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Good Graphic Design Is More Than Just A Good Piece Of Art

If a beautiful design cannot be found, its pointless.

Graphic design is good when its a collaboration of personality, identity, advertising, originality and most importantlymarketing. Although there are good graphic designers, if the goal of the business is not accomplished, then the purpose of the business is defeated. A business needs more than a good piece of graphic art to sell.

Take into consideration that your website has a goal and that should be your priority. If you hire a graphic designer make sure that you consult with a good search engine optimisation expert to ensure that your website will have the elements to succeed in page rankings. You can also choose a company that uses graphic design keeping in mind the essential parts of SEO (search engine optimisation).

When looking for good graphic designers take your time to interview them and assure that they understand the concept of your company. They should be able to provide you with samples of their work; the prices will vary depending on their skills and experience. If youre a small business you may opt for graduates which offer inexpensive graphic solutions. Remember that you can search on Google UK and Google USA to reach more search results for graphic designers, these are very big markets.

Good graphic design includes contextual hidden messages, for example, different colours expose different emotions, therefore a good graphic designer will keep this in mind when creating something specifically targeted for you audience. Also, colours can mean different things depending the culture, in Brazil for example, the use of bright rich colours like yellow and green are more acceptable than in USA. In USA the colours blue and white are widely used in the advertising of corporate businesses like banks and professional services. These colours bring out emotions of trust, professionalism and seriousness, unlike for example the colour pink.

Colours are just a small part of what a good graphic designer should take into account when designing for your audience, the shapes, fonts and coordination of the design are important for the marketing of your business. Graphic design should be like a TV commercial, it has a purpose and contextual messages to arise the emotions you wish from your customers.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) along with strong graphic design, taking into account the previously mentioned, should put you ahead of your competition.

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Study Electronic Pictures Now

A electronic digital photos e e-book is for everyone who likes to take into consideration photographs as being a passion, a specialist person or lady within this discipline or any picture employing enthusiast in regular. The author of this digital image using achievement guide’s title is Amy Renfrey. She is a man or woman who likes to involve snap photographs and she is specialist with this subject. Permit me offer you you some rapidly information about her manual and what you need to anticipate from it as getting a an enthusiast in finding photos using a video clip digicam.

This image finding  guidebook manual focuses on educating you how to own one from the most wonderful images out within your respective initiatives. The author adds that any enthusiast with this region isn’t planning to have to acquire 1 of your most most present-day and roughly working day electronic electronic photographic camera to very first rate amazing expert photographs.

This e ebook covers quite a few troubles to accomplish with photographic image getting and correct here is often a snap shot of some within the most vital parts that it covers:

·It teaches the secrets of your bouquet of plants and their splendor in this discipline.

·How lightning plays a perform on this subject and the way you may regulate should be to acquire one of the most specialized pictures

·You can learn about Macro photograph taking

·It tells you how electronic cameras conduct and recommendations on how you can use them. Amy Renfrey explains what buttons to push when working with photographs and and their results on photographs

·She covers concerning the “5 most scenarios” with this discipline which incorporate;portrait component, macro portion, Astrophotography, the strategy to deliver clear photos with the moon, the sky and weddings very much too

·This  guidebook guidebook tells you how to have essentially the most astounding shots of shy and nervous people across the video clip digital camera

·Background image using is explained

·You happen to be proceeding to learn of your greatest electric photographic digital camera to purchase

·Mommy nature and landscapes image taking

·The way to zoom in addition because the importance of zooming when getting pictures

·She explains ISo and the way it performs

·Whats lens you would like, the elegance of black and white and night time image using

·Making engaging; composition and lighting when getting pictures

It is basically a obtain guidebook which signifies the one way you may get obtain to it seriously is if you attain it.

As someone who will probably be using photographs, This guidebook details can assist you to research a good deal additional tips on this make a difference. The only stage that I commonly will not like about this data information is the fact that if you’re a novice, You may have issues in comprehension the  artistic phrases or perhaps the photos vocabulary that Amy Renfrey utilizes. This truly is whatever it’s possible you’ll encounter anyplace if that that you are a beginner with this topic. All in all it really is a amazing ebook that may possibly allow you to enhance your photograph utilizing as an enthusiast in such a discipline.

go to electronic pics e-guide Digital Images Achievement Bonus

Graphic images can enliven your presentation

The proper and correct use of graphic images can certainly brighten up the content of your presentations, web pages and write-ups. So, once you have decided to display your content you have to think the best for your company. After deciding the content, the next important aspect is to select the images that will really enhance your work. Moreover, these images can improve the usefulness of your websites by making it user friendly and easy to steer. The most important advantage of graphic images is that they improve your search engine rankings.

While using graphic images size of the image has to be taken into consideration. If the file is too big, it takes a longer time to download, wherein the visitor to your site will just switch off to some other site. So, one must always look for reasonable size images.

One should not go for background graphic images for your web pages and presentations. This is because this slows the downloading, and in most cases, makes it difficult to read. In addition, color plays an important part in these images. It is always preferable to use the colors that go well together to create better images. Furthermore, there are certain colors that should be used in your images when you want to indicate certain moods or themes of the site.

The use of graphic images definitely helps enliven your web pages, if they are used properly. When it comes to the computer graphics, there are various programmes available for creating, controlling and saving the image files. Generally, graphic images are classified as either bitmap images or vector images.

The most common type of graphic images is bitmap image. All the images from the digital cameras are bitmap images. Web sites usually comprise of bitmap images. They are most appropriate for the images with multi-colour variations. Moreover, they are not easily scalable and require more memory for storage. Another graphic image is vector images, which are poised with lines, curves and geographical shapes. These are basically connected with the lines of various shapes and sizes, which then can be filled with colour. These images are used to create logos, which afterwards are used by business companies to design their business cards or display tradeshow without loosing its quality.

The software’s which are used to create the web graphic images includes adobe photoshop, macromedia fireworks and jasc paint shop pro and many more.
While selecting graphic images for your content or web site, you can easily look for economical images from numerous websites on the Internet. All you have to do is to visit the website, and you can pick some effective animated images to liven your web pages and content.

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Printing pictures on canvas

Pictures on canvas

Until you have enjoyed the great pleasure of seeing your own photo on canvas, it is hard to imagine the pleasure that canvas printing can give. There is a great danger when storing digital images that they can get lost through failed hard drives, stolen phones or online photo albums going offline forever. The only way to store your favourite photos and keep them for posterity is to turn them into hard copies. An effective use of your best digital images is to create a set of cheap canvas prints. The word cheap may at one time have been used in a derogatory sense but, during these times of austerity, to be able to create your own photo on canvas for a price that can only be described as cheap, must be very welcome news to most people.

When you place your pictures on canvas you are committing images to a fascinating surface that has been used by great painters for many centuries.

The texture of canvas has been utilised to great effect by painting masters and although nobody would suggest that a digital image compares to a painting by Monet, there is no doubt that canvas prints that have images that mean something personal are not just great to have in your home but also make for wonderful gifts.

Canvas printing

Technology has moved on so fast it is hard to keep pace with the latest innovations; although canvas prints have been with us for some time, many people are unaware of what can be done to turn their own wonderful photos of family members and friends into uniquely brilliant photos on canvas.

The process for the customer is remarkably easy as all you have to do is seek out a canvas print website such as Bonusprint , upload your digital image or images, crop to taste, and then leave it up to the website to turn your photo into a photo on canvas.

The technique that is incorporated by the specialist canvas printing websites is through inkjet technology which is a great advancement on the old method of photosensitive paper. Your photo is printed on canvas to create a canvas print which is then wrapped around a wooden frame and fixed at the back. Usually there is a covering to hide the fixing of the photos on canvas which are complemented with wall mounting fixtures so that the canvas prints fit flush to the wall. One of the big joys of photos on canvas is that the style that the canvas printing creates is effective without the need for a frame around each canvas print.

Canvas may be old technology but when it is combined with state of the art canvas printing, the effect when several photos on canvas are hung together can be truly amazing. Because cheap canvas prints are so effective, there really is no excuse for leaving your favourite photos in the digital domain. A photo on canvas is still unusual to see and when the photo is superb in its own right, photos on canvas can turn a dull wall into a fascinating talking point thanks to uniquely wonderful pictures on canvas.

Main Ingredient in the Composition of Graphic Art, Which is an Organization, Location, and Visual Appeal

Graphic design is the main objective is to organize, plan and organize the content of a page in the art that will affect the market or audience. The main ingredient in the composition of graphic art, which is an organization, location, and visual appeal, includes the ideas that you want to behave according to their audience. Graphic design is the thread you'll see all the advertising, whether it is your logo, business cards, website, advertising, etc. but they will find these basic graphic design attributes:

 Page layout - aesthetic style and page layout elements or objects
 Engraving - manufacture of printing art prints are created in one medium flat
 Typography - installation type and nature of design
 Web Design - online appeal and Communications
 Art - primarily visual three-dimensional objects

Graphic design's origins began with the first written language, 3 or 4 BC birth.

