Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Change your pictures into work of art with Canvas print

Popularity of Canvas printing

The recent rise in the fame of Canvas print might be due to many factors, but the fact that these prints can be used as objects of artistic and decorative values can be the reason behind its growing popularity. Nowadays, many people use the technique of Canvas printing for transforming beautiful pictures into charming piece of art and these prints are also exhibited in different art centers. You can capture all the important moments of your life and can get them printed on canvas to make them memorable.

Benefits of Canvas prints

From a very long time, people use wall paintings for decorating their abodes. However, the main problem with paintings is that they are very expensive.

On the other hand, a Canvas print is relatively inexpensive and comes with an added artistic value. This makes a Canvas print a good alternative to the wall paintings. With the development of printing technologies, it has become very easy to print a photo on canvas. A number of image editing software programs have also been introduced, making it simpler.

Technology used in such printing

Earlier artwork was printed on canvas with the use of offset printing. Later Canvas print was related to either inkjet or dye sublimation printing processes. In the current time, people employ large format printers, which can print on canvas rolls of more than 60 ″ in dimension. The latest kind of inkjet printers has the capability of printing straight on the canvas.

These printers enable the artists to print their creations easily without any hassles. After the Canvas print is prepared, it is trimmed and then glued to conventional stretch bars or else on wooden panels. Finally, these are displayed in frames and are put up in an exhibition. Sometimes prints are designed for continuing round the corners of the frame, after being wrapped. This kind of print is called full-bleed.

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Friday, December 25, 2009

Purchase art and graphics materials through online and save money

Good news for art lovers- make bulk purchase of art supplies at wholesale rate through online

Many people are interested in various artistic activities. Many schools give training for interested candidates to bring out their skills in various types of arts and designing. Art and designing training involves the use of broad range of materials like wood, clay, paints, craft papers, sketch pads etc. Among various types of arts, graphic designing is gaining popularity in the market and people are more interested towards it.

Tips and advices to find a good company to make bulk purchase of art and graphic materials in UK

You should know that arts and graphics materials are not cheap as you think. It will be clear when you make a market study of the price of art and graphics materials.

If you are a person who is interested in arts and designing or if you are running training school for arts then it is always better to purchase art and graphics materials on wholesale than buying them individually. When you buy these materials on wholesale, it will help you to create your art cheaper and efficient. Here are some tips to make your art and graphics materials whole sale purchase more effective and successful through online.

•  Internet is the best platform where you will enough details of the companies, which offer wholesale of art supplies.

•  Compare the prices of different agencies or companies and make a best deal.

•  Look for the agencies that supplies materials of your interest and have good stock of the materials.

•  Always look for the reputation of the company you are dealing with.

•  Things that are not perishable like paints, paper, pencils, pens, sketch pens etc can be purchased in bulk amount instead of buying it individually.

•  Try to get the best price possible.  

•  Many agencies offer online bulk purchasing through their websites, where you have the freedom to select your goods and make online payments.

•  All items sold by these agencies will be displayed in their website and you will get the same outdoor shopping experience and make purchase from the comfort of your home.

Art supplies in UK offers great value for money and time

Here is some good news for art lovers in UK. In art supplies, UK has gained popularity as it has many shops and agencies that provide professional art supplies. For professional art supplies, UK has many shops that offer wholesale of art and graphics materials. In art supplies uk shops provide much awaited deals for many art lovers. In professional Art Supplies UK has many wholesale shops that give good deals on bulk purchase. For online craft supplies, UK shops have well organized and user-friendly websites that will navigate you through proper channels. In online craft supplies UK shops have made outstanding business with customers from different parts of the world and all customers are extremely satisfied with the services.

For art and graphics materials supplies, many shops in UK have opened up their websites to make easy transactions through online. With the help of online craft supplies UK has been able to provide art and graphics materials to all its customers around the globe very efficiently. Moreover, online craft supplies UK , has enabled customers a value for money and time through online bulk purchase.

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Why Are Quality Graphics So Important For Your Business

Whether your business offers products and services offline or online, high quality graphics can play an important role. You've heard it time and time again, "a picture's worth a thousand words," and that's true when you opt for high quality graphics.

Let's first look at offline businesses. How often do you see products that don't offer some time of graphic packaging designed to help sell the product, and it works? Consumer testing has shown that if you have two identical items – one with plain packaging and one with catchy quality graphics – the latter will sell.

Can you imagine going to the store to buy a bottle of orange juice and all that was on the packaging were the words "orange juice." Would you buy this orange juice or would you choose the one right beside that looked professionally packaged with colorful graphic components that were attractive and appealing to the appetite?

The automobile industry, communication industry, and food industry all know how important quality graphics attached to their products are.

If the auto industry could sell cars with plain sheets of paper with just the vehicle facts, do you really think they would go to the cost of printing those enticing color brochures? They provide them because they work.

The examples are endless but you get the idea. The power of quality graphics is even more evident online. Anyone can sell online as long as they have a computer and an internet connection. As a result, there has been an explosion of online businesses and a highly competitive market has evolved. Making sales online is not as simple as one might think.

There's the high level of competition, the uneasiness that still exists by consumers, and perception, which all affect whether a visitor decides to complete a purchase.

When your website is perceived as a safe place to shop visitors will buy. The use of graphics can help to achieve that feeling, and quality graphics will also entice visitors creating a positive buying experience.

Graphic design is critical to the success of your online and offline business. As a result, you should leave it to the professionals to create the perfect images for your business, and the placement of those images. Whatever you do, don't assume that a little bit of clip art or just any image will do the job. Thousands upon thousands of businesses before you have failed because of this one little mistake. Don't let your business become a statistic.

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Wedding Photography Bristol- Taking Wedding Pictures is an Art

As we all know that, wedding is the most important and memorable occasion in one’s life. It came for once in lifetime, so having the photographs of a wedding ceremony is very tough job. If we do any mistakes or forget anything to capture, the whole hard work will be wane. Each and every moment of the wedding ceremony should be in sequence in the photographs as it would in real.

Suppose, what happen when we have several of photographs in a wedding album, but not a single picture is in sequence, in what they should have been? This thing will messed up all your hard work and also deteriorate the moments of wedding, which is impossible to recover.

To make this thing not to happen with you, you must keep several things mind which will make you able to create a lifetime memory to be remembered and shared. This will also help you in getting the important business leads from the previous customers.

The things which a wedding photographer must keep in mind while having the wedding photographs the object which going to photographed in any way like a portrait or landscape or in any normal form, then the object must not be over shadowed by its surrounding, if it happens the complete picture will be waste.

That picture does not make any sense to be keep with you, so the lighting factor should be keep in mind very seriously. If you are taking any portrait picture, than you must work on that the picture depict the original personality of the object and the present mood.

If you are taking a portrait photograph of the complete family then the same thing you must have to stick with that the photograph must depict the personality of each and every person portrayed. Then this photograph will become the best one.

The other most important thing, which wedding photographers have to care about is the sequence of the ceremonies in the wedding function. The photographs must be in the same sequence as the ceremonies, and give them a chance to live those precious moments again in the future, whenever they to live those.

So, these are the few advices for the wedding photographers, which help them in making someone’s wedding more special and unforgettable. This article also helps you in sorting out your previous mistakes, what you had done in past, which makes everything messed up and paste a stamp on your head that you are good for nothing ort of photographer, and also decreases the rate of your business. So, keep the things in mind and work effectively and efficiently.


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Monday, December 21, 2009

Fun Tips And Techniques For Great Pictures!

A large number of people love to take pictures. The reason is because professional photographers work hard on their pictures. Here are some suggestions that will help you get some good photos.

Children will love it if you share the hobby of photography with them. Starting your children out early with a basic camera can initiate a lifelong love for photography. Photography is something enjoyed by almost everyone, so your children are almost sure to love the time you spend taking pictures with them.

Play with your camera's settings to make your photographs more appealing. If you use a shorter depth field you can blur the backgrounds, and bring your subject matter into the foreground.

If you have to adjust to new backdrops or subjects, take lots of practice shots. Because every shot is different, these practice shots will offer you the chance to make adjustments before reaching the final product.

Especially when shooting photos outside, the lighting continually changes as the day progresses, and extra practice shots can help you take the most advantage of this.

To make your pictures more appealing, add something interesting to the foreground in your landscape photos. A simple branch or rock could give more depth to the picture. The viewers get a feel for the general scene and for the focal subject.

You can create unique photographs by shooting from varying angles. There's nothing unique about snapping a picture from a straight-on angle. For example, you can change the angle by standing above your subject and looking down. Consider framing an interesting shot from a skewed angle or at a diagonal angle.

You can adjust the settings on your camera before taking a picture, or try a unique angle. Experiment with theses different attributes before you arrive on location, so that you have a better idea of how each one can transform a shot.

