is what they associate with your business when your representatives market your products to them.
Choosing a good and credible graphic design company such as Smart Internet Business Solutions Birmingham to do your graphic design is the first step to ensure that your design portrays a professional image, thus building your credibility and separating you from competition.
Your graphic design is the first thing a potential customer will see upon visiting your website. It would be beneficial for you to invest in a good web design company such as Smart Internet Business Solutions Birmingham, to improve your branding and communicate to the customers that your company is the best choice in a particular line of business.
Smart Internet Business Solutions Birmingham employs only the best designers that guarantee quality graphic designs that reflect your customers needs. These designers are well trained and have extensive experience in creating graphic designs for any type of business.
Because your satisfaction is the aim, Smart Internet Business Solutions Birmingham makes use of a systematic process of creating your graphic design. Upon placing your order, you will be asked to complete a questionnaire in order to determine what your thoughts and ideas are, after which a discussion will be done so as to establish a clear picture of what your company does, and to be able to set down your requirements of the project. Three different graphic designs will then be created for you to choose from. The design that you have chosen will then be developed and submitted to you for final approval, making any necessary changes that you would require. Finally, this will be sent to you through email in different file formats.
Make no mistake in marketing your business online. Choose a dependable and reputable company to do your graphic designs. This will give you and your business a greater chance at success.

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Sunday, February 14, 2010

Say Goodbye To Low Resolution Pictures with Vector Art

Not all of us have hi-end cameras or camcorders. Most of the times the pictures we take though very beautiful tend to pixelate when enlarged. So if it’s a wedding or a birthday party & you had planned to have a slideshow of the couple’s or your kid’s most memorable snaps, you will undoubtedly be in for a disappointment. Have you ever wondered why this is the case? Why pictures taken from a 5 or even 12MP camera tend to become hazy when enlarged on a very large scale? Well, that’s because these are raster images i.e. the image is made up of little boxes called pixels. Now imagine a jigsaw puzzle with fewer pieces-that’s a low resolution picture. So of course as you zoom in, the pieces separate leaving a hazy image instead. The more the number of pieces i.e. pixels the more close-knit the picture would be & it’ll still be clear when enlarged.

Yet this creates a need for a very high power lenses & large memory for storing the bitmap or jpeg image file.

This is where vector artwork comes in. when you vectorize a picture you convert it into a mathematical format. The pixels are done away with & instead we have squares & circles and other geometrical shapes representing the true image. This benefits us a lot as not only is the size of the vector form much lesser than a normal bitmap image but also you can scale the image to any size without it turning hazy!

Easy though it may seem at first, it’s not that simple to create vector art from a raster image. For one thing, such conversion requires expertise in softwares like Corel Draw or Illustrator which not many have.

That is why it’s always best to approach a professional in the field of vector artwork to help in converting raster images to vector artwork form. Conversion process involves a lot of sophisticated functions like aggregating all geometrical shapes like circles & polygons to form the actual image. Many z-order transformations are involved in the process including sketching & rotating etc which is simply not possible on the part of any layman.

So the bottom line is if you wish to vectorize a low resolution picture seeking the help of a professional is a must! Try vector art & trust me you will be very satisfied with the end result. The digital pictures will be rendered more realistic & you never have to worry about the image pixellating again. In fact vector artwork is so popular that even newspapers & other print media prefer vectorizing raster images. There are many online studios that would be happy to create vector art for you. Login today & say goodbye to low resolution pictures forever!

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Saturday, February 6, 2010

What Is The Difference Between ?Art? And ?Graphic Design??

There is a lot of argument and opinion surrounding the art and graphic design industries – after all, many people would consider the work done by designers as being artistic, whereas the art circles would scoff at such a belief. Whilst the two areas have many similarities, it is their differences that set them apart. In taking this idea a step further, here are some of the differences explained:

Art is said to inspire, whilst graphic design is said to motivate.
When an artist begins a project, they generally start with a blank canvas (essentially, nothing). A designer, on the other hand, almost always begins with a starting point (an idea, an image, a message or an action).

Art is interpreted by audiences, whereas graphic design is understood.
When someone views a work of art, they will connect with it in a different way to the person standing next to them (because the work has been made to be interpreted).

In contrast to this, design is supposed to convey a particular message.

‘Good’ art is all about taste, whilst ‘good’ graphic design is all about opinion.
When a critic judges a work of art, they will do so based on their opinion, which is, fundamentally, governed by their taste. Whilst there may be a small element of taste involved in judging a design, however, telling the different between good and bad is ultimately a matter of opinion.

Art is a talent, whereas graphic design is a skill.
In most cases, an artist has a natural ability for drawing or painting or sculpting – it is something that they are born with and not taught.

A designer, however, is taught everything that they need to know in order to be skillful in their work.

Art will send a different message to everyone, whilst graphic design will send everyone the same message.
Really, this point falls underneath the one about interpretation and understanding – but it is a point that should be reiterated all the same. Some designers may consider themselves artists but, at the end of the day, this is not the case because their aim is to convey a particular message.