In addition, painting, Lascaux caves around 14,000 BC. Another important time in its history when printing was between 4 to 7th centuries AD, these days, all contributed to shaping our modern progress in graphic design start.

The contribution to sales
bringing the whole convincing marketing ideas is very important to your target market to take action, you are looking for. Graphic design is what allows the attractiveness of your product or service and create buzz and interest in your brand. Graphic design, advertising and marketing's impact is significant. Many of the marketing profession requires a graphic design background, including advertising and publishing, art director, production designer, web designer, and film production.

Software Tools
It is obvious that today the world of graphic design is strongly influenced by software tools. It is necessary for the contemporary art world. What software tools are necessary for graphic designers?

Page Layout / Desktop Publishing

 Professional: Adobe In Design, QuarkXPress
 Long Documents: Adobe Frame Maker, Corel Ventura
 Business or Enterprise: Frame Maker, Corel Ventura, QuarkXPress
 Home: Print Shop, Print Artist Sierra
 Small Business: Microsoft Publisher, Adobe PageMaker,
 Serif Page Plus


 Illustration: Adobe Illustrator, CorelDraw, Macromedia Freehand
 Photos / images: Adobe Photoshop, Corel Photo-Print

Web design: Dreamweaver, Microsoft FrontPage

We know that graphic design is a major part of the sale, but why do it? Design affects many of our lives, including buildings, we walked the boards along the side of the road, and we see the labels we see in supermarkets, and come home and watch TV. We are constantly called to his influence, but why are we persuaded more with aesthetic persuasion, rather than simple plan information. Some advertising repeating information over and over, but there is no graphic design to help the audience remember and take action as soon as the visual interest of information? Of course! Attractiveness is often driven by customers to purchase goods and services sooner rather than later. Research shows that customers buy products or services that appeal to them, rather than the ones they need.

Studies have shown the psychological process of visual persuasion and influence. Visual persuasion Paul Messara book he was preparing a study, in terms of our vision is directly linked to our emotions, which in turn influences our functional, biological and social needs. A strong example of talking about the book, which, as images can affect the emotions, conflicts directly with the person. This appeal is our tendency to turn to us for those who are looking for. In fact, the images are another form of communication, an essential language. Advertising images and graphics to draw our attention to the ads and we associate what we feel. Seeing the images enhances the viewer to interpret and understand the information presented.

Obviously, these conclusions why graphic design is an essential part of trade, it is very important to improve communication by combining more public emotion. The brain is able to convert what is seen to a greater understanding and awareness. Graphic design is not just a marketing part, but there is a basis for conversion.

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MJ Graphic Art Tribute Contest Still Open ? Grab a Chance to Win MJ Book & Custom Apparel

Don’t miss the Michael Jackson tribute contest held in the month of August!

There is still great news for all of those who could not win the free copy of the Katherine Jackson book in the last contest. You can once again get the chance to win a free copy of Never Can Say Goodbye: the Katherine Jackson Story and a chance to wear his art on custom-designed MJ apparel exclusively by by participating in the MJ Graphic Art Tribute Contest.

The contest has been initiated by the website specifically for the die hard fans of the king of pop Michael Jackson so that they get their chance to show and express their love towards the artist.

To enter this contest, all you need to do is to send your MJ digital artwork to or simply upload your artwork right in your Jackson Secret Vault fan club with a notification mail of your entry sent to with your username.

Entry to the contest is absolutely free and all the entries need to be get submitted by October 15, 2010 (Artwork must be submitted in .jpeg, .tiff or .pdf formats to qualify and please label your artwork submissions clearly). For further contest details, log on to

If you are among those Michael Jackson fans that have an illustration, a graphic design or digital Michael Jackson graphic art, then you are an eligible candidate to join the contest. The contestant with the best entry will be selected and rewarded with a free autographed copy of “Never Can Say Good Bye”, the Katherine Jackson Story.

The book contains 150 pages of never-before-seen photos of MJ and Katherine’s own anecdotes about Michael and is a must for every Michael Jackson fan.

“We are overwhelmed with the response we got for our previous MJ Tribute Poem contest. We got thousands of entries with original poem/lyrics about Michael Jackson. Among those, Angela Bisco won the contest. As we promised to bring another contest for all the MJ fans who could not make out in our previous one, we are here with one more contest to bring out the talent and love of MJ fans. Remember, the MJ Graphic Art Tribute contest ends on 15th October 2010, so get started. We can’t wait to see what the MJ fans come up with”, remarked the Manager of the site is an online initiative that allows MJ fans all over the world to view and share Michael Jackson’s popular videos, Michael Jackson photos and connect with other fans of MJ. The website also contains some of the never-before-seen videos of the king of pop Michael Jackson. Along with that you can order online to buy limited edition T-shirts and various other MJ accessories.

The Jackson Secret Vault team still has 12 autographed copies of “Never Can Say Good Bye: the Katherine Jackson Story” to give away. So, you can expect to see a contest each and every month, make sure to keep visiting for more. Also, stay tuned for the contest announcements & updates, MJ popular videos & albums on or

Jackson Secret vault is an online initiative for the die hard Michael Jacksonfans to understand and know more about the Musical legend. Here you can view and share Michael Jackson’s popular videos and Michael Jackson photos. The website also contains some of the never-before-seen Michael Jackson Videos. For more information or to upload or watch your favorite Michael Jackson Video log on to

The Top Reasons why Graphic T Shirts Are the Newest Art Forms

Fashion is nowadays setting in new directions with the innovation and creativity of the designers. The easiest method to get fame is to design your own graphics on the t-shirts and sell them online or in the nearby stores. This is one of the simplest methods for people to show their talent and creativity. However, nowadays there are many changes in the designs of the t-shirts, the designs have changed and with more slogans and statements used. The statements and slogans on the t-shirts may or may not have sensible meanings even then people like to wear them. Since there are many themes and designs, it is not possible to tell the origin of them. The personalize t-shirt craze become popular in recent days.
The most popular t-shirts nowadays are the ones with t-shirts. The younger generation likes them very much and it is gaining its popularity in campuses very fast.  These simple t-shirts with unique designs are making its way into the fashion industry as it is gaining popularity all over the world.

The most famous kind of t-shirts among girls are the ones with baby dolls that show the curves and for men is the shorter sleeve t-shirt exposing their biceps.
Let us see some reasons to why these t-shirts are gaining popularity:
This has the latest and brand new weaving technology especially with the use of fine cotton is becoming popular nowadays. The main reason to why it is getting popular among the younger generation is due to the themes and designs, which were seen on the computers, are now on the t-shirts. These unique custom t-shirts are not expensive as much as the branded t-shirts. Many designing websites offer various tools to custom design for clothes. From the font to the color to whatever changes, can be made easily in short time.

Fashion is nowadays setting in new directions with the innovation and creativity of the designers. The easiest method to get fame is to design your own graphics on the t-shirts and sell them online or in the nearby stores. This is one of the simplest methods for people to show their talent and creativity. However, nowadays there are many changes in the designs of the t-shirts, the designs have changed and with more slogans and statements used. The statements

Art And Designs Are Two Very Different Ideas In Graphic Designer's World

You've probably seen his 'I Love NY' advertising blitz; innumerable amounts of bumper stickers, t-shirts and buttons flooded the state. His notable singer's silhouette adorned with lightning bolts of colorful hair is well known to a whole generation.

Any record collection from the 60s features at least one or more covers that were created by this famous designer, his work has permeated our culture. His name may not be as well known as his work, but his work is recognized instantly by millions of people. But, can it be called art? He'd rather not become involved in a conversation about this topic. Actually, he would rather not use the term art entirely. When interviewed in his studio, the artist suggested that the word 'art' be removed from our language and that we refer to everything as work. Then, when the work is far above normal, we can refer to it as 'great work.' If it hits its mark, it can be referred to as 'good' and if it fails, call it 'bad'.

In one of his main exhibits, the thoughts of the man who is usually known as the Picasso of design are traced. Using bright red rope, he showed the interconnection between the finished works and their inspirations. He also hung process drawings and sketches. He says art is a process. Not knowing your exact desired end point, you allow your mind to travel as you search for inspiration.

An additional gorgeous painting was inspired by an angel postcard and paper wings. A postcard of an angel with some paper wings, for instance, led to a painted variation of the initial theme. A comic strip is hung across from another stunning work. This poster mocks the stuffiness of classical music and shows a very well-known pianist sneezing.

He says he's always gained inspiration by looking at the world as a great visual resource. One poster that he designed for a typewriter company in Italy utilized a famous painting as its theme to convey a distinct message. The painting that inspired the piece shows a heartbroken dog curled up beside the feet of his late master. The dog is resting next to a red typewriter in the poster.

He inspired and led the creation of a New York studio that influences other designers to create better work. He also co-founded one of New York's major magazines, which influenced the tone of magazines all over the country. A standard exhibition for a notable trade center, an observation deck and restaurants are all works he has completed. He was also the designer of the red AIDs ribbon which is an instantly recognizable icon. He says he's always wanted to see how far he can push his boundaries, and so he's taken on all sorts of jobs.

