Monday, February 2, 2009

Graphic Newbie Review-Graphic Newbie Scam

How would you like to be able to create your own professional mini sites in just minutes starting from now... even if you have absolutely no prior graphic design experience, or have failed art class before?

And how would you like to spawn your own countless mini site designs instead of paying a hefty fee of - 7+ per mini site package to other designers?

Or better still... acquire the skills to charge other busy webmasters and kick start your online career as a freelancer?

I'm not going to dive into a long sales pitch but I trust you probably know that designing your own graphics is NOT necessarily easy. Depending on how fast you learn, it can take weeks - sometimes even months - to get this new skill down pat.

You might be a busy Internet Business owner on a budget and prefer to do everything yourself at the moment.

Or you're prospecting the opportunities of earning a part-time income as a freelancer but you're not equipped with any skills to make your own dough just yet.

But if you believe in learning through seeing is the best and fastest form of education then you're going to be in for a breakthrough.

Because finally, you don't have to spend painful weeks - or even months - learning by trial and error

Forget sacrificing sleepless nights staying up to learn the ropes of a new trade.

In these step-by-step videos, I show you how to get your own mini site designed even in as early as under one day (or at the most, 2 days). As long as you follow my video tutorials religiously, you will break the steep learning curve almost instantly and have your first mini site designed by tomorrow.

In the Graphic Design Masterclass video series, you will learn how to design simple yet professional looking minisites, and virtual covers using Adobe Photoshop, Macromedia, and GIMP (free tool) even if you aren't good at art creation!

Follow this easy to under video series step by step to create your own minisites and before you know it your friends and customers will ask you "Who'd you hire to make those minisites?!"

Producing top 3D eCovers like the examples above will place you well and truly above the other internet marketers who are still trying to figure out why their products are not selling whilst you're selling the same product day in day out!

For once, your visitors will stop skimming through your sales pages and take the time to read what you have written! In fact, your graphics will look SO GOOD that the customers will think they're getting a physical product!


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