For most shots, the most important step in getting a good photo is ensuring the subject is in good focus. When a photo is properly focused, the result will be perfectly composed shots. Until you gain some expertise, stick with centering your subject in full view. Let the background figure itself out.

Get in close to get the most impressive shot. Getting up close allows you to put a frame around your subject while avoiding any disruptive backgrounds. It will also help you notice facial expressions, which are important factors for all portrait photographers. The intricacy of portraiture can be lost entirely if you keep your distance from the subject.

Try different digital techniques to come up with wonderful photographs that look like watercolors, oil paintings, and graphic pencil sketches. Adobe Photoshop is the standard for visual artists, but there are also a variety of other image editing suites for you to choose from. Often, turning a photo into a work of art is easy; simply apply a filter in the medium of your choice.

Don't be in a rush to take the picture. Ask your subjects to pose for you rather than trying to capture moments spontaneously. Candid pictures have their advantages, but very few turn out as interesting as posed pictures. You will then be able to get a better shot.

Shoot quickly when you take a photo. Moments are fleeting, if you take too long getting ready for a shot, your subject may be long gone by the time you take the photograph. The candid feeling might pass, animals in view might scatter away and smiling subjects may tire. Don't spend all your time fiddling with settings while letting the opportunity for the shot slip away.

One way to foster creativity in your photography is to impose limitations on yourself. Focus on specific concepts to narrow the scope of your photography. One way to improve technique in photography is to photograph the same object or scene over and over again. These limitations can force you to think outside the box and create more unusual photos.

Adjust the white balance option on your camera. Light bulbs generally cause a yellow color in photos when you take them indoors. It's rather difficult to fine tune artificial lighting, but luckily, the white balance feature on your camera is here to save the day. This will give your pictures a professional appearance.

Finding the right brand of film for yourself is necessary to be a good photographer. Each person has different preferences. One brand may work for one person, but not another. Generally, there is nothing separating one type from another. Although many people think there isn't much difference from brand to brand, photographers do seem to choose favorites for very specific reasons.

If you are just starting out in photography and have spent good money on an SLR camera, you will want to know what you are doing. Composition, lighting, ISO, exposure, shutter speed and aperture are all terms and skills that you will need to learn to take your photography from snapshot to art.

Be cautious to not miss out on shooting some great pictures because you couldn't get your settings set properly. Do not use preset settings or your camera will use default adjustments. Experiment with the different settings so that you can take control of what your picture looks like.

Free photo editing software is a must have for any photographer. Even individuals who take pictures for a living utilize software to enhance their pictures, so don't be afraid to use it for your own shots. Occasionally, a picture can change from something that is just alright to something that is incredible with only a few minor modifications.

Make sure you know exactly what is going into each photograph. Great pictures are like tiny windows highlighting specific things about your subject. Avoid trying to get too many things within the frame. In fact, sometimes it's better altogether if you take multiple photos of a subject instead of struggling to get that one illusive shot of perfection. This works especially well when you're trying to capture the essence of something.

What's the next step you should take? Well, you need to step out into the real world and start snapping shots! You will begin to take interesting photographs that capture the imagination of viewers.

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Saturday, December 19, 2009

Becoming a Graphic Designer


Agreed that end of the day, talent alone should be adequate to get you to the helm of graphic designing, unfortunately that is mere wishful thinking. However talented you may be, prospective employers are unlikely to consider you, if you do not possess the much needed and coveted piece of paper in your hand that certifies the professional training you have obtained in graphic designing. Of course, the certificate alone does not guarantee your graphical designing talent, but at least it highlights your knowledge base, as well as makes it apparent that you have entered the field, out of your own choice. The certificate also establishes beyond doubt, your desire to excel in this particular discipline, going forward. Post this realization, the bigger question lies in the choice of educational institutes for getting the requisite training.

Fortunately, the options across North America, Europe and elsewhere are plenty.

Additionally, within the broad field of graphic designing, various institutes specialize in sub-elements of it such as multimedia and animation, visual communication, advertising, web development and so on. Therefore, it is important for you to choose your specialization, as per your passion and interest, at this very juncture itself. You must realize that the specialization you choose now will ensure you get into the specific field that you would like to see yourself in. For instance, a specialization in multimedia programs could possibly ensure a toehold for you in the television industry.

Choice of Specialized Program

You have the choice of either opting for a short term certificate course or a long term course that leads up to a professional degree like a Bachelor's in Fine Arts.

Both have their pros and cons. With the shorter versions, you are likely to start off working sooner; the trade off being that you will really have to work your way up. Of course, if you are confident about your talent, this might be the ideal choice for you to make, as your work will itself ensure your progression to the top. On the other hand, you are likely to enter at a higher level as well as grow faster, if you are armed with a professional degree. The trade off in this case would be that you would be studying for at least a couple of years more than a short term certificate course.

Both the aforementioned programs offer the option of interning with a designing studio or firm, while you are doing the course. Often, you would also have the option of starting work with the studio or firm in question that you interned with, after you complete your course. If your performance during the internship has been of that level, these firms would be willing to hire you, even before you actually complete the course. Most professional colleges tend to maintain good relationships with businesses such that a steady stream of graduating students goes on to joining these firms.

It would be useful to keep a track of the placement record of the course or school that you are planning to join. A poor placement record should alert you to the possibility that the course may not be good enough, or its industry relations may be subpar.

Programs Offered in your Area

It is likely that you may not intend to venture too far for your education in graphical designing. Therefore, it would make sense for you to check out the courses that are on offer in your vicinity. Searching online for relevant courses and schools is likely to prove immensely beneficial. You might be amazed, but there are such courses that are offered online as well. An instance would be The Art Institute of Pittsburgh - Online Division. While providing you the relevant courses, the institute give you a full-fledged certification of completion of the program, at the end of it, akin to all other programs undertaken offline in real time.

Going Beyond the Online World

Books would be a great source of useful information on pertinent courses. Being portable, they offer that much of an edge over online resources; they also proffer the advantage of you being able to mark out relevant sections or points in them.

Magazines too are a very good source of relevant information in this matter.

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Friday, December 18, 2009

Graphic Design means Better Visualisation

Graphic design means a visual representation of any art or any other discipline to communicate a message. There are many methods that are adopted to produce and connect various symbols and words to generate the visual representation of messages or proposals. The graphic designer uses the techniques of typography, visualization and layout procedures in this function.


A graphic design can mean both the process and the result of such activity of creation of the message. Common examples are magazines, advertisements, packaging of products with the inclusion of company logo and the artwork of the design with text, colour and shape of a piece.


Graphic design sets out to influence the design industry and became one of the major forces in design education. Graphic design is currently related to modern architecture, design and particularly in advertising and the designing of a company logo.

This art is applied to create road signs, technical schemes, and interoffice memos, office manuals to communicate knowledge and to enhance the visual effect for better readability.


The role of graphic design is acknowledged in the entertainment industry for decoration, scene creation and story telling with visual effect. Opening credits in films and programs including novels and magazines take advantage of graphic design as the clothing industry also in making logos on shirts and t-shirts. Corporate identity and branding are helped through this art work.


Text books have illustrations of theories and diagrams like the human anatomy, which are taken care of by graphic design. The layout and proper formatting of materials required for education are also benefited.

Scientific journals, news reporting, magazines, blogs, television and movie documentaries are examples of information designing for information and entertainment.


The internet has several interactive accessories, which are used by graphic designers to illustrate a page and new contents to readers through effective visuals. The graphic design includes stylization and representation of a page with additional images created by the skilled designer. The newspaper designer takes the photographs and organises a layout to make it acceptable to its readers. The art director creates stunning layouts in a magazine with articles and relevant advertisements to captivate the readers to draw their attention which are popularly known as interactive design or multimedia design.


Visual effects are enhanced with the use of traditional media like photography and the computer generated form of graphic design. Typography is the technique to alter the design and modify the character of words and their arrangements. The changes are brought in by adjustment of typefaces and their font size with the arrangement in length of lines and related spacing. The modern graphic design activity takes into the responsibility to proper layouts and page designing for the print work. The elements are images, their printing, laser cutting, stamping and embossing.


Graphic designers are busy with interface design work like web designing and software designing. They give importance on the end user demand and consider in the creation of the layout or interface designing. To match the end user requirements, graphic designers work in consultation with software developers and particularly with web developers to generate a website or the required software application to improve the interactive understanding of the user. Icon designing is an important feature of interface designing.


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Monday, December 7, 2009

Painter Uses Art Supplies to Make 3D Pictures

Artist Sarah Graham utilises art supplies to fool people into thinking that her paintings are three dimensional.

The artist said on her official website that she has developed her own photorealist style that aims to create an image which is as life-like as possible and makes the viewer think that the painting is real.

Sarah Graham said: "I have been developing a method of painting specific to creating the illusion of three-dimensionality. I am so practised now in this particular method of painting it has become the most natural way for me to approach creating an image."