The famous poster of the male singer is one of his best-known works to date with over 6 million copies in print. The profile in this elaborate and wild work can also be traced back to a piece by another famous artist, to which the graphic designer's work was a response. The designer jokes that people often think he was on drugs when he came up with these visuals. Naturally, he says he has never been involved in drug usage. Adults can enjoy his work when visiting a playground he created just for them; he also made a children's play area.

Magnetic Mosaic Pictures

A new creative activity for kids, magnetic mosaic picture makers, are a fun craft. If you have not seen these, they are made by the Orb Factory, and are kits that include Magnetic foam pieces. The pieces come in various colors, and kids can follow templates to match the pieces and colors to the right spot. After completing, they have a great picture that they can recreate as many times as they like.

These magnetic picture kits are ideal for kids from 3 to 8 years old. The kits help younger kids learn colors and numbers as they work through the craft. It also helps them develop patience, and a fondness for accomplishing a task. It is a project they will need to concentrate on to complete, but it's fun too. And for parents, this is a quiet activity, for the much needed down time. Having kids in the house, there is certainly not much quiet otherwise.

Magnetic picture kits also come in metallic foam pieces, which are ideal for older kids, who enjoy this activity too. These kits are more complex, and are for kids from 7 to 15 years old. They are great crafts for helping children develop fine motor skills, as they work with the small foam magnets. And kids really love playing with magnets.

The kits come with up to 20 design templates, or kids can make up their own magnetic pattern with the foam pieces. But also, the manufacturer is offering free templates on their website, which are printable.

Overall, Magnetic mosaic picture makers are an inexpensive, fun toy option, and something different to try. Rather than spending money on a toy they can only enjoy once, this can be used many times. And, for under , it's a craft they will be happy to receive.

Graphic t-shirts style statement!

T shirts available in market whether it is online or your down town one, various styles are accessible. Now it is up to that what your style statement is and which one you prefer. Basically, our all selection depends upon our style statement, and I would like to recommend you all to make your style statement to this amazing graphic t shirts.

The graphic t shirts available are so amazing and you can order one not only for your kids but for yourself as well. If you want to look apart in a big crowd, this glossy fashion t shirt is all you need. Big bunch of people consider it out of fashion, but this is perception, the reality is not so.

As we all know that celebrities wear only trendy and latest fashion attire, so go and check out their pictures you will find that they do not forget to consider these graphics t shirts.

You can easily wear them in casual parties and on beech as well.

The material used in the making of lace and graphic t shirts is quality material and tailors are highly skilled so they know how to cut in a way to make it more fashionable t shirts. The printing material used in printing graphics is highly durable, and it is not going to get torn just in first wash. It will look like new once again just after one wash. These t shirts are easy to wash, and do not need to worry the graphics on t shirt is not going to remove. You do not need to bleach it or something.

These t shirts are easy to wash, and do not worry the graphics on t shirt is not going to remove.

You do not need to bleach it or something. Simply put it in washing machine and that is it you are good to go.

You can get free size and body fit, whatever you prefer, we believe in serving our respected customer, so try our best to offer them the best we can. So, we have decided to have a sale and you can get 20% not only on specific cloths but you are able to get up to 20% off on any graphic t shirts. Not only Graphic T shirts but you can get on discount on any lace t shirt as well.




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Graphic Design - Adding Visual Appeal

Graphic designers have a reputation of being pretentious Mac users, but they’re far more than that.  Over the years, they’ve evolved into a type of artist that knows how to work a computer; or in other words, a non-starving artist.  Effective graphic designs can be seen in logos that are recognized around the world. Everything from the way that a company writes their name to the emblems they put on their products all represent graphic design. Unfortunately, not all graphic design is created equal.  Artists that provide graphic designs can help the company enhance their advertising on everything from direct mail to newsletters and business cards. They can also add splash of interest and color to an otherwise dull or boring website.  A dull website, no matter how great the content is, will get people hitting the “back” button very quickly.

The quality of the graphic design can say a lot about your company to the potential customers and clients that you’re trying to reach.

A clean and effective design can make a good first impression, but one that’s clumsy or inarticulate can leave potential customers thinking that you’re not quite delivering the kind of quality that you should.  A sloppy website portrays a sloppy company. A good graphic design can help customers develop trust in your company or the products that you offer. It can also go a long way towards increasing brand development and recognition. Your internet presence, and how that presence looks, is crucial in a fierce marketplace.

Depending on the type of image you wish to portray, a graphic design can elicit different responses. They can make your company and products seem youthful and energetic or whimsical and fun loving. Graphic design can also give your company a no-nonsense image, if that’s what you’re going for. If, for instance, you are running a company that represents client’s interests on Wall Street, you’ll probably want a look that is a bit more serious than one that is designed for youth culture. It’s with these differences in mind that graphic designers create bold and eye-catching art.

Utilizing graphic design effectively can also go a long way towards improving your company's website. A website that’s boring and drab is not going to be very good at convincing customers to spend their money.  No one ever spent money on something that was boring to look at!  It is possible, however, to go a bit too far with it comes to trying to make your site “pop.” Too loud is just as much of a turn off as too boring.  Therefore, a good graphic designer strikes the right balance between visual appeal and usability in order to keep customers coming back time and again.

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Lucrative Career in Graphic Designing

If a student is creative and wants to work on computers for whole life then this field is suitable for them. People can find jobs in any creative field like advertising companies, print or electronic media, IT companies, etc. for enhancing their caliber in a graphic designing job sector.  Basically a designer has to understand the client’s requirement and accordingly should make design formats for them.

If a student who has pursue 10+2 with computer as one of the main subjects can join any computer course at the graduation level. There are plenty of courses in computer field such as graphic designing, multimedia designing, web developing etc.Before joining any course as for career the student needs to search fully about the availability of each course in the universities, the coursestructure, the fees pattern etc.

You can search for each college at the internet first then visit there personally for knowing about the entrance test, if needed or purchase the prospectus for getting details about the particular university.

Bachelor of computer graphic design (BCGD) is the course in graphic design courses at graduation level in India. In the first year, thestudents who want to pursue the same course should have an eye for the international design market along with online and offline ideas regarding the media expectations can work well in the same field. They will learn the essential techniques in order to expand their visual and verbal skills.
In the second year, the institute will offer motion graphics and the chance to explore the relationship between visual communication and screen-based technologies. In final year, you will gain complete knowledge about visual communication. After completion of the whole course there are plenty of options forprofessional internship as well as complex projects in many media. We can conclude a range of recognized collages in India who are conducting bachelor level course in graphic designing are as follows:-

-  Pearl Academy of Fashion (PAF), Chennai
-  Saraswathi Institute of Animation, Chennai
-  Frameboxx Animation & Visual Effects, PreetVihar, Delhi
-  Maya Academy of Advanced Cinematic, South Ex 1, Delhi
-  Arena Animation, Jodhpur Park, Dhakuria, Kolkata
-  Raffles Design International (RDI), Mumbai
-  Zee Institute of Creative Art - Miraroad Center, Mira Road

Graphic designing courses basically consistsa combination of typography, visual arts and page layout techniques to produce the final result or outcome for any idea. Graphic design often refers to designingto create a design.Common uses of graphic design comprise identity (logos and branding), publications (magazines, newspapers, and books), advertisements and product packaging. For example, a product package might include a logo or other creation, organized text and pure design features such as shapes and color which unify the piece. Alignment is one of the most important features of graphic design, especially when using pre-existing materials or varied elements.

At the beginning level if a company is sound in its financial position then they may offer 15000- 18000 - at its initial levels. But if an employee has gained good working experience in the same field then they will get a handsome turnover of a salary at the end of the month.

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LCD module with graphic display

LCD module designed to be simple advanced project as easy as LCD driver integrated display unit. 3.5 "LCD display module, the RS232 can be used for lithography inverted RS232 serial port, SPI or IIC mode, the interface allows the user to select the final control. Controller can be from a single board, special purpose micro-controller or PC Machine different applications, anything. 3.5 "LCD module provides a simple command structure, so that numbers and words is a vertical bar graph display on the screen. Text fonts are built-in, and use standard ASCII mapping. 8 user defined characters may be generated. Low-light situations the screen backlight. Backlight can be turned on or off under program control. Contrast adjustment to compensate for different lighting conditions and viewing angle.

In order to achieve higher liquid crystal display module in two different levels of command and control protocol can choose to use the software or hardware constraints. Display screen users can set the power and onboard EEPROM memory.
LCD module is designed as a small, easy to use and 525 connected to the UART or serial LCD display technology equipment. This will 2400-115200 Potter and the TTL and RS232 level signals of the speed - not MAX232 required! As a result of ultra-thin chips of glass' (COG) technology, which is to provide a transparent thermal cover, can be used for a variety of different ways, for example: installed in the cabinet, held hands, or even stay in the surface and the double- sided / Velcro ® tape. Set up is simple, there are no DIP switches or jumper connection configuration and the display module the wrong way, will not hurt it, which means that it is for educational and experimental applications of the ideal choice. It will also supply different operating between 3.5 and 20 volts it is to adapt.

