Friday, July 27, 2012

Good Graphic Design Is More Than Just A Good Piece Of Art

If a beautiful design cannot be found, its pointless.

Graphic design is good when its a collaboration of personality, identity, advertising, originality and most importantlymarketing. Although there are good graphic designers, if the goal of the business is not accomplished, then the purpose of the business is defeated. A business needs more than a good piece of graphic art to sell.

Take into consideration that your website has a goal and that should be your priority. If you hire a graphic designer make sure that you consult with a good search engine optimisation expert to ensure that your website will have the elements to succeed in page rankings. You can also choose a company that uses graphic design keeping in mind the essential parts of SEO (search engine optimisation).

When looking for good graphic designers take your time to interview them and assure that they understand the concept of your company. They should be able to provide you with samples of their work; the prices will vary depending on their skills and experience. If youre a small business you may opt for graduates which offer inexpensive graphic solutions. Remember that you can search on Google UK and Google USA to reach more search results for graphic designers, these are very big markets.

Good graphic design includes contextual hidden messages, for example, different colours expose different emotions, therefore a good graphic designer will keep this in mind when creating something specifically targeted for you audience. Also, colours can mean different things depending the culture, in Brazil for example, the use of bright rich colours like yellow and green are more acceptable than in USA. In USA the colours blue and white are widely used in the advertising of corporate businesses like banks and professional services. These colours bring out emotions of trust, professionalism and seriousness, unlike for example the colour pink.

Colours are just a small part of what a good graphic designer should take into account when designing for your audience, the shapes, fonts and coordination of the design are important for the marketing of your business. Graphic design should be like a TV commercial, it has a purpose and contextual messages to arise the emotions you wish from your customers.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) along with strong graphic design, taking into account the previously mentioned, should put you ahead of your competition.

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