Ms Graham regularly creates paintings with art supplies that depict children's sweets like lollipops, pick 'n' mix confectionary, toys and popular vehicles such as Minis and VW camper vans.

Art website The Fine Art Blog has praised Sarah Graham's work for being so realistic that it became actually tempting.

The Blog said: "The end product of her work is very bright and colourful, and usually looks good enough to eat!!!"

Sarah Graham's career painting confectionary has its roots in her earlier job as an assistant on Woolworth's pick 'n' mix counter which she did before graduating from De Montfort University in Leicester with a BA in Fine Art in 2000.

Following graduation Sarah Graham became more established as an artist with exhibitions in New York, Melbourne and Sydney and she was eventually signed by fine art publisher Washington Green.

Samantha Jackson, marketing director at the firm, told the Metro: "We expect Sarah's work to connect with a whole new generation of people looking for a highly original style of art to decorate their walls."

The Hitchin-born artist began to paint detailed portraits of university class mates from photographs after being inspired by German visual artist Gerhard Richter.

She said: "My hero and inspiration is the German painter Gerhard Richter, and he's still prolific at 76, it's hard to even comprehend managing that, but I intend to give it a try."

Sarah Graham picked Richter as one of her five favourite artists in an edition of Fine Art Collector alongside American printmaker Andy Warhol, friend Charlotte Hardy, Yorkshire painter David Hockney, and contemporary artist Mitch Griffiths.

The artist is an inspiration for anyone looking to develop a creative career after buying art materials and art supplies.

Designer Helen Rochfort has previously teamed up with Sarah Graham to create a limited edition of handbags feature kitsch pictures.

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Sunday, December 6, 2009


Art is an amazing topic. It’s something that is described to be a process or art work of something that is a symbol that influences and effect either the senses, emotions and intellect or if not all of these into one item. It a creation that can make you feel different feelings all at the same time and can be set aside and stand out of the crowd from all the rest.

Art can come in many forms, cave paintings and sculptures and been known to have been found from over 40,000 years ago. This is a very long time and if you are to find such beauty in a good condition then it could mean a very good future for yourself and can make others very happy indeed. Another form of art would be  canvas artwork which is also very popular to a lot of people which also dates back to a few hundred years ago.

A brilliant human find to do with art would be the oldest piece of art which was found and it is over 75,000 years old, the art is of a series of tiny drilled shells which was discovered in a south African cave. That would have been an amazing find and has truly added to the creating side we have and just goes to show that it’s not just these modern materials we have to hand these days but it comes down to imagination and talent to.

Works of art can be very elusive as the art is always created for one purpose but then can also be looked at in another way and used for a different purpose in another one’s mind. This would explain the shire brilliance and can show you what an art piece can be, even if it’s something made from  canvas or if it’s a painting or a sculpture or even if some form of pottery. That is the beauty of art and it’s why it will always be a part of who we are and what we do as we will always continue to create these wonders to for fill our need to express our feelings and to show off out talents.

If I had to give someone a gift then you can never go wrong with giving them some art. I would personally give a painting or a print of a painting but if you have a bit of spare money that you don’t mind using up then would look into getting a piece of art weather that be a strange object or a painting or sculpture I think giving someone something that has history to it will be absolutely fabulous and the outcome will be breath taking.

Now that you have a little idea as to how long ago art has been around then why not let your friends know of the importance art has in our lives and yours. Are has know to become very trendy in our modern homes so it can also be looked at as a fashion icon as the art we all enjoy in any shape or form has something in common either way.

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Graphic Design - Its Use in Businesses

Businesses understand the need for marketing and advertising in order to ensure the success of a product or service and the company promoting the product. Of all the ways to reach the desired customer base, graphic design plays the most important role. In a sense, having a good use of design in marketing campaigns will be key for the growth of a business.

Graphic design may be defined as the art (or science, whichever you prefer) of mixing color, images, and text to convey a message. It can help a business come up with more effective marketing materials such as brochures, flyers, business cards, and advertisements. Effective graphic design believes that having positive features does not immediately sell a product. Consumers must be able to notice the product first, then interest will begin to surface.

These days, graphic design affects every level of product awareness and even company culture.

Why is that so? It may be attributed to the fact that customers have become very visual in the past few years. We live in a period that gave birth to pictures, television, and the Internet; and we have seen how these media have matured.

Generations have been affected by the emergence of their imagination coming to life. This has prompted them to respond more to anything that is represented visually.

Companies and advertisers were able to realize this early on. What they were waiting for was the technology to catch up with them. For example, rather than placing a full paragraph of text in a print ad, most companies would place a convincing picture with minimal text on page. Certain typefaces were preferred and are enlarged for a bigger impact. Specific colors were utilized to evoke different emotions.

Photographs always speak to the reader, and in turn, they reply by increased sales.

Lots of well-known products and even entire companies can attribute their success to innovative product design. Brand packages and logos undergo several changes before being released to the public. The designs that are easily recognisable are the ones that click: a shapely bottle, a swish, and a bitten fruit are used by the best companies because they get easily recalled by everyone.

Today's graphic design has become more challenging as well. It is simply not just enough to juxtapose colors and shapes to get the attention you want. Customers are more discerning and reward those who are taking chances. They prefer products that not only show effective but consistent designs across offerings. Even employees respond to a cohesive company vision that is assisted by smart and professional visualisation.

New industries have been born out of the need to create a good graphic design for companies. Some large businesses would have an entire division whose sole purpose is to perfect the visual appeal of services. While the Internet has opened new doors for marketing, it has also meant the improvement of graphic design as well. All these show that graphic design will be embraced by businesses for a long time.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Things You Do Not Know About Graphic Design Art

Many people do not know what exactly graphic design art is. In fact, recent technology has opened up a variety of new fields, but in essence, graphic design is art.

What is confusing about all design is that the medium the graphic artist may use can include just about anything. You have seen graphic design arts done in recycled garbage, in paint mediums, in precious metals, in computer imagery, film imagery, photography and a variety of different types of print media. The whole point with graphics is to make a statement.

In fact, graphic design can be as simple as a sign telling you something to do along the road that has done with imagery instead of text. Any time you see a picture instead of words, you are looking at graphic design. While some of it may not be called art, it is in fact graphic design and someone used graphics and design tools in order to put this picture together to convey a message.

For example, one of the most well known graphic designs in the world is those that depict a man or a woman. These types of design symbols are universal. You may also see those that are emergency services related such as phone booths, exits, the very well known H for hospital, or the no swimming sign. All of these are a part of graphic design, and yet, graphic design can be extremely complex.

The design world is huge, and you will find graphic artists involved in a variety of different types of occupations. From those that are simple copywriting designs, to those that are working with marketing on a huge marketing campaign with logos, business design, or Web design graphics. The fact of the matter is that anyone who is trying to convey a message to the public is actually working with graphic design.

If you are interested in becoming a designer and enjoy conveying messages through something besides text or the written word, perhaps exploring the different positions that can be available via the Internet would be a good start. Children enjoy drawing, and in today's world, a graphic designer is a good job. Therefore, whether they have been drawing since they were a toddler or it is something that they finally realized that they enjoy and have a knack for, people can find a variety of positions within a design agency.

There are many different mediums for design artists today, from those simple logos for stationery, to computer graphics for websites, video games, or other computer media outlets, there is plenty of jobs available.

In fact, many freelance design artists are making a good living helping others design websites or logos. You do not have to work in a big design studio in order to be a successful graphic artist. Take your favorite media, whether it is artistic or whether it is conveying a message to the public, and then enjoy being a graphic artist and being paid for your thoughts and designs.



Saturday, November 7, 2009

Is Picture Hanging An Art Form In Itself?

Good question and I would imagine that most of you would say "No. The art lies on the canvas, not how it is put on the wall." But if you gave your collection of artwork to several different people to hang in the same space, you would be amazed at the difference in the end result based on the creativeness and artistic flair of the person hanging it.

So, if you appreciate fine art, but have found yourself thus far unable to maximise on its aesthetic appeal, then maybe you might consider the possibility that picture hanging really is an art form in itself.
Don't be disheartened though, as it is definitely something that can be learned and with the right tools at hand you will be able to create in your own home, a lasting impression on all of those who have the opportunity to view your art pieces.

There are a few key areas you will need to research if you want to really master the skills of art hanging.


First and foremost is the curation of your collection.

This means, how you are going to group and place your pictures to create the maximum impact. When you see art collections in magazines or in galleries, it seems that a group of art pieces have just been thrown together and then stuck on a walls. You would be amazed however at the amount of thought and organization that has gone in to the process making the collection appear this way.


The key things you will need to consider here are:
• Are you going to group your pictures based on the colour of the items themselves or the colour of the frames?
• What are the shapes of the pictures ie. are they square, round, rectangular?
• How well do those shapes group together.
• Are you going to group them based on content? For example, portraits, landscapes or photographs.