A TFT-LCD module is characterized by its 'GraphSmart' automatic bar facilities, so that the data graphic LCD module is very easy. No need for a complex program on your micro-controller - it can do only two bytes of data - the graphics and to show the percentage of length.

Incredible size!
Picture on the right shows how thin synlink compared to liquid crystal display module is a typical LCD module. Use of glass on the chip, surface mount components and PCB's synlink 0.8mm thin module takes almost no room for your product or project! As one of only 6 mm, maximum thickness synlink least common multiple is the thinnest in the market of its product range.

Easy to install!
The synlink least common multiple is incredibly easy to set up - no jumpers, missing or microcontroller in the special program. The module can be set in a small part of the four time using the touch buttons - each side of the screen two. These buttons can be used not only to set the screen, but they can also be programmed to send user-defined characters back to the host device.
LCD modules are so thin, you can use Velcro or double-sided sticky tape. This means that you can you never be able to fit their place, and then displayed. If you decide to use the four touch buttons, you can use a completely separate terminal control host device.
Measurement of liquid crystal display module has a radio control servo signal specific model - unlike any other product on the market - will also measure the pulse width and frequency. This means that the receivers, gyroscopes and other R / C equipment can be checked and matched to the corresponding servo. TextStar the same time and with the standard 1520us 760us signal compatible with the pulse repetition rate up to 1kHz. Learn more about using the least common multiple radio control Click here for more!

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Hang Pictures With Style

A collection of framed photographs or collectibles can definitely do much to add personality to a room. If it is done properly, the photographs or collectibles will quickly become to focal point of the room. Let's talk about a few things you should keep in mind when hanging pictures so they add to the balance of the room instead of taking away from it.

The first thing to consider is where you should hang the picture. Always remember pictures should hang at eye level. There is ongoing debate about what exactly "eye level" is. Does it mean the eye level of viewers when standing or when sitting? One of the best ways to decide what "eye level" is for your room is to consider the purpose of the room. Whether people will be standing or sitting the majority of the time determines what "eye level" is for that room. Ask yourself "where do I want my guest's eyes to focus?"

Another important consideration is how to arrange the grouping of photographs or collectibles.

To successfully do this it is important that you take a little time for planning. A good idea is to sketch out on paper what you want the grouping to look like. The important thing to remember is that for the arrangement to really look nice it must be balanced. For example, if you have one large picture in the middle it can be balanced with two medium pictures on one side and four smaller pictures on the other side. Use a tape measure to mark out the spacing on the wall to ensure that the spacing in between pictures in a row is equal. Patience is important in this step to ensure that the finished product really looks good.

Lighting is another crucial consideration to keep in mind to really make your arrangement stand out.

Direct lighting can draw attention to the picture arrangement and will immediately catch the eye of anyone who enters the room. Be very careful in choosing your lighting for the arrangement. You don't want to choose something that is too bright because it can create a glare which is very distracting. The best type of lighting is subdued and non-glare.

Combining different types of frames and mats can add diversity to the grouping and increase its appeal. Make sure that the frames and mats complement each other or else the arrangement can become distracting. Your local custom frame shop may be able to help you decide on a frame and matting scheme that will work well for you particular picture grouping.

Play up your frames by accenting their shapes in other areas of the room. A beautiful area rug is a great way to play up the lines from the picture frames. If most of your frames are square shaped, look for a rug with clean lines or a geometric pattern featuring squares. If you have chosen to use round photo frames, keep the room soft with a circular area rug. Today's area rugs come in a variety of colors and styles and they are the perfect way to complement any decorating theme.

Last but definitely not least, you want to keep in mind how the picture grouping fits into the balance of the whole room. A well thought out photo arrangement will not take away from the rest of the room but will complement and accent it well. If you take time to carefully plan you picture arrangement you will be rewarded with an artistic centerpiece for your room.

Vinyl Wall Art - What is your Inspiration?

They say a picture is worth a thousand words. If that is the case, how much is that same picture with an emotion evoking, perfectly stated vinyl wall quote above it worth? It is amazing how a well selected word, phrase, psalm or saying put in the right place can evoke an emotion or feeling and completely change a room or space. It is for this reason that vinyl wall decals have become intensely popular with interior decorators, designers, homeowners or anyone looking to personalize their home or office.  

After installing a vinyl wall decal the result is something that looks like hand-painted artwork but is removable, much easier to install and requires no artistic ability. When considering a wall decal there are several things to keep in mind. One is size. Measure the area, see what will fit. You do not want it to be too small but you also don't want it to overpower the room.

Another is the color. There are many to choose from so this can be the fun part. Do you want it to contrast drastically or are you going for a more subtle effect? With over sixty colors available you are sure to find a color that fits your desire.  

The material used to create these graphics is a professional matte vinyl that creates a painted look on the wall or surface. It is intentionally made to be removable without damage but will also last a lifetime if installed indoors.

The easy installation, removal process and relatively low cost make vinyl word art perfect for special occasions like birthdays, weddings, graduations, anniversaries, etc.

Moreover, wall quotes will please anyone who likes to change the appearance of their surroundings from time to time. You can change the quotes so they reflect your experience and values as the years go by, or you can simply change them to keep your home environment fresh and exciting. Since wall decals are inexpensive, it is realistic to be constantly changing and updating your home decor.

Vinyl wall art is a great way to customize your lifestyle. What is your inspiration?

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Fine Art Paper: High Quality Printing Assured

If you are thinking of high quality images, you also have to use quality papers. Fine art papers provide you with quality interface to print mind blowing pictures. A high quality fine art paper is enriched with ozone and UV absorbers which ensures long life of your prints. This photo paper is universally compatible with dye and pigment based inks which makes it suitable for various jobs. Heavy duty inkjet printers process this photo paper to produce marvelous graphics exactly as you were looking for. Fine art paper prints can be easily distinguished from others. They can be easily mounted on canvas frames to produce mind-blowing creations.

Fine art paper is also used for giclee prints. Giclee prints are created using professional 8-Color to 12-Color ink-jet printers. Giclee prints are beneficial to artists who cannot afford high expenses of mass production of their work. Once an image is digitally archived, additional images can be created with minimal effort and at reasonable expenses. Stored files will not degrade in quality as negatives and film inherently do. Another big advantage of giclee printing is that digital images can be reproduced to almost any size enabling the artist to develop pictures as per customer's requirement. From an artist perspective, the original picture should be clear and crisp without any flaw. It should be taken from a good digital camera because it has been often seen that a poorly photographed image fails to get translated clearly on the paper. Enlarging the original image size is not good for giclee printing. If you think your picture is not large enough, you can re-photograph it. Edit any flaw if present on picture because Giclee prints are very detailed high-resolution reproductions and even minute defects would be visible clearly.

Though, fine art paper images are known for high-quality but there are certain precautions that should be taken while handling fine art paper images.

1. Save your fine art prints from direct exposure to sunlight.

2. Don't keep it at places with high levels of moisture or humidity.

3. Keep it away from sources of direct heat, like near a wall heater, or a furnace.

Decorate Your House Walls With Wall Art

The wall painting is an easy task but painting art in an artistic look gives more value and meaning to the room. The wall art was performed by many artists with their own meaning and appearance. The walls were painted with images, nature scenery and many images which had inner meaning in it. The wall art makes the entire room to look beautiful and amazing. the popularity of wall art is growing tremendously that are applied in homes, offices and many road side walls that makes the appearance of the place very elegant and beautiful. The Canvas art is used to add more reality in the pictures or art done. The canvas art is done on the walls and in many captured images that gives a painted look to the images. The walls with canvas print makes it look extremely graceful and so highlighted which captures everybody attention. The field of interior decoration is growing vastly which pulls many artistic people. They love to see their rooms and walls decorated with very different paint and art. The canvas print gives such a richer look and a clarity that makes everybody to admire it. The quality of canvas print is very good and it’s highly secured giving a lifetime guarantee. The wall art and canvas art is becoming extremely popular in the market today. The results have shown that many Americans spent 50 billion dollars to buy the decorative things like mirror, wall shelves, and such things. Many people are demanding for arts that can raise the beauty of their house and gives meaning to the walls. As the demands increases people opt for arts that are of contemporary styles. They ask for very different styles of art that not only adds beauty to their rooms but also enhances their tastes of art and life. Some of the wall d├ęcor that are usually done are: different graphic figures, giclee print, stylish mirrors, framed prints, designer canvas. Whatever room we decorate we should choose the art that suits the room as well as reflects the meaning of the art. The art done will speak for itself because the high quality techniques used in canvas print will produce a look that will be admired by all. The trend of wall art is growing rapidly, people decorate based on the occasions of the houses and thus the art reflects the room’s mood. The amount spent on the decorations of the wall is very reasonable it is based on the size of the room and the furniture we have. The decorations done should also suit the placement of the furniture and other interior things which should not hide the beauty of the wall art. The appearance of the art gives us much pleasure and will catch everybody’s attention towards it. The color and art chosen should not spoil the mood when a person lives. It should make the members living in the home to feel comfortable and relaxed when they enter the room. Conrad McKee have very sound knowledge of Canvas art and canvas print he is legend in his field for more details you can visit wall art .