Whilst there can be no denying that an overlap does exist between the realms of art and graphic design, the reality of the situation is that there are plenty of differences that set them apart. At the end of the day, art is certainly much more personal and adept at evoking emotion than design, which is more suited to appealing to a wide audience.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Emo Music Pictures | Emo Pictures | Cute Emo Pictures

An angst-ridden teenager wearing black tees, black eyeglasses, tight pants, and Converse shoes who listens to loud and depressing punk music. Usually, this is the image that comes to mind when "emo" is mentioned. But, what is emo really about? Is it just a trend among rebellious kids who wish to be unique? Is it those emotional punk music we often hear nowadays? As trendy as it is, many people still don't understand what the terminology emo really refers to.
As a subgenre of music, emo had its roots in the mid 1980s when punk rock bands, based in Washington DC, started experimenting with their music and began adding more introspective and personal lyrics to their songs. During their concerts, emo bands such as Rites of Spring and Embrace became so emotional that their fans coined "emo" as a way to describe their rousing performances. From then on, the pattern of this type of music has been characterized by deeply felt and dramatic lyrics as well as loud and haunting melodies.

Since its conception in the 1980s, various Emo bands such as My Chemical Romance and Panic! at the Disco have successfully crossovered from the underground punk rock scene to the mainstream music charts. Furthermore, inspired by emo musical genre, fans of these genre have developed a distinct type of fashion and attitude which personifies the music and lifestyle of various emo bands.In the emo music scene, the emo kid is generally defined as someone who goes against popular culture and traditions. Regardless of what other people think, the emo kid typically feels comfortable with his lifestyle choices in music and fashion. Usually, the emo kid expresses his feelings and emotions through the arts such as painting, poetry, and music. Due to the sad and tragic lyrics of emo subgenre of music, the emo kid often becomes stereotyped as a depressed and angry individual. However, the emo kid doesn'tpassed by, emo music revealed an emotional and thought-provoking side. Thus, the lyrics of this emotional punk rock were inclined towards the display of sentiments.Emo music or emo art reveals the perspective or approach of the emo people. Emo art is an expression of their intense reactions and is generally said to tilt towards the gloomy and darker side of life. You could identify an emo person on the basis of his/her approach towards life and other aspects like fashion sense and taste in music. Read more on best emo songs.Emo Art: Influence on FashionSince emo art is all about perceptions about emo way of life, one cannot leave fashion out of it. Emo art is all about the expression of followers of this culture who have a unique style of their own. If you have seen portraits from emo art, you can see the influence of emo school of thought on their fashion sense, the use of the color black in clothing cannot be missed. Read more on how to dress emo.Popular emo clothing include skinny jeans, tight sweatshirts and dark colored tight band T-shirts with silhouettes. The tight jeans and stylish T-shirts with dark colors are the most important characteristic of emo culture. With time, other bright colors have also been added. Accessories such as studded belts, bracelets, ties, horn-rimmed glasses are used to complete the emo look. As far as emo hairstyles are concerned, there are no fixed rules. Use of unconventional hair colors, dyes and long bangs that fall over one eye is widely prevalent.Emo Art DrawingsThe concept of emo art revolves around emotions. Be it emo t-shirts, emo clip art or emo art wallpaper, it is all about display of emotions. Emo art is reflective of the psychology of emo people. You will understand it when you look at emo art drawings.Pictures and photographs show portraits of emo people in different poses. As far as the poses are concerned, use of angles is considered very important. Indulging in emo art requires you to understand emo school of thought. Emo art reflects the frustration and anguish of these people who feel rejected. The image of broken hearted, sulking and sad individuals is quite popular. Such poses are used to represent their feelings, inner conflicts and loneliness.While drawing an image of an emo, you might need to incorporate elements of emo fashion and hairstyles. Use dark, eclectic colors for their clothing, facial piercing, tattoos and funky hairstyles with bangs. You might have seen images of people with pent-up frustration in emo art galleries. If you wish to make emo art yourself, you could make the character look sad and sullen by drawing gloomy eyes. For the right emo look, include the element of loneliness. You could draw the picture of a lonely person, with his head down. You could use shading or outline the eyes for a dramatic effect and cover one of the eyes with hair. If you have seen emo t-shirts, you might have noticed the use of silhouettes. Create the desired effect in your emo art by drawing silhouettes.Emo Art Wallpaper Do you wish to make emo art a part of your life? If you like emo art, you could use emo art wallpaper for your desktop. You can use wallpapers of your favorite emo band. Check out various websites and download free wallpapers. Now that you are aware about the emo art, it would be easy for you to identify an emo wallpaper even if the website doesn't refer to it as an emo art. You could go on websites especially dedicated to the emo art theme for finding an emo wallpaper. If you don't find an emo wallpaper art of your liking, you can even try making your own wallpaper. The first step is to find an existing wallpaper which can be customized. Use an image editing program for creating your wallpaper image. You could also add graphics to create the desired effect. Another good idea is to use popular motifs such as broken hearts and skulls in emo art.Hope I have satisfied your curiosity regarding emo art. Use these tips to identify emo art. If you draw well, you could try to perfect emo art by including the elements of emo subculture in your drawing. ecessarily have a melancholic and subdued demeanor at all times. Just like other regular teenagers, the emo kid can be lively and energetic in the company of his friends or when watching emo band concerts.Over the years, two fashion styles associated with the lifestyle of emo have emerged. Developed in the 1990s, the first fashion style typically includes clothes bought from thrift stores like tight-fit jeans and shirts with different designs and pictures of punk bands. Aside from the usual black garb, some emo kids also wear clothes with shades of brown or khaki. On the other hand, the second fashion associated with the lifestyle of emo is characterized by dark clothes with gothic designs. Usually, emo kids who ascribe to this gothic emo fashion wear tailored pants. Aside from the clothes, emo kids also wear accessories such as eyewear and multicolored wristbands. Typically, emo kids who follow the gothic emo fashion style wear make-up and also have several body piercings.