Once you have determined how you are going to group your artwork, you will then need to consider carefully at what height your pictures should be placed.

It is said that just above eye level is a good height, but who's eye level? And then if you have a collection, not all of them can be at eye level. Some will have to be higher and some lower. The general rule of thumb here is the key piece sits at eye level and the others radiate out from here.

Hanging System

Once you have decided on the grouping and the placement, you will need to consider by which method you wish to hang your collection. Direct fixing is where hooks or hangers are fixed directly to the wall surface behind the individual pictures. This can get messy if you have several pieces of art in the one grouping. The most popular method is using a clip rail system. A clip rail system is a slender, stream lined rail which is fixed directly to the wall on hidden brackets, just below the ceiling line. Hooks and hangers are then clipped in to the rail and slide both vertically and horizontally to allow for perfect positioning of all of your pieces without damaging your wall surfaces.

Although it may seem a little daunting, amazingly all of these things can be learnt. There is a wealth of knowledge out there which if you can tap in to it, will provide you with all the necessary information you need to create a gallery standard display in your own home. Don't recreate the wheel and do it the hard way, learn from those who have gone before you and do it in half the time.

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Monday, November 2, 2009

Why Study Graphic Design?

If you are artistically inclined and good on the computer then graphic design could be the right path for your education and your career. There are many art schools that offer a graphic design program for a variety of different types of graphic design. Before applying to graphic design colleges, it's good to know what your degree in graphic design will entail.

What You'll Study in Art School

Depending on the graphic design program, you'll be learning about the basic fundamentals of design which include drawing, color theory, and typography. Depending on what you're interested in, there are several different types of typography, including: digital, manual, type, web, poster, and experimental. Your school may require you to study packaging (cosmetic, logo, and product package), as well as print, editorial, and informative design.

Career Options in Graphic Design

Your job options will depend on what type of graphic design you choose to specialize in during your college career. Potential graphic design career paths include: environmental design, retail design, package design, publication design, in house graphic design, brand identity design, website design, entertainment design, and many more.

There is no guarantee that a degree in graphic design will land you the job of your dreams, but the training you receive in art school will prepare you for a variety of careers. Almost all companies need to do some sort of marketing, which typically involves a design of some sort, which is where graphic design can come in. As a graphic designer, you could also work at a gallery, work at a magazine or other publication as the layout designer, or at a variety of companies in a variety of industries.

Other Considerations for Graphic Design Students

Graphic design isn't just about creating pretty pictures on the computer. Like most careers, there are a variety of skills needed in order to do a job well. It's essential for graphic designers to have good people skills as you'll frequently be working as part of a team.

If you decide to study graphic design, you could end up with a career doing what you love. The first step is to explore graphic design colleges and start your journey.

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Sunday, November 1, 2009

How To Find A Graphic Design Company To Get Your Medical Logos Pictures In No Time?

A medical field is not only the most respectable profession in the world but the most lucrative practice as well. This prestigious field has also entered into the arena of marketing whether it is a private clinic, pharmaceutical industry or a hospital.

Creating a logo design is one of such marketing efforts. Today, you will find a brand mark consociated with almost every hospital or clinic in the city that helps their business stand out from the rest. Smart practitioners first check medical logos samples before actually hiring a graphic design company provided by them on their corporate websites usually.

These brand mark samples would help you in:

1- Determining the quality of work they offer their clients.

2- Understanding the level of professional work they are doing.

3- Comparing the work of different graphic design companies to understand which is better.

Therefore, if you are planning to get a brand mark for your business then you must first search for the best graphic design services in town by devising criteria for the selection.

As there are thousands of graphic design companies in the market, therefore, you will have to be very careful while hiring one.

A company which is professional, experienced and have a good reputation in the market will provide you with logo design samples on their website to show the quality of the work they offer their clients.

All you have to do is to make a list of these graphic design companies that you think can be considered for your logo design. Internet can be the best medium to find a number of services. Once you are done with the list, you can now short list the companies on the basis of following criteria.

1- You must first check their websites. Do you think their websites look professional to you in any way? Avoid going for the sites that look cluttered and confusing to you.

2- Are they offering their portfolio on their website to be downloaded by the users? If yes, then you can check their work to see if they can be hired or not. Get rid of those companies from the list that doesn't have a portfolio on their site.

3- Check the different packages offered by the remaining graphic design companies in the list. You should only select those which are affordable for you to get your medical logos pictures.

4- Experience is perhaps the biggest factor in choosing a logo design company. You must conduct a research work on them to see for how many years they are working in this profession? The more time they have spent in this business, the more their credibility will be. One of the ways is to visit different forums to see what people are thinking about this company.

5- I guess the list is quite shortened now. You should now contact them and see how they welcome their potential clients.

Hence, if you will follow the preceding criteria for hiring a logo design service then you will surely end up of good results.

Saturday, October 31, 2009

How Important Graphic design is??

According to many people with coming time the field of graphic designing will increase like never before. There are many graphic designing companies available nowadays which provide services of graphic designing to you. An efficient graphic design is the art of arranging images and texts in such a way that it can lure customers towards your product whatever it is. It shall be able to evoke some emotions in the mind of people who are seeing the designs. An effective graphic design shall draw people to read what your advertisement really wanted to describe.

But always before taking up services of some graphic design company you shall do some enquiry about them. Ask existing customers and browse online. Word of mouth is one of the best ways to get information about the best graphic designing service providers.

In the case of internet you can read review about various agencies and then decide upon yourself that with whom you have gone and do business.  After getting satisfactory results only go for a graphic design servicing agency. Some of the importances of graphic designing are:
Your website may be technology very advance and contain useful information but it is of no use if customers don’t visit it regularly. Effective graphic designing makes the website enticing which will attract visitors towards the website and will be beneficial for you in the long run.
The content is most important to get good rankings in various search engines but many a times people don’t read contents at the first go. That is when graphic designs come into the picture. It allures the audience towards the website and then the visitor may start reading the contents.
Striking and eye catching graphics many a times result in increasing the reputation of the company. Because of the reason that graphics such as logos are considered important tools for creating a brand identity and reputation building, a good work of designing them will always be beneficial for them.
Good internet marketing creates considerable amount of awareness about your goods and services and it helps the people easily see what your business and its products/services all about.  It is not only effective but an affordable and professional way of promoting your business online. Till now many business houses have been benefitted by it and the number is increasing with each passing day.
The visual presentation of a website plays a very important part in the popularity of a business house. Many times the visitors find it easier to relate to the product and services through good graphics in a website. Amazing designs help in appealing to the aesthetic sense of the visitors. A good, enticing and fascinating design always helps in creating a good customer seller relationship. So get a good such service and get benefitted by it.

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Friday, October 30, 2009

Graphic Designing

Graphic design is a collaborative process between a client and a designer in conjunction with producers of form (i.e., printers, programmers, signmakers, etc.) to convey a specific message to a targeted audience. The term graphic design can also refer to a number of artistic and professional disciplines that focus on visual communication and presentation. The field is also often referred to as Visual Communication or Communication Design. Various methods are used to create and combine words, symbols, and images to create a visual representation of ideas and messages. A graphic designer may use typography, visual arts and page layout techniques to produce the final result. Graphic design often refers to both the process (designing) by which the communication is created and the products (designs) which are generated.

The graphic design process is crucial to any business, making it stand out head and shoulders from the competition. Whether it is the design of an entire corporate campaign or the creation of a simple company logo it still has to work effectively for you. There are four critical elements that should be seen in every logo design:
It must be describable
It must be memorable
It must be effective without colour
It must be scalable

Once your business is up and running you may think that any form of corporate identity will act to represent the company, visually creating a brand by default. Think again. If you look at the large corporations you will notice that their brand strategy stands the test of time for many years. Many companies never change their logo design dramatically but only make the smallest of changes to keep the design looking modern and refreshed.

Benefits of Graphic Designing:
Professional image
Considered and long-lasting design strategy
Make your company look bigger
Stand out from your competition
More effective offers you with best SEO and as well web design services. It is a award winning web design company provide wide range of internet business services. It is the right place for reliable and quality web solutions like Web design, search engine optimization, web development. They have the experts which club their creativity with innovative ideas to deliver you best product fulfilling your business goals.

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Wednesday, October 28, 2009

A Brief History of Graphic Novels

Graphic novels at stores like and have a rich history starting in comics and leading up to current works of art that tell tales. Readers of every age can enjoy some form of this type of literature. Understanding the history and evolution of the graphic novel will help you appreciate the artistic stories even more. Here's a look at where this was born and how it has grown through the decades.

Early Beginnings

The first graphic novel or story is debatable. Some historians link early tapestries or caves drawings to these tales, while others say origins formed hundreds of years later. What is not debated is the first western accepted graphic novel. Penned by William Blake (1757-1826), many experts consider works like "The Marriage of Heaven and Hell" to be the first graphic novel.