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Real Emo Pictures | Emo Pictures | Cute Emo Pictures

One of my good friends is an extremely talented artist and she once wore a t-shirt with some amazing artwork and it looked just fab! Having asked her, I found out that she had actually hand painted the tee shirt herself! If you are an artistic person and want your tee shirts to reflect that then novelty tee shirts are a great idea. First of all if you are into painting, then the best way to create an artistic shirt for yourself is to get some fabric paints and create your own unique tee shirt. You just have to use a plain t-shirt as your canvas and let your creativity take over. You can also include several quotes and pictures about arts and also famous artists for that matter. Here are some interesting quotes that you can use for your novelty tee shirts:Humor is a widely appreciated element and has an universal appeal. Novelty tee shirts that showcase funny images or quotes are quite popular with youngsters and adults alike.

Funny t-shirts are a great way to let the world know about your sense of humor or your attitude towards life in general. Funny novelty tee shirts can also be great icebreakers between new friends at colleges or schools. Here are some of the funniest and wackiest quotes that you can use for your novelty tee shirts:If you are an avid movie buff or are simply crazy about a particular television show then you can just create a novelty tee shirt based on your interest. For example you just loved the Godfather you can create a great novelty t-shirt based on the movie by using pictures or lines from the movie. T-shirts based on popular television shows like Simpsons, friends or the popular Oprah Winfrey show are also quite popular. Here are some interesting quotes and lines that you can use for your novelty tees:In case you strongly believe in a social cause, then a novelty tee shirt might be the perfect way to spread awareness about that cause. The social cause can be anything starting from awareness about AIDS, fighting poverty, illiteracy, women's empowerment, dyslexia and so on. By sporting a novelty tee shirt that has a social message, you are actually contributing to increasing awareness about that particular social issue. Here are some inspiring quotes that you can include on your novelty tee shirts:

Emo Fashion Pictures | Emo Pictures | Cute Emo Pictures

When I first saw photographs that represented Emo fashion, what I personally liked about it was the don't-care-attitude! Emo clothing has its own very unique distinctive style. Guys and girls who belong to Emo culture can be easily noticed due to their attire. The term Emo, has actually evolved from a particular genre of music used to indicate music that goes towards hard punk. Over the years, Emo was used to denote more than just a style of music. It became a culture in itself. This subculture is now defined not only by music but also by the clothing worn.
Emo fashion is followed by people who wish to defy the traditional norms of the society. A person who belongs to this subculture would define his/her style, which is not always as per the traditional clothing worn by people. Therefore, Emo clothing and fashion is all about developing one's individual look.

This may sometimes make it difficult to pinpoint what is truly Emo, however, there are many stores that specifically cater to Emo clothing. If you are wondering how to dress Emo, here are some fashion ideas for Emo attire.Emo Fashion: Clothing and Hair
Emo clothing can never be complete without hoodies. Hooded tops are a characteristic feature of Emo clothing. These often come with printed designs or loud graphics. Tight jeans are also a part of Emo clothing. Girls as well guys also sport these with short sleeved tight T-shirts. The layered look is also a part of Emo clothing. Short sleeved colorful tees can be worn over long sleeved Tees. These Tees are either in solid colors or zany prints. Girls also wear scarves with their outfits. For Emo clothing, scarves are used to create a fashionable statement and these are often in knits in solid colors or stripes. Girls also wear heavy slacks. Gas station jackets are often thrown over colorful tees. Many girls who wish to follow Emo fashion also prefer baggy pants and short tees worn with hemp jewelry. Studded belts are often worn with jeans and these belts come with large buckles. Footwear includes canvas sneakers or shoes in black. Skate shoes are also a part of Emo fashion. V-neck sweaters are also a part of Emo clothing. These are worn short so that the shirt worn underneath peeps out from below. Emo girls and boys also wear characteristic horn-rimmed glasses. Often, such young girls and boys carry backpacks that are slung across their shoulder. This is also like a trademark of Emo fashion. People who associate themselves with Emo fashion also sport some typical hairdos that are easily distinguishable as Emo. Emo hairstyles are quite funky in their overall appeal. Spiky hair with some bold dashes of color with loads of highlight and lowlights are some of the current modern styles of Emo fashion. Short dyed black hair with straight side swept bangs is also one of the style statements. People who belong to the Emo subculture are characterized by their behavior, which includes being emotional and very shy in nature. It is noted that people who belong to this group also have suicidal tendencies. Therefore, one can notice certain types of criticism associated with this culture.The 1950's clothing saw the dominance of designer names such as Christian Dior. Dior's garments gave a more feminine appeal for women in terms of fashion. The voluminous look also added to the femininity of a woman. The Princess Line launched in the year 1953 soon became popular and Dior also popularized the trend of wearing A-line skirts. Most scenes from the fifties fashion depict men in clothes which were always structured in dark colors. This was the time when materials such as cotton and wools were used. Tweed jackets were seen as well. Hollywood actors such as Gregory Peck wore gray flannel suits that became quite a rage. Flannel pants worn with comfy rolled up shirts was considered to the in thing for fifties fashion. Women switched to trendy coats instead of the traditional shawls. One also saw the large use of feathers in the 1950's fashion. Long knee length coats, which had loose sleeves, caught on really well in the 1950s. Fabrics such as silk were widely used and furs also occupied an important place in the wardrobes of most women. Furs were considered to be a status symbol and purchasing garments with fur was definitely an expensive affair. The 1950's clothing also saw women go all out to own a very expensive fur coat. Therefore, imitation fur also became popular amongst those who preferred to wear a fake fur coat for less. Leopard prints were also a rage for fashion in the fifties. Yet another factor of the 1950's fashion were the popularity of petticoats. Women wearing stiff and starched petticoats were quite a common sight. Colorful skirts were worn as a casual wear garment. Apart from skirts, the 1950's clothing also saw the acceptance of trousers and jeans for ladies fashion. Elegance was an important factor for fifties fashion. Hollywood also had a major role to play in influencing the 1950's clothing. These patterns and designs were splashed across glamour magazines such as Vogue and Women's Weekly. Flowers, stripes, spots and abstract shapes all became a part of the fifties fashion. Waists became narrow as is seen in most movies and garments were fitted at the waist area. Flared skirts and dainty flared dresses were seen as a distinguishing mark of this period. Hollywood actors such as Marilyn Monroe and Grace Kelly became the style icons for this period. Rock N Roll dictated a lot of terms in the 1950's clothing scene. Teenagers became slightly rebellious and were approached a rather different way towards their dressing. The fifties fashion cannot be complete without the mention of the swimwear worn in this period. Fashion in the fifties may seem odd to readers now, but this was a period when revealing swimsuits had just made an appearance on the scene. Stretch fabrics and strapless swimwear became very popular. Straps were detachable and the overall design was very modest in the fifties fashion. Two-piece bikinis were considered to be wearable only by the Hollywood stars. Women would also make it a point to wear bathing caps so that their hair would be protected while swimming. Men were seen wearing polo shirts teamed with sports jackets, cardigan sweaters, wool suits, and shirts with patterns such as stripes, tuxedos, snazzy tropical shirts and cool blue denims. These were often paired with loafer shoes. The 1950's fashion also saw brand names come up with challenging designs. Dior now faced a challenge when Chanel launched a new design. The Chanel suit was all about a collarless jacket teamed with a skirt that went slightly below the knees. Women loved this elegant and sophisticated look. The Chanel suit therefore created quite a rage.

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Blonde Emo Girls Pictures | Emo Pictures | Cute Emo Pictures

The origins of this haircut stems from the surfers of California. It was not a hair designer who came up with the look though. Mother nature was actually the creator of this ever popular haircut. Many surfers dedicated their daily lives to the act of surfing. They found surfing to be so much fun, that the only way they could ever be happy in life, was through surfing continuously. This certainly had repercussions on their hairstyles. It is not truly possible to maintain your hair while you are surfing every day, so it wsup to natural forces to construct the perfect hairdo.In general, if you are trying to find out wat this type of haircut looks like, you should start picturing a hair style that has extremely long hair. Also, a bleached look is a general factor included in this type of hairstyle. Some people have wavy hair that fits perfectly with the surfer hairdo as well.If you are wondering how you can mold your hair to match this general description, you just need to take into account the different factors that are responsible for the origination of this hairstyle.

Many surfers spent their entire summers mastering the art of surfing. This rarely provided the time for them to get their haircuts each summer. After endless summers, most surfer's hair reached down to their shoulders. This is the very reason why, if you want to match your hair to this style, you will need to grow out your hair a bit.There are a few products that can help you recreate the wet and wild look that is commonly associated with a surfers haircut too. These products make it a bit easier to adapt a person's hair to the look of being out in the ocean for months on end, without actually going out into the ocean for months on end.Due to the natural appearance of surfer's hair being in a blonde state, you may want to consider bleaching your current hair. Surfers are exposed to the sun day after day during the summer season. This exposure is apt to make their hair blonde in general. This is why, if you want your hair to match their hair style, you should consider recreating the look through the use of bleach. You do not have to bleach your entire head, but accents can work well too.Many pop culture icons have adapted this haircut for their own use. In general, most stars have discovered that the natural appearance of surfer hairstyles is generally a bit too wild to impress the general public. For this reason, there have been a variety of adaptations to meet the standards of the demanding people of the public.These adaptations usually consist of straightening out the hair a bit, or at least creating refined waves in the hair, to give the look a more designed feel. Also, clean cuts, even though they are still long cuts, are considered to be important if you want to make your hair acceptable for all situations.urfer Haircuts GalleryFeaturing pictures gallery of cool surfer hairstyles with styling tips.A stylish man is not just one who is well dressed, but also maintains the right hairstyle to compliment the look! Well, if guys think girls are really asking for too much, it would be an understatement. In fact, if you haven't really got yourself a trendy haircut, you are really not keeping up with the latest fashions and taking enough interest! Male hairstyles are now as fussy as those seen for women. Men are having a field day choosing from the messy look to the clean and sleek image. If you are on the lookout for some popular male hairstyles, read about some hairstyles, whch will never go out of fashion!opular Male Hairstyles:Messy Look:Messy is happening and how! Males can go in for short shags or short spikes. This messy hairstyle for men can be created with the help of gel. The messy look is popular with most teens and even professionals, who have no time on hand for hairstyles that come attached with all the fuss. A messy look is considered to be cool by many women and therefore you might just hit it off with that cute girl next door with the messy look!Long waves:Men who are confident about carrying off this look can go in for long wavy hairstyles. Long hair may be difficult to maintain but then fashion comes with a hitch! Think Axl Rose and how his long locks caused girls to swoon. Long hairstyles for men are also inclusive of dreads but these would prove to be really difficult to maintain. Sedu hairstyles are also catching up with men and it won't hurt to try the straightened look for a change! It will simply make you look sleek and suave. Use some conditioner if required for difficult-to-manage hair.Crew Cuts:Men sporting crew cuts are my personal favorite! Crew cuts can really turn you from a boring nerd into a hot dude. Crew cuts are great for men who are confident about their features. This cut being short brings more attention to the face. I don't think you would have a problem if women thus get attracted to your prominent features. Go ahead guys and have some fun!Medium Length Hairstyles:Medium length hairstyles for men suit various textures of hair. Your hair could be curly or straight; you could use the texture to your advantage. Spike it up for a freaky look or wear it plain for a casual evening out with friends. You can let your hair grow down to your neck and then straighten it so that it falls gently. Or you can even try something new towards the front portion such as flicks. Celebrity Hairdos:Celebrities are the best role models for women as well as men. Brad Pitt and Tom Cruise caused many to go their way. Your favorite celebrity can be a great inspiration if you are planning for a new look. You can select the photographs and take it to your hair stylist. Your hair stylist would be the best person to guide you about choosing a popular hairstyle, which complements your look as well. Use these tips for popular male hairstyles and add some spice to your life with a new look. Don't blame me if you are dating all the weekends that follow!

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Canvas pictures and artwork

If you’re looking for something to brighten up your home then either a canvas picture or some canvas artwork may be the thing for you.  There is a saying that if one loves their home them this one loves themselves and everyone around them. It’s a lovely saying and showing off some canvas art is one way of expressing your personality and showing the beauty in your life.

The first thing and option would be to change your art or photos into  canvas pictures as this is a very modern way to approach your creative side by using some of your own personal photographs or digital images to be printed on canvas.

There’s is also another way of expressing your creative side through canvas printing and this would be to have your paintings printed on canvas. It’s a great way to show off your art in your home and is always going to be the talking point behind some of the conversations from the people that enter your home of love.

If your decorative with your hand paintings and have a different type of technique that you want to hand out to your friends or even if you wanted to bring them to a show then a good way to do this would be to show your  canvas artwork through a canvas print medium.

It’s known that having canvas pictures with a hint a canvas art is a great cocktail for arts and crafts and have a temporary look and modern feel and also the bumpy texture you would normally find on an original painting that you made so you can continue to have the realism side of the art to it to.

Always making sure you get the right colours and the right type of style is the best way to use your artwork in the way that you would in and around your home.

Art Schools

Ever considered that you may be too old to join the creative club? Well, you needn't be worried because art schools cater for people of all ages. With the primary focus of such schools being on visual arts, one can enroll for undergraduate, graduate or postgraduate programs in the different schools across the country. Upon enrolling for the program, you'll then get to choose whether you would like to concentrate in sculpture, photography, painting, illustration or graphic design.

If you are a parent who is interested in enrolling your child for art lessons, you will be pleased to know that art schools also cater for the elementary and high-school going children. Fresh high school graduates can also be engaged in post-secondary art lessons. As a parent however, it is advisable to make sure that your high-school graduate child enrolls in an accredited art school since they can graduate with a bachelor of arts or a bachelor in fine arts from the accredited schools.

Depending on the course outline in various schools, an art student may need to spend more time concentrating on the theoretical perspective of liberal art courses. This means that less time is spent in the art studios practicing on the designs. The more dedicated art schools however offer intense training in academic drawing, painting and classical realism. The latter category of art schools are especially ideal to students who want to take art as a professional career in future.

While most people contend that being a successful artist mainly takes a stroke of talent, it is also noteworthy that every good talent needs to be honed, tempered and enhanced. This is especially true because contemporary artists just like other creative professionals are faced with increasing competition in the global market place. Without receiving the necessary training therefore, one may fail to achieve their full artistic potential.

But why exactly does one need to go to an art school if they are sure their talents can see them through as professionals? Well, for starters, you may want to seek formal employment as an artist. And while most employers will need to see some proof of your talent, they may also need to be sure that they are handling a professional. Since art schools train you on how to work and act as professional, most potential employees will have no cause to turn your job applications down.

In art school, you also get to meet other training artists, and this will no doubt present you will valuable contacts that can be used in future. In addition to this, the interactive atmosphere between students in art schools will give you an ideal environment where you can learn from what other artists do. This is especially so because different artists have different skills and techniques. Overall, your choice of art school is similar to a lifetime investment. The skills, techniques and contacts that you acquire while in school will determine the kind of an artistic career that you'll forge in future. As such, making wise school choices is the first essential step you should take towards establishing a career in art.

The Art of Hanging Art

Hanging art is often an overlooked final layer to the success of your room's interior and can just as easily be the inspiration for a room suggesting a certain mood.

There really are no rules for hanging art. What really count is "the eye of the beholder." (Yours!)

Pleasing wall arrangements follow the same principles of design that you follow for placing furniture in a room.

One of those principles is balance, which refers to the distribution of the visual weight within a display.
An arrangement that lacks balance may seem too top or bottom heavy or as if the side is falling.

A symmetrical arrangement where each half is the mirror image of the other is the most straight forward and probably easiest to achieve.

To achieve balance when working with a group of pieces of different sizes and scale, imagine a grid on the wall of four quadrants making sure each area is equal visually.

Artwork and other objects that you hang on your walls can demand that certain pieces be displayed by themselves.

Anything large or over scaled will need its own space to show off.

Artwork that is dark, bright, or boldly patterned will appear heavier and bigger than an object that is small or pale.

It is best to display these weightier items next to similarly weighty elements in the room like furniture or architectural features.

It is also important to leave enough bare (negative) space around the pieces you are hanging for your pieces to breathe and for the eye to focus.

The repetition of a single object can create a dramatic display. This method is effective for an inexpensive show of ordinary items (wallpaper samples, seed packets, even pages from a magazine) of the same size and framed identically.

If the subject matter is the same, hanging art of identically framed items in a grid creates an impact and should be hung closer together than pieces of different sizes and shapes.
The unity of a display of this manner catches your attention and draws you in for a closer look.

Before actually putting the first nail in the wall, work out your arrangement on the floor.

Generally the largest item starts in the center. Working your way out, play around with the composition by seeing how each piece relates to each other. You may choose to use paper cutouts.

Balance the smaller pieces on the larger either vertically or horizontally. Place them close together, about two inches apart, so when you stand away from the arrangement it forms a whole.

Tips for Hanging Art

Incorporate other elements into an arrangement like brackets, mirrors or a collection of plates.
Plates also work well for filling in a narrow or oddly shaped space like over a doorway or on the side of a tall piece of furniture.
Hang art 60 - 66" from the floor for "eye level" to most and hang so the bottom of the artwork is 5 - 8" above a piece of furniture.
Consider color but keep in mind that your art doesn't have to match your sofa.
Frame your art for art's sake and not for the room. The proper frame will work almost anywhere you want to hang it and gives you freedom to move things around.
Place picture framing wire about a third of the way down each side.
As a rule, the mat size for prints and drawings should be 3 inches wide but do take into consideration the size of the artwork.
Use two nails to hang a piece if you don't want it to move, placed about 5 inches in from the frame's edge.
Using bumpers on the bottom corners will protect your walls.
Hang frames directly on top of the paper cutouts (if you used them) then pull out the paper.
When hanging art in a hallway only hang on one side.
Hang art on patterned wallpaper if the art is of a different scale and is visually stronger than the background, with a mat to distinguish the image from the wall.