The first American comic tale is credited to have been written by Swiss artist RodolpheTopffer when his comic "The Adventures of Obadiah Oldbuck" was translated to English in 1837.

The Next Era

The next major development happened between the 1920's and 1960's. A rival of drawn stories is credited with undisputed credit to Belgian born Frans Masereel. Masereel is best known for "Passionate Journey" (re-penned in 1985 as "Passionate Journey: A Novel in 165 Woodcuts"). The rise of Americans as graphic novelists began in the late 20's and into the 30's. Leaders in the American world of novels included Milt Gross (He Done Her Wrong) and female artist Virgina Lee Burton (Calico The Wonder Horse). The first recognized series was introduced in the 1940s under the name "Classics Illustrated."

By 1950, the first novel form of graphic novels was introduced.

The full length "It Rhymes With Lust" was 128 pages in length and enjoyed enough success to lead to a second unrelated novel, "The Case of the Winking Buddha." The graphic novel era exploded in America in the 1960s. Several regular artists were producing steady works with notable progress. Leaders in this area included Gil Kane, Archie Goodwin and John Updike. The first American graphic novel, "Doctor Strange" by Steve Ditko was published in 1966.

Modern Era

Since the 1960's, this form has taken on new story lines and has become a work of series. Major players in the comic and graphic novel world today include the iconic Marvel Comics. The form has become more common to produce under a heading such as Marval than as individual artists. Competitor DC Comics produces world known names such as the "Batman" series. Sales of graphic novels remain relevant and profitable, as exemplified by the sale of "Batman: The Dark Knight's Return" which lasted 40 weeks on a UK best selling list.

Comics vs Graphic Novels

Though both comic books and graphic novels tell stories through pictures, there are key differences between the two. The latter tends to be bound like traditional novels as opposed to loose binding of comic books and are sold at book stores as opposed to newstands. Additionally, libraries are more likely to stock graphic novels.


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Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Defining Art Nouveau In Graphic Design

Graphic illustrators near the end of the 19th century were concerned with shape, design and pattern. The individual who forever altered the way that graphic designers examined a page and utilized those features was a mere 26 years old when he passed away. In his short life span, he created his proprietary understanding of the art nouveau style, that artists have imitated in varying degrees all throughout the 1900's.

One of the most famous and infamous literary figures of this time period was Oscar Wilde, who was a patron of various artistic styles, he put forth that art was an end unto itself and neither moral nor ethical judgments should be put upon it. Wilde selected this individual young male as illustrator for a certain story which turned out to be both perverted and unusual. With the use of sinister eroticism, some elegant sweeping lines and patterns, this young illustrator created clever distortions in his illustrations of this story.

His work often illustrates the interaction between black and white. This artist often used elegant patterns on a light surface, surrounded by heavy borders and negative space. In a style all his own, the artist presents large, flowing curves which seem to move upon an asymmetrical page. Although his characters were drawn as basic outlines, the objects they interacted with, such as their clothing or hair were often much more detailed. It is the reciprocity between the straightforward and the complex that bolsters Wilde's work and empowers it.

Many artists in the 1800s were influenced by items which were being imported from Asia, in addition to a focus on Renaissance decor and medieval artworks. So, this artist's images were the basis for much imitation throughout the US and Europe, bringing him considerable fame, and appearances in well known publications. Many of his pieces have been reproduced as prints and posters to be hung on the wall.

By the late 19th century, poster art began to emerge as an art form in its own right. What was once a simple means of promotion and advertising was now taking the stage as a recognized form of art. Posters shined in color, unlike books, which were printed in black and white. The leader in poster design used one sizable, bright, colorful, image to draw in the viewer. What text appeared on posters was as succinct as possible. The words were printed to discuss whatever occasion or product the poster was designed for. The artist realized that the best way to attain a viewer's interest, simple design was most effective, and therefore colors were made bold and images were uncomplicated and one-dimensional. These lines could be called hesitant, and were sometimes fractured, a bit like an impressionist would create. Tbis artist's work is therefore widely known as the precursor to the true art nouveau poster aesthetic.

A different illustrator, who used strong outlines and more flowing contours, is put forth as the true "father" of the original art nouveau poster. His work is marked by youthful, willowy girls wearing loose fitting clothes and with long flowing hair that floats out into fantastic forms. With usually one full length figure of a woman dominating the work, another famous art nouveau poster produced works which were narrow and elegant strips. Ornate, complex arrangements feature a range of influences, such as origami, Hebrew characters, Arab and Moorish embellishments, Byzantine mosaic work, Japanese wood cut examples and Celtic themes.

A wide array of publications and reproductions featuring the graphic design work of late 19th and early 20th century artists are available to be appreciated. You will also find there are dealers who will specialize in the sale of 19th, and early 20th century poster art. These dealers can frequently be found in stand-alone stalls at big antique markets. Original examples that have been well-maintained can easily cost hundreds, or even upwards of several thousand dollars.

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Monday, October 26, 2009

Graphic Designing - Express Yourself

Graphic Designing is an art to enhance the appearance of any layout. With its help we can make the layout, presentation or just a product cover so much attractive to viewers. Along with making things attractive the other aspect of Graphic Designing is to help in better communication. However it may look pretty simple but needs attention on every single details.

Graphic Designing Segmentation

Segmentation on the basis of the media type that particular Graphic Design is about to be served, can be done on two major types: a) Online / Web Design b) Offline / Print Design

1.Web Graphic Designing
To make a piece of information look presentable at the same time captivating over Internet, we require experts of Graphic Design. On Internet websites, web images, banner advertisements, illustrations are used to convey the relevant information to the audience.

Further classification of Web Graphic Design can be done on these basis:

a) Website Design

b) Banner Ads Design (Static Banners, Flash Banners, Rich Graphic Banners)

c) Illustrations or Web Manual Design

d) 3D Animation Design

e) Flash Animation Design

2. Print Graphic Designing
Most of us do see so many examples of print Graphic Design in our day to day life. Either it is a fascinating advertisement of our favorite Coffee-Shop on Newspaper or our favorite Car on Magazine or an amazingly placed Hoarding on the freeway. These art creations make a huge impression on us by all the following ways:

a) Newspaper Design

b) Newspaper Ad Design

c) Magazine Design

d) Magazine Ad Design

e) Post Card Design

f) Flier Design

g) Company / Corporate Logo Design

h) Brochure Design

i) Business Card Design

j) Banners / Hoarding Design

Here we discussed very few dimensions of Graphic Designs.

But with so many computer software easily available at such a low price or even free of cost at times, it is observed that everyone around these days start considering himself or herself as a Graphic Designer.

Many people at home try to save few dollars by creating their own wedding invitations, holiday newsletters, calendars and much more. Still I advice "let experts do their job". With the help of expert designers you can cherish a perfectly designed graphic that will help you and your business to express the right message to the world.

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Monday, October 19, 2009

Melbourne Graphic Design

Graphic design is simply the art of applying and arranging images and texts in such a way that it successfully communicates a message to the viewer. A good graphic designer can enhance your company's products and advertising through the media like flyers, brochure design, business card design, logo design, letterheads, newsletter design, annual reports, website design and direct mail.

A really good Melbourne graphic design agency can help you with the aforementioned design projects and provide top quality service that will meet world class standards and will even provide you with great ideas to help you to put your brand development into action.

A reputable graphic designer has the skills that will draw people's attention to read the content of your company's message.

It is no secret that people most times get their very first impression of your brand via communication like fliers, business cards or brochure. The graphic design quality is usually what persuades them. Reliable graphic designers will ensure that they build confidence and trust in your business and products and also assist in effective brand development.

Good Melbourne graphic design service providers fuse artistic concepts like shape and colour to the very essence of the services and products that you offer and will also take into consideration the characteristics of your target market and their trends. A graphic designer also plays a key role in brand development. It is also no secret that consumers are known to respond to images like good logo design that makes your product standout in a really crowded marketplace.

Yes, you may be tempted to give your company's brochure design to your cousin who is pretty good with a plain sheet of paper and watercolour.

But, you need to understand that the image of your company is something that requires the touch of a professional. Whoever said the services of a very good Melbourne graphic design agency will cost you an arm or leg? You can get affordable design services from a highly skilled graphic designer in Melbourne - you can find one on the internet.

So how on earth do you go about searching for a Melbourne graphic design expert? First, you will need to search for a graphic design company that has a very strong portfolio or designs that are simply memorable.

You will need to search for a company that will offer you quality service at a good price. You do not have to burn a massive hole in your pocket in order to search for graphic design experts that know their onions. Ensure you ask questions concerning how they plan to help your business with the graphic design services that they are offering. You do not want to hand out business cards that will have people thinking stuff like "Pooh what a horrible looking card!" or take one look at your company's logo design and say "What were you thinking?!"

Thanks to the internet, searching for a good graphic design agency is not a big deal; you can conduct your search right in comfort of your home or office.