But if you are not into hanging at all, prop a large piece against a wall or layer small over a larger piece on a mantel.

And most importantly trust your instincts!

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Art supplies

If you love to indulge in a spot of painting or sketching then obtaining the right art supplies is essential. It does not matter if you are a professional artist or just like to create lovely images as a relaxing pastime as you need to be sure that your end portrait or landscape drawing turns out as perfectly as possible. Art supplies which are of a shoddy, substandard quality will set you back somewhat, and will leave you out of pocket and back to square one. If you have a creative flair then it is integral that you express yourself in the most productive and proficient way possible, and the best art supplies really make pictures come to life! If you choose to procure top notch art supplies then it truly makes a difference to the end product. specialises in the most sought after art supplies which are affordable to boot! It is impossible not to be tempted by our lovely art supplies as they are so widespread and extensive.

We all know how important it is to get your personality across if you are creating a masterpiece, and these art supplies reflect this individuality perfectly as they are extremely diverse, and we will alter and modify all art supplies in order to cater for any specific personal preferences and requirements. From pastels to paintbrushes, pencils to easels – there are art supplies for everyone!

Indeed, you will be completely spoilt for choice when you see our fantastic art supplies, and we can absolutely guarantee that you will not walk away empty handed. Our client care is truly exceptional, and we design all our art supplies with the greatest care and attention to detail. Who could ask for more? We even have children’s art supplies which will encourage your little ones to be as inventive as possible, and they will be entertained for hours! Our relationship with our ever-expanding customers is excellent, as we know exactly what is required to ensure that you return time and time again in order to secure these fabulous art supplies.

Any feedback is greatly appreciated, as we always strive to update and modernise or collection of art supplies and art materials in order to adapt to ever changing modes and trends. Visit us today at and pick up a bargain! Let your imagination run wild!

Buying Art

Buying art is something that many people would like to do but not that everyone understands how to go about. Buying good art is a great way to make an investment, and to get something attractive to display as well. Getting art is a great way to decorate your home and is a great way to show off your taste and to add a touch of class and style to your room.

However the majority of us don't know much about art.. How do you choose art that will increase in value or at least stay the same? At the same time you need to choose art that says something about you, but that at the same time fits your dcor and is relatively inoffensive and not too ostentatious.

How you choose art in terms of design is really up to you and comes down to subjective taste. Different people like different types of art of course - some like modern art, some like impressionism, some like oil painting and once you've decided this it's much easier to choose the specific picture you like by an artist you can appreciate. Your dcor will affect this - if you have a very modern apartment then this will be more suited to modern art, while if you have a more traditional design then a water colour can be more fitting. Try and match the palette of the image a little to the palette of your room.

With landscape oil paintings it is pretty hard to go wrong. They create the impression of more space in the room and are almost like an extra window out into the world. At the same time few people are likely to have any strong dislike for landscape oil paintings. However they also don't make as much as a visual statement as having a painting of something. Try to choose a subject that somehow reflects your personality - if you like music or play an instrument for example then you may want to have a painting of a piano or a violin, while if you are very flamboyant then you might wish to have a bunch of flowers as your feature (these items are again also inoffensive). Hopefully when you're looking at things that are suitable for your room and your personality, then something should jump out and appeal to you.

In terms of making an investment you need to look for affordable art that's likely to rise in price over a short time frame. You want for instance to look for emerging artists who are currently lesser known but who are likely to make a big splash on the scene. This way you can buy paintings of emerging artists while they are still lesser known, and sell them on once they are well known and in demand. You can also buy art that is already rare and expensive and this way you can know that it should at least retain its value. Doing a small bit of research online to find emerging artists and other established artists.

Art Competitions

There are many art competitions out there that as an artist, you can enter your work. These competitions are a good way of showcasing your work and gaining some recognition. It is expensive to set up an exhibition for your work as a struggling artist. The art competitions can save you money and give you the exposure you need and the cash prizes are not so bad as well. There are things you should consider while preparing for art competitions.

The picture you take for your art pieces represents you to the judges in a certain light. This will increase or reduce your chances for winning art competitions. You should read the instructions on the format photos that need to be submitted. The era of films is coming to an end and digitals are taking over. Most entries in digital forms have specific criteria mostly to be submitted and depend on the number of pixels.

Framing your art is important in art competitions. The frame you present your work in speaks volumes about your piece. Scratched and cheap looking frames lower the quality of your work. Most buyers want to buy pieces and hang them immediately in their houses. If it has a bad frame they might think it is not worth the cost or time to wait. Frame your work creatively though within your budget margin. If the painting doesnt win the art competitions you can always re-use the frame.

If the art that you want to enter in the art competitions needs to be framed in glass, it is important to take this into consideration. You might decide to use the regular glass or a more expensive non-reflective glass. The best glass is the non reflective glass. This type of glass does not reflect any other objects to your piece. The regular glass will reflect anything that the light falls on. As a result of this, your true image will not be displayed to buyers. You might lose the art competition due to this. People might miss out on the real image.

If you want to enter a competition in other areas you might need to ship your pieces. Consider the cost of shipping and other costs needed. You have to buy a sturdy box to ship your pieces. In addition to this, an agency that is designated by the competitions organizers will also need to be paid. It should be within a budget you can afford.

Never enter more pieces than you can deliver. Failure to submit pieces that have won might lead you to being banned from participating in art competitions for a few years. So plan careful and work on your budget to make sure you cover any costs that might be needed for shipment.

There are competitions that have entry fees but there are other sites that do not charge. is a site that allows members to enter art competitions for free and they have over 50 competitions a month. A nice way to showcase your art.

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Celtic Art


The ancient peoples now called "Celts" spoke a group of languages that had a common origin in the Indo-European language known as Common Celtic or Proto-Celtic. This shared linguistic origin was once widely accepted by scholars to indicate peoples with a common genetic origin in southwest Europe, who had spread their culture by emigration and invasion. Archaeologists identified various cultural traits of these peoples, including styles of art, and traced the culture to the earlier Hallstatt culture and La Tne culture. More recent studies have indicated that various Celtic groups do not all have shared ancestry, and have suggested a diffusion and spread of the culture without necessarily involving significant movement of peoples.[citation needed]

The term "Celt" was used in classical times as a synonym for the Gauls (, Celtae). Its English form is modern, attested from 1607. In the late 17th century the work of scholars such as Edward Lhuyd brought academic attention to the historic links between Gaulish and the Brythonicnd Goidelicpeaking peoples, from which point the term was applied not just to continental Celts but those in Britain and Ireland. Then in the 18th century the interest in "primitivism", which led to the idea of the "noble savage", brought a wave of enthusiasm for all things Celtic and Druidic. The "Irish revival" came after the Catholic Emancipation Act of 1829 as a conscious attempt to demonstrate an Irish national identity, and with its counterpart in other countries subsequently became the "Celtic revival".

Stone Age

Dolmens, or cromlechs, appear throughout the British Isles and are remnants of Stone Age culture. These structures are properly called pre-Celtic, since they pre-date the arrival of the Celtic peoples, but are notable for their potential influence on Celtic art such as the standing stones.

Pentre Ifan.


There are approximately 150 surviving dolmens in Wales, including the notable Pentre Ifan in Preseli, Pembrokeshire. The bluestones which form Stonehenge also come from Preseli, suggesting not only the artistic and cultural links between the lands which would become Wales and England, but also - due to the long distance that the stones travelled - that these stones might have been considered sacred by the builders. These structures are considered to be the oldest human-made permanent structures in the world, even surpassing the Egyptian pyramids in age.

Bronze Age

This section requires expansion with:

Bronze Age influences on Celtic art.

Iron Age

Parade Helmet, Agris, France. 350 BC.

This section requires expansion with:

Hallstat, La Tene and British/Irish traditions.

Early Middle Ages

Main article: Insular art

Ardagh Chalice, silver and millefiori glass. Irish. Early 8th century AD.

Folio 27r from the Lindisfarne Gospels contains the incipit Liber generationis of the Gospel of Matthew. Compare this page with the corresponding page from the Book of Kells (see here), especially the form of the Lib monogram

Book of Kells Gospel of Matthew

Christ in Majesty, Book of Kells.

Celtic art in the Middle Ages was practiced by the Celtic speaking people of Ireland and Britain in the 700 year period from the Roman withdrawal from Britain in the 5th century, to the establishment of Romanesque art in the 12th century. Through the Hiberno-Scottish mission the style was influential in the development of art throughout Northern Europe.


In Ireland an unbroken Celtic heritage existed from before and throughout the Roman era of Britain, which had never reached the island, and thus the 5th to 7th centuries were mainly a continuation of late Iron Age La Tne art. In the 7th and 8th centuries Irish art mixed with Germanic traditions through Irish missionary contacts with the Anglo-Saxons, creating what is called the Hiberno-Saxon style. Late in the period Scandinavian influences were added through the Vikings, then original Celtic work came to end with the Norman invasion in 11691170 and subsequent introduction of the Romanesque style.