Friday, October 16, 2009

Excellent Graphic Design Solutions by Graphic Design Melbourne Florida

Graphic design is an essential aspect of a website as it offers an image and look to the site as well as to the organisation which a site belongs to. A graphic designer designs a website meticulously keeping the image, profession, and prospect of company in order to make it relevant to the company’s profile. Generally, when a website gets designed lots of things are included to provide an identity to a website such as pictures, logo, flash animation, videos and advertisements. All these things are highly essential to make a website look like a workable website, just imaging a website without all these elements! You will find plain web pages which do not serve any purpose. There are several reputed web design companies, which offer outstanding and extensive graphic design Melbourne Florida, which include custom graphic design services.

The web design companies in Melbourne Florida offer graphic design services at affordable rates.

Attractive graphic design is basically help in building corporate identity, the more attractive and usable the website the more popularity a website will get. The design of website of a company is depend on an idea and concept of company’s work and clients requirements and needs.  Nowadays, many people have started adding attractive videos, which are based on company’s introduction or any service, to attract clients. It not only attracts clients but introduce them to the basic factors of company, it also helps clients relate themselves to the company. There are web design companies, which offer excellent video production Miami. The web design companies shoot videos according to the target audience with clear idea in mind, which help a company to build relationship with its clients and employees. Apart from video production, web design companies offer a wide array of web design services such as Website Design, Logo Design, Landing Page Design, Banner Design, Icon Design, and E Commerce Website Design.

When it comes to an excellent web design, South Beach Wine and Food Festival website is a suitable example. The website of this festival is designed on the basis of conceptualisation, which is supported by latest software and high end graphic computers, ensuring superior quality work. Images, colour theme, videos, functionality, and content of this website are well taken care by Web Design Company. The website is easily downloadable and navigated by users, which are signs of a good website. Graphic design is an art and need experienced person to create beauty of website.

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Thursday, October 15, 2009

Know More about the Different Graphic Art Design Tools

Amongst the large number of designing processes used in web development, graphic designing is the most popular one. Graphic design is basically a designing process where art is combined with technology in order to communicate ideas to the online users. In Graphic Art Design, communication is made possible with the help of a variety of communication tools like images and typography that have the capability to convey a message in the most appropriate manner to the target audience. However, to execute the process of graphic designing, some tools are the most essential. These tools include a computer, suitable softwares, graphic designing books, a sketchpad and a group of professional designers.

Computer is the foremost requirement in this process as all the graphic designs are made from different computer softwares and are also prepared for the websites existing online.

A computer helps in adding illustrations, touch-up photos and complete layout to any particular graphic design. During this step, the designers make the process of graphic designing more effective by carefully choosing between a Mac computer and a PC. One can choose the available Graphic Designer for Hire from the most popular web development companies, so that the designs come out as highly professional.

Next tool used in this process is computer software. Softwares form the soul of any graphic design as its products like the photoshope and illustrator help to make the design much organized, creative and flawless. Most popular softwares available in this category include Adobe Creative Suite, Project Management Software, Graphic Design Time Tracking Software, Apple’s Bundled Software, Font Doctor and many more.

All these softwares are mostly quite complicated and can be implemented only by the professional graphic designers.

The next tool used in this process is the graphic design books. These books comprise some authentic and proven graphic designing methodologies that help to assist as per the business side of designs. One can consult the most recommended graphic design books for the purpose. A sketchpad is also required while creating graphic designs. Graphic designs are literally computer based but a sketchpad can be useful in taking down some immediate design ideas that comes to mind. Apart from the tools, one can also make use of opinions, criticism, ideas and recommendations in order to make their designs stronger and innovative. Individuals and companies can also Hire PHP Developers for the process as such developers will help to provide a strong technical background to the designs.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Art resources, art gallery, artwork

Silhouette Style Portraits

Personal portraits are a great way of enhancing room décor with your own individual style. There are various ways of creating designer portraits, and silhouette styled portraits are a stylish way of doing so. These portraits highlight the basic outline of the person rather than facial details, giving way to an unusual style of art.

Traditional silhouette style

The silhouette style of portraiture has been popular since many ages, with this style being predominant on Roman era coinage. At that time, images were usually cut out of a black card, a method that is still followed prominently.

Other ways of creating silhouettes including painting on mediums, or on reverse in glass, hollow-cutting of images out of the medium and pasting them. The form was also seen frequently  in the mid 18th century, though the term silhouette  was not employed. Pictures at that time would comprise of the basic outline of the person, filled in with black colour. The form lost its popular stance during the invention years of the camera, and came back to popularity only with advertising campaigns and pop art.

Emergence of new era silhouettes

One advertising campaign that really brought silhouette images to life was that of Apple iPod. The advertisements featured popular rock start Eminem and other models in silhouette style.

Only the iPods were made visible in the campaign. Soon after the campaign, various pop artists, inspired from the advertisement and previous versions of silhouette art, started creating versions. The style of creating silhouettes also evolved from being simply a cut and paste job to a photo-development technology. Advent of the digital cameras made technologies much more accessible to people.

Silhouette style pop art

New Silhouette Style Pop Art

All these efforts over the years have today resulted in a new, fresh and interesting form of silhouette art. Today this pop art is available in various ways. Single bright coloured backgrounds often feature a black silhouette or vice versa. Various artists love to play with silhouette colour combinations, resulting in amazing styles that are great for home décor. Various versions of the style are also made available. One of these is the detailed silhouette style, where facial features are made more obvious in the portrait, giving the resemblance of dim lighting conditions. Unlike ordinary digital photographs, pop art silhouettes combine the artistic intellect with new age technologies, creating an amazing amalgamation of style and structure.

Unlike common misconception that silhouettes do not give a clear image of the person, various researchers’ opinions differ. In fact, it is possible to note the gender, age and facial features of the person from the silhouette alone. Experts also state, that this form of art is great for visual media like photographs, movies, theater and also graphic design. At Personal Art, a range of silhouette art portraits are made possible to suit the needs of our customers. Silhouettes are thus created in stark colour combinations and also with detailed pictures to show features. Moreover the studio makes it possible to print this art not just on canvas, but on a range of different mediums like wood, cloth, metal and even natural slate.

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Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Graphic Design Job Information

So you think you want to get a Graphic Design job? Have you already been to school, or been employed as a Graphic Designer and you are looking to further your prospects, or you are just getting your toes wet and thinking about going to a graphic design school. Well if you have never been in this world before, there are a few things you may need to think about.
Graphic design refers to a number of different artistic talents which mainly focus on visual communication and presentation. Combining symbols, images and/or words in order to create visual representations of ideas and messages.
Graphic design uses come in all different shapes and forms. Web pages, business cards, magazines, product packaging, logos, and advertisements are all put together by graphic design. The list goes on and on and is practically endless.
What kind of graphic design job are you interested in? Do you actually want to work for someone else, or would you rather freelance? The parameters of being in graphic design are not just cut and dry, there are several career opportunities to choose from.

Art Director – usually makes decisions on the visual elements of a project, selects the models, art, pops, colors, and other elements.

Make sure production artists and illustrators complete their work on time and to specifications and satisfaction. A lot of time is typically spent doing supervisory and /or administrative work.
Creative Director – is in charge of the team that produces the artwork to be displayed on products or in different campaigns. The team consists of the artists: the art directors, graphic designers, illustrators, photographers, copywriters, and production artists, and also usually a production staff. They help to inspire or initiate creative ideas to fit the clients’ wants and satisfaction. Usually is promoted from the art director or copywriter position.
Art Production Manager – oversee the production aspect of art to improve efficiency and cost effectiveness. They generally supervise the artists or advise the supervisors of the artists.
Layout Designer – deals with the structure and the layout of images and text in a pleasing format for printed media. Work generally includes layout of brochures, magazine work, flyers, books, CD covers, posters and similar projects.
Brand Identity Design – is concerned with the visual aspects of a company or organization’s brand or identity. Designing the visual element that represents how a company wants to be seen, it is the company’s visual identity, and is how a company illustrates its ‘image’.
Logo Designer – using their own creativity along with marketing strategy will find an appropriate image that their client can use to represent what they are trying to encourage, sell or what they are. Sketches or graphically designs a symbol, set in specific typeface or font, and arranges in a unique way, with distinct colors, shapes, and designs to represent what a company ,organization, agency, or service wants.
Illustrator – conceptualize and create illustrations in either two dimensional or three dimensional images. An illustrator consults with the clients in order to determine what illustrations will best meet the story that they are trying to tell. Or what message they are trying to communicate.
Visual Image Developer/ Photo Editing/ Photographer – editing and bringing their visions to life through advertisements, magazine layouts, billboard, logos, and just about any thing else you can think of that uses photography. Although these skills may require technical knowledge, graphic design skills may be applied as well. Most photographers tend to freelance.
Multimedia Designer – are graphic designers for motion. They also may image edit, sound edit, program, or compose multimedia. Generally found in such career fields as television or film production, animation, audio production, and set design.
Web Designer – may make decisions regarding what content is included on a web page, where thins are placed, and how the aesthetic and continuity is maintained from one screen to the next. Your work could be viewed by thousands of people everyday, as you create the pages, layout, and the graphics for web pages and play a key role in the development of a website. All of this involves skills and training in computer graphics, graphic design, and in the latest in computer and web technology.
All of these descriptions are really just the tip of the iceberg. There are so many different jobs available in the graphic design field. Extend your feelers out there and see what you might be able to come up with.

:graphic design jobs

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Monday, September 28, 2009

What You Need to Know About Graphic Design

Graphic design is the art of putting ideas through visuals. This is the tool used for visual communication. Graphic design is most evident in newsletters, brochures, posters, brochures, business cards, and many other similar items. In order to make this type of communication work, typography and other assisting skills, especially creativity and imagination, are needed. Ideas need to be converted to graphical form.

Graphics have long been used to help people convey their ideas and other messages in order to make the communication well-aligned and clear. A message communicated through blurred media would be a message conveyed in vain if the recipients cannot understand that message. Artists and printers are involved in the use of graphic design. Today, graphic design is used to refer to the use of structural form in order to communicate through effective means.

Again, graphic design was developed in order to make communication even better.

There are several types of graphic design that can be used for the purposes of effective communication. There are four basic types that are used to dress up ideas and concepts into more understandable forms.

1. Type based graphic design. This is the type that communicates through the use of words, hence the name. This uses calligraphy and typography in order to get the attention of people to convince them to look at posters and brochures with such type of graphic design. This type of design can even be created out of the messy and uninspired page of plain texts without even the necessary clarity and alignment. This mess can be changed to become a page filled with attractive and interesting graphic design by increasing space width, using two columns, utilising different forms of calligraphy, and the like.


Image based graphic design. This is the type that uses images to convey the message. Images are effective communicators because they do not only plainly relate the message of the graphic design but they also set the mood of the situation being pictured in the design. Image based graphic design can be found in the form of photographs, paintings, and pictures, which are all graphics used to send some sort of information to those who see these designs. As what has been observed with this type of graphic design, people tend to understand better and respond faster if messages are communicated through images.

3. Type and image based graphic design. This is the type that makes use of both text and images to express ideas. A professional, expert designer can easily find the perfect ratio between text and images to create a good outcome. Good graphic designers would ask about what the client really wants and incorporate these requirements into the design.

4. Symbols and logotype. This is the type that uses symbols and logos to communicate. Symbols are effective in expressing lots of ideas into a compressed form that can still be perfectly understood by people. Logos are used as representatives for certain functionalities and these are even more effective when used in combination with symbols.

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Sunday, September 27, 2009

Improve your Career : Graphic Design Career Information

Are you ready to start your career in the Graphic Design industry? Do you possess the creativity, attention to detail, and technical training required to be successful, but just don't know where to start? If so, then read on. Obtaining a rewarding and exciting position in the field of Graphic Design can be easier then you think. All it takes is getting the right work experience. And you can do that by focusing your talents in three basic areas: formal education, quality portfolio, and on-the-job training.

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 Formal Education: Graphic designers usually have a bachelor's degree in art or design.

Formal training helps you develop your talent and skills and provide training in computer software, which is highly utilized in the visual art arena. And while a degree is not always required for all entry-level positions, a formal education helps to balance your creative and artistic side, and gives you a much better chance.

Quality Portfolio: Before you can obtain a job in the field of Graphic Design, you will need a portfolio. A portfolio is a collection of your best work and helps demonstrate your skills to clients or potential employers. A portfolio may include hand drawings, computer images, photos, and print samples. You can collect samples from your art and design courses, save letters of recommendations from teachers and employers, etc. Let your portfolio speak for itself.

A picture is worth a thousand words, so do a lot of talking with your work. If your portfolio is weak, the chances of you landing that dream job are slim.

On-The-Job Training: As a beginning designer, you will most likely receive on-the-job training. If you have the option, participating in an internship or practicum program while in college is an excellent way to prepare yourself for future work experience and job possibilities. An internship helps build your skills, demonstrate your talents, and make future job contacts. This is essential to getting started in the graphic design industry.

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Getting Graphic Design Experience
Like most individuals, once you've completed your technical education and training, landing the perfect job isn't always as easy as you might expect. In order to get the most out of your college or technical school training, you should seriously consider enrolling in a Graphic Design practicum. In a typical practicum, you will gain experience in the graphic design field by working for a company that is directly involved in the industry. You will gain work experience and additional training in your specific area of interest.


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Monday, September 21, 2009

Graphic Design Vs. Web Design

Clients would ask people offering online services to come up with a graphic design. There are some customers who would ask Web designers to create a web design. Are these two concepts similar? What are the differences between the two? This article simplifies Graphic Design from Web Design and points out the distinctions between the two.

Web design is the process of designing a website. Web design is a profession practiced by an admirable number of professionals, be they in any part of the world. Graphic design makes up a part of the web design. They may consist of creation and design of the header or the background whereas web design includes the whole site, the big picture.

It is also prudent to point out that graphic design has existed way before the online phenomenon. It is not limited merely to creations and works online. It has been practiced in advertisements, in print or in publication and now in the internet. Graphic Design is a business oriented approach combined with an artistic flair to attract the attention of the targeted consumer. Through the use of visual communication, the owner is better able to convey his sentiments whether they may be purely commercial, cause oriented or even just purely personal blogging.

Here are a couple of basic tips for both Graphic Designers and Web designers:

1. Know your target audience. Are you creating a product that caters to the interest of girls or boys? What is the age bracket to which it caters to? What age group and nationality does the product address? If for example, it is a make up brand which advertises that it decreases wrinkle lines, it caters to women of an older age bracket. Or if you are creating a web site for an author of sci-fi books, what kind of readers does the author usually have as fans?

2. After figuring out your intended market, make a web site or graphic design that will appeal to them and not you. So research not only on the demographics of your client's market but also on their tastes and what they find attractive and appealing.

3. Remember that your art must not be abstract and difficult to understand. It must convey the message to the readers and surfers that you have a product and company, that they're great and they should use their services or buy them. The design should be such that when the readers or surfers see the color, the design, they immediately think of the company of your client.

4. Lastly, when you do put the text in your designs. Make sure they are readable. The design would be futile and useless if the texts themselves are intelligible and unclear.

Smart Internet Business Solutions' graphic designers in Birmingham can device graphics for you to promote your sales or encourage people to join your cause. The company also offers other services: Logo Design, Web Design, Website Promotion, Search Engine Optimization, Pay Per Click Management, Social Media Management (Facebook, Twitter, YouTube), Membership Sites and eBook Creation.
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Thursday, September 17, 2009

Exhibition Stands A Beatiful Picture Of Art And Style

Through a beautiful display in a fair, we can display our art work and collection in Exhibitions. Visiting exhibitions loved by everyone. They are good way of getting to know about art works, art & crafts and also about many other things like books, clothes, bags, accessories to accessorize one self. In exhibitions we can buy the wonderful art works in cheaper price than any other place.

JDJ exhibitions are a company, which focuses in all parts of arranging exhibitions about different objects within in the exhibition and conference industry. They specialize in organizing every kind of exhibition and their customers range from all over the world especially from UK and US. The exhibitions range from organizing exhibition stands containing Portable modular furniture to Modular exhibition stands. They also classify exhibitions ranging from literature books and clothes as well. The exhibition displays are arranged with the beautiful decoration of the exhibition stands and it attracts a lot of attention of a public. This exhibition displays and stands are very popular and many people visit these exhibitions all year. Exhibition displays and exhibition stands of leather sofas and leather furniture getting popular year after year. More customers purchase the exhibitions stands and exhibitions displays of leather sofas and leather furniture. The different designs of leather furniture like the leather sofas, leather chairs etc are there in furniture stands.

It is must to decorate beautifully the exhibition stand and exhibition displays to attract public attention. There are also literature stands available used to display different variety of books such as literature, style of living books and story books etc. They also show furniture stands used to display modern furniture, patio furniture, leather furniture etc. They also provide a wide range concerning the different modular concepts. They have more than 10 years of experience in organizing those modular structure concepts within the modular stand industry. JDJ group of exhibitions is the specialist of the LINX modular system. The LINX modular system specialize in providing and incorporating an extensive range of profiles, beams and accessories to enable one to create stylish, innovative and effective solutions offering quality , flexibility and flexibility. Linx specializes in displaying a flexible building system mainly designed for exhibitions, office displays, conferences and marketing events. It is both obtainable as in standard kits and bespoke layouts, designed to suit as per the specific requirements, if you ask or enquire. An ideal graphics carrier and reusable modular system called Linx.