In the 7th and 9th centuries Irish Celtic missionaries traveled to Northumbria in Britain and brought with them the Irish tradition of manuscript illumination, which came in to contact with Anglo-Saxon metalworking knowledge and motifs. In the monasteries of Northumbria these skills fused and were probably transmitted back to Scotland and Ireland from there, also influencing the Anglo-Saxon art of the rest of England. The product of this Celtic and Germanic fusion is called Insular art or the Hiberno-Saxon style. Some of the masterpieces created include the Tara Brooch, the Ardagh Chalice and the Derrynaflan Chalice. New techniques employed were filigree and chip carving, while new motifs included interlace patterns and animal ornamentation. The Book of Durrow is the earliest complete insular script illuminated Gospel Book and by about 700, with the Lindisfarne Gospels, the Hiberno-Saxon style was fully developed with detailed carpet pages that seem to glow with a wide palette of colours. The art form reached its peak in the late 8th century with the Book of Kells, the most elaborate Insular manuscript. Anti-classical Insular artistic styles were carried to mission centres on the Continent and had a continuing impact on Carolingian, Romanesque and Gothic art for the rest of the Middle Ages.

In the 9th and 11th century plain silver became a popular medium in Anglo-Saxon England, probably because of the increased amount in circulation due to Viking trading and raiding, and it was during this time a number of magnificent silver brooches were created in Ireland. Around the same time manuscript production began to decline, and although it has often been blamed on the Vikings, this is debatable given the decline began before the Vikings arrived. Sculpture began to flourish in the form of the "high cross", large stone crosses that held biblical scenes in carved relief. This art form reached its apex in the early 10th century and has left many fine examples such as Muiredach's Cross at Monasterboice and the Ahenny High Cross.

The impact of the Vikings on Irish art is not seen until the late 11th century when Irish metal work begins to imitate the Scandinavian Ringerike and Urnes styles, for example the Cross of Cong. These influences were found not just in the Norse centre of Dublin, but throughout the countryside in stone monuments such as the Dorty Cross at Kilfenora and crosses at the Rock of Cashel.

Picts (Scotland)

From the 5th to the mid-9th centuries, the art of the Picts is primarily known through stone sculpture, although some metalwork exists. There are no known illuminated manuscripts.

Pictish stones are assigned by scholars to 3 classes. Class I Pictish stones are unshaped standing stones incised with a series of about 35 symbols which include abstract designs (given descriptive names such as crescent and V-rod, double disc and Z-rod, 'flower' and so on by researchers); carvings of recognisable animals (bull, eagle, salmon, adder and others), and objects from daily life (a comb, a mirror). The symbols almost always occur in pairs, with in about one third of cases the addition of the mirror, or mirror and comb, symbol, below the others. This is often taken to symbolise a woman. Apart from one or two outliers, these stone are found exclusively in north-east Scotland from the Firth of Forth to Shetland. They are particularly common in Angus, Aberdeenshire, Sutherland and Orkney. Good examples include the Dunnichen and Aberlemno stones (Angus), and the Brandsbutt and Tillytarmont stones (Aberdeenshire).

Class II stones are shaped cross-slabs carved in relief, or in a combination of incision and relief, with a prominent cross on one, or in rare cases two, faces. The crosses are elaborately decorated wllith interlace, key-pattern or scrollwork, in the Insular style. On the secondary face of the stone, Pictish symbols appear, often themselves elaborately decorated, accompanied by figures of people (notably horsemen), animals both realistic and fantastic, and other scenes. Hunting scenes are common, Biblical motifs less so. The symbols often appear to 'label' one of the human figures. Scenes of battle or combat between men and fantastic beasts may be scenes from Pictish mythology. Good examples include slabs from Dunfallandy and Meigle (Perthshire), Aberlemno (Angus), Nigg, Shandwick and Hilton of Cadboll (Easter Ross).

Class III stones are in the Pictish style, but lack the characteristic symbols. Most are cross-slabs, though there are also recumbent stones with sockets for an inserted cross or small cross-slab (eg at Meigle, Perthshire). These stones may date largely to after the Scottish takeover of the Pictish kingdom in the mid 9th century. Examples include the sarcophagus and the large collection of cross-slabs at St Andrews (Fife).

The Book of Kells is most probably an 8th century product of an Iona scriptorium, begun there and transferred to Kells in Ireland during the 9th century in response to Viking raids, where it was completed (for other theories see Book of Kells). Elements of its ornamentation reflect Pictish influences.

The following museums have important collections of Pictish stones: Meigle (Perthshire), St Vigeans (Angus) and St Andrew's Cathedral (Fife) (all Historic Scotland), the Museum of Scotland, Edinburgh (which also exhibits almost all the major pieces of surviving Pictish metalwork), the Meffan Institute, Forfar (Angus), Inverness Museum, Groam House Museum, Rosemarkie and Tarbat Discovery Centre, Portmahomack (both Easter Ross) and Tankerness House Museum, Kirkwall, Orkney.


A 6th century fragment of a Penannular Brooch from Dinas Powys, shown with an artist's reconstruction.


Standing stones occur frequently on the landscape of Wales. Reflecting the change from Romanized Britain to sub-Roman Britain and cultural contact with Ireland, these stones juxtapose Roman capitals, half-uncials,first used in N. Africa, then spreading to Italy, Gaul, Wales, then Ireland. Unlike Irish High Cross and Pictish stones, early Welsh stones mainly employ geometric patterns and words, rather than figure representation; however, 10th century stones represents Christ and various saints.


Little metalwork survives from the early period of the 5th-9th centuries in Wales. However, archaeological sites at Dinas Powys have revealed various artifacts such as penannular brooches and other pieces of jewellery. Similar brooches have been discovered a site at Penycorddyn-mawr,Denbighshire, dating to the 8th century.


Lichfield Gospels

The Hereford Gospels, circa 780, illustrating the Gospel of John

The Ricemarch Psalter, circa 1080, the start of Psalm 1:"Beatus vir..."

Some scholars suggest that two 8th century illustrated manuscripts in the Hiberno-Saxon style were produced in Wales, namely the Lichfield Gospels and the Hereford Gospels. In the later period, the illuminated Ricemarch Psalter from the 11th century was written in Wales and contains similar Hiberno-Saxon influences. A 15th century text, The Black Book of Basingwerk, is another Welsh illuminated manuscript containing a translation of Geoffrey of Monmouth's Historia Regum Britanniae into Welsh. The recent The Saint John's Bible was produced at the Saint John's University scriptorium, which is located in Monmouth, Wales.

Celtic revival

Since the Romantic era, there has been a substantial revival of interest in all things Celtic, including the visual arts. Many painters, calligraphers, and other artists have worked with the themes drawn from ancient or medieval Celtic art, or else inspired by Celtic literary themes. Some of this work has remained very close to the style of La Tne or illuminated manuscript originals, but much of it has a distinctly new feel. Modern Celtic-themed art can be seen today in a wide range of logos, jewellery, crafts, postcards, and so on.

Celtic art types and terms

Hanging bowl. These were created by Celtic craftsmen during the time of the Anglo-Saxon conquests of England. They were based on a Roman design, usually made of copper with 3 or 4 suspension loops along the top rim, from which they were designed to be hung from within a tripod. Some of the finest examples are found in the horde at Sutton Hoo (625) which are enameled. The knowledge of their manufacture spread to Scotland and Ireland in the 8th century.

Carpet page. An illuminated manuscript page decorated entirely in ornamentation. In Hiberno-Saxon tradition this was a standard feature of Gospel books, with one page as an introduction to each Gospel. Usually made in a geometric or interlace pattern, often framing a central cross. The earliest known example is the 7th century Bobbio Orosius.

High cross. A tall stone standing cross, usually of Celtic cross form. Decoration is abstract often with figures in carved relief, especially crucifixions, but in some cases complex multi-scene schemes. Most common in Ireland, but also in Great Britain and near continental mission centres.

Pictish stone. A cross-slab rectangular slab of rock with a cross carved in relief on the slab face, with other pictures and shapes carved throughout. Organised into three Classes, based on period of origin.

Insular art or the Hiberno-Saxon style, from the 6th to 9th centuries. The fusion of pre-Christian Celtic and Anglo-Saxon metalworking styles, applied to the new form of the religious illuminated manuscript, as well as sculpture and secular and church metalwork. Also includes influences from post-classical Europe, and later Viking decorative styles. The peak of the style in manuscripts occurred when Irish Celtic missionaries traveled to Northumbria in the 7th and 8th centuries. Produced some of the most outstanding Celtic art of the Middle Ages in illuminated manuscripts, metalworking and sculpture.

Celtic calendar. The oldest material Celtic calendar is the fragmented Gaulish Coligny calendar from the first century BC or AD.

See also

History of Ireland

Early history of Ireland

Hallstatt culture

La Tne culture

List of Hiberno-Saxon illustrated manuscripts

Gundestrup cauldron

Celtic maze


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