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Web Design Company-The Web Designer Graphic Designer Poems

Today, web design company has come as a great source for all business owners who find it difficult to perform effectively promote their products and services, relief. Web design services offered by different software companies have been extremely help the business owners.

Web design company hire web designers, graphic designers as well. Web design company hire web designers are well aware of the kinds of programming techniques that are necessary to highlight the best possible web site. These web designers offers an effective web design services, which include features that are good to add an additional connotation of elegance and functionality of the site.

Graphic designers, on the other hand, are not fully aware of all the programming techniques that are necessary in order to provide a new Outlook Web site.

The basic working designer advertising campaigns and silkscreen printing apparel concept illustration (digital pictures or art, including painting), a magazine layout, book layout, design, textiles (carpets, upholstery and materials), print design, advertising and design (), visual effects and Editing (shooting and editing corporate videos and commercial videos as well as special effects and animation). Designers are not that much to the design codes, web design.

Web designer's task is completely different from the graphic designer. Web designer involved in creating web pages. Web designer graphic design and content of the images that continue to appear on web pages. Web designer uses a variety of applications, such as HTML, CSS, XHTML, JavaScript, PHP, Photoshop, and images such as JPG. Web designer job are more likely to develop the technical side. Unlike the web designer job, graphic designer work is very concise. Designers may not be able to offer any form of your thoughts.

Offshore web design company's strength is its commitment to complete the project, precisely in line with what customers want. Since geographical distances are large, a factor which contributes to the project, click, trust, sincerity and honesty. In addition to these two factors, it would be quite difficult, but offshore web design company is running. Strong ties are more important to project success.
Currently, almost every larger or smaller companies have their own business site because the site always shows the company that consumers want. Thus, the company's Web site should be large, as it is the first impression for customers. But it's also the fact that when someone wants a good quality design, it is the best website design, then he or she must pay a lot, and that it is often not possible for everyone.

Web design services offered by different software companies and web designers work, as well as graphic designers. There are several companies that rent is based only on web design for all major programming activities. This is due to the fact that web designers are not only technical skills but also knows all the tricks that must be implemented to enhance a site ranking.

Web design is more efficient, develop their ideas into reality. He / she can actually better than the designer of the form for your ideas. I personally think that if you want to create a great site to promote your company, then you can always rely on web designers. If your business is online, then web design services offers an excellent web design company can help you achieve a huge amount of popularity throughout the world.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Emo Pictures | Cute Emo Pictures

What comes to your mind when you hear the word emo art? As the name suggests, emo art is a part of the emo subculture. If you are trying to trace the origins of the word emo, let me tell you, emo is the abbreviation of the word emotional. You can trace the origins of this subculture to the hardcore punk rock scene in the mid 1970s. As time passed by, emo music revealed an emotional and thought-provoking side. Thus, the lyrics of this emotional punk rock were inclined towards the display of sentiments.Emo music or emo art reveals the perspective or approach of the emo people. Emo art is an expression of their intense reactions and is generally said to tilt towards the gloomy and darker side of life. You could identify an emo person on the basis of his/her approach towards life and other aspects like fashion sense and taste in music. Read more on best emo songs.Since emo art is all about perceptions about emo way of life, one cannot leave fashion out of it.

Emo art is all about the expression of followers of this culture who have a unique style of their own. If you have seen portraits from emo art, you can see the influence of emo school of thought on their fashion sense, the use of the color black in clothing cannot be missed. Read more on how to dress emo.Popular emo clothing include skinny jeans, tight sweatshirts and dark colored tight band T-shirts with silhouettes. The tight jeans and stylish T-shirts with dark colors are the most important characteristic of emo culture. With time, other bright colors have also been added. Accessories such as studded belts, bracelets, ties, horn-rimmed glasses are used to complete the emo look. As far as emo hairstyles are concerned, there are no fixed rules. Use of unconventional hair colors, dyes and long bangs that fall over one eye is widely prevalent.The concept of emo art revolves around emotions. Be it emo t-shirts, emo clip art or emo art wallpaper, it is all about display of emotions. Emo art is reflective of the psychology of emo people. You will understand it when you look at emo art drawings.Pictures and photographs show portraits of emo people in different poses. As far as the poses are concerned, use of angles is considered very important. Indulging in emo art requires you to understand emo school of thought. Emo art reflects the frustration and anguish of these people who feel rejected. The image of broken hearted, sulking and sad individuals is quite popular. Such poses are used to represent their feelings, inner conflicts and loneliness.While drawing an image of an emo, you might need to incorporate elements of emo fashion and hairstyles. Use dark, eclectic colors for their clothing, facial piercing, tattoos and funky hairstyles with bangs. You might have seen images of people with pent-up frustration in emo art galleries. If you wish to make emo art yourself, you could make the character look sad and sullen by drawing gloomy eyes. For the right emo look, include the element of loneliness. You could draw the picture of a lonely person, with his head down. You could use shading or outline the eyes for a dramatic effect and cover one of the eyes with hair. If you have seen emo t-shirts, you might have noticed the use of silhouettes. Create the desired effect in your emo art by drawing silhouettes.Do you wish to make emo art a part of your life? If you like emo art, you could use emo art wallpaper for your desktop. You can use wallpapers of your favorite emo band. Check out various websites and download free wallpapers. Now that you are aware about the emo art, it would be easy for you to identify an emo wallpaper even if the website doesn't refer to it as an emo art. You could go on websites especially dedicated to the emo art theme for finding an emo wallpaper. If you don't find an emo wallpaper art of your liking, you can even try making your own wallpaper. The first step is to find an existing wallpaper which can be customized. Use an image editing program for creating your wallpaper image. You could also add graphics to create the desired effect. Another good idea is to use popular motifs such as broken hearts and skulls in emo art.If you are creative, have some unique ideas and are good at art and craft activities, there are a lot of ways in which you can utilize these skills to make some fast bucks. So, whether you are a child or a housewife or someone who wants a creative outlet, given below is a list of some easy crafts, which you can make at home and at the same time, sell them to make some good money.  Artificial Jewelry If you are looking for some easy crafts to sell online, then you can consider making artificial jewelry from beads and shells. The things that you will need to make this homemade craft to sell are beads and stones of various colors, shape and size, shells, pearls and a string. You can weave these beads in the string to form necklaces and bracelets. In case you want to make and sell ear rings, you will need to buy additional hooks. Jewelry is one of the most sought after items on the Internet and if you can come up with some creative designs, then there's nothing like it! Greeting Cards Another of the easy crafts to sell for kids as well as adults is homemade greeting cards, especially if the festival and holiday season is round the corner. You may read more on kids crafts. If you are good at painting, you can make greeting cards by cutting and folding the construction paper to form various shapes for greeting cards such as round, rectangle, heart, etc. and then painting some unique designs on them. You can paint anything right from landscapes, to flowers to cartoons to anything that comes to your imagination. In case, painting is not your forte, you can undertake this paper craft activity by making designs on greeting cards by pasting some flowers, butterflies, hearts cut-outs from different colored papers or by sticking real dried leaves on the card and then decorating it with glitter and painting colors.
Hand Painted T-Shirts If you are wondering, "how to make easy crafts to sell", then hand painted t-shirts are perhaps the simplest of tasks that you can undertake. You will need lots of plain t-shirts and fabric painting colors to carry on this activity. To make hand painted t-shirts, you have two options, either you can make some arty design or you can write some interesting slogans on it. If you plan on making a design, make sure that you draw it on the t-shirt first with a chalk, so that you have room for making changes. Once you are confident of the design, you can color it with the fabric paints and then leave for drying. You may read further on crafts to make and sell. If you can come up with some unique, funny or hard hitting one liners, you can write these down on the t-shirts as well. Such t-shirts with slogans have great demand among the kids, teens and college crowd. Photo FramesOne of the easy crafts to sell at craft shows is a hand made photo frame. You can go to a flea market and get hold of some old, discarded photo frames. Take a silken fabric and cover the frame with it. Next, to make this craft for adults, decorate these photo frames by using ribbons, glitter, sequins, beads, etc. to create some interesting designs. Throws and PillowsYou do not need to know sewing in order to make throws and pillows from flannel so this craft activity can be undertaken by children and adults alike. To make the throws, you will need two rectangular pieces of flannel. The size of the pieces depends upon the size of the throw. Now, taking scissors, at the edges of these rectangular pieces make fringes which are around two to three inches long, with a distance of one inch in between them. Keep both the pieces on top of each other and start making knots with the fringes to join them together. Similarly, make pillows, with the only difference that you will need to place pillow foam between the two flannel pieces, before beginning to tie knots. Such throws and pillows are not only easy to make, they are equally easy to sell too, both online and offline. These are some ideas on easy crafts to sell. So, what are you waiting for? Gather the things required to make these above mentioned crafts and set out to unleash your creativity and imagination by undertaking these craft activities. All the best!

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