Thursday, August 28, 2008

Use Art Supplies to Paint the Perfect Picture

Amateur artists can create lifelike pictures with art supplies by mimicking photo realists such as Sarah Graham.

Sarah Graham's paintings of cupcakes, gumballs, lollipops and pick and mix candy have often been mistaken for actual photos because of their convincing detail and incredible accuracy.

Graham has achieved success by using art supplies to paint reflecting and refracting light in such a manner that her work portrays the feel of an authentic photograph rather than an obviously painted portrait.

Trend Hunter magazine and the Fine Art Blog are part of a growing number of Graham fans who are blown away by her ability to produce such realistic paintings with art supplies.

"I have just discovered this artist Sarah Graham whose painting are just amazing. They look so real, unless you look closer, you could mistake them for photographs," stated Trend Hunter.

Graham's work has its roots in the photorealist movement which evolved from American Pop Art during the 1960s and early 70s as more and more artists became willing to use photos to assist their use of art supplies.

This association of artists created work which was in direct contrast to abstract expressionists who were initially critical of those who used photographs as the starting point of their pictures.

Such artists included Richard Estes, Ralph Goings and most notably Chuck Close, who has been called one of the most influential photorealist painters thanks to his massive-scale portraits.

Sarah Graham's talents with art supplies are such that she is also able to fool people into thinking her paintings of dolls, robots and Mini Coppers and VW camper vans are actually three dimensional.

She told her official website: "I have been developing a method of painting specific to creating the illusion of three-dimensionality.

"I am so practised now in this particular method of painting it has become the most natural way for me to approach creating an image."

Graham's popularity has seen her signed by Washington Green Fine Art Publishing and the organisation has been keen to support her career as one of Britain's up-and-coming painters.

The firm's marketing director Samantha Jackson told the Metro newspaper that Sarah Graham are likely to appeal to younger people who are tired of paintings that demonstrate a conventional use of art supplies.

She told the publication: "We expect Sarah's work to connect with a whole new generation of people looking for a highly original style of art to decorate their walls."

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Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Showcase Pictures And Art With Large Digital Prints On Canvas

Digital art has gained a lot of popularity with the people using digital technology for taking pictures.
Not only professional photographers have embraced this know how to make a better shot;
most amateurs are also using digital cameras for its sheer ease of use.
The digital revolution is not stuck here. People can take prints that are more vivid and last longer.
Digital art prints
can be taken using the superior printing knowledge available today.

The digital art prints can be put to multifarious uses. One can decorate their homes with pictures of their near
and dear ones and loved moments.

Large photo prints
are also used by various fraternities like art, advertising and corporate.

Big pictures explain a concept or an idea better and can grab peoples attention quite easily.
Artists or art galleries can look for the option of showcasing wonderful frozen frames by using a big display.
Advertising agencies can also attract the attention of people in malls and other public places by putting up huge layouts of their products or ad campaigns.
One can also make an impression during a presentation by showing a meaningful picture print.
Digital art prints not only turn out to be great way of exhibiting the beauty of a photo or creation,
it also stands out of the conventional clutter.

People looking at large photo prints will be awed by the brilliance portrayed by a large layout.
There are many companies whose business is to actualize such large digital prints and
make the best of the state-of-the-art in printing technology.
Taking large prints of digital photos on to a canvas is also a cognitive thing to do,
as it breaks from the monotony of photo paper. Art prints on canvas give them an elegant look.
Companies in the arena are instrumental in transforming your digital photos into bona fide showcases of talent and ideas.
This can be achieved sitting at home or office by ordering online.
Large photo prints on canvases using the digital way is an easy,
novel and long lasting method of getting a picture out in the physical world.

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Availing Graphic Designing Online

Designing is a sheer spell of creativity that enchants each and every person that chances upon it. This enchantment is best employed to create what people can begin to desire. Thus, it can prove to be a most beneficial strategy tool.

The competition whirlpool that almost all companies seem to be valiantly traversing is an extremely unstable environment. The slightest of variation from a lucrative business venture can throw us out of the game entirely. The services, ideas or products we sell, should not only be worthy of being bought or availed but should also have an aesthetic appeal to their physical dimension. What the services/products need is a high quality contemporary design to capture the interest of the prospective customer. Though appearances may not be everything, they are a substantial part of every product.

Now that we do know about the importance of employing graphic designers services for our business, what comes as a relief is that these almost indispensable services can be availed online too. With the advent of the World Wide Web, our lives have become a lot much easier. If one could go over the internet, they would behold the wide array of web portal that cater to business(es) or individuals graphic designing requirements. Graphic design comes to the fore in several manifestations such as Logo Design, Brochure Design, Signage Design, Book & CD Design and Newsletter Design that give a definitive boost to ones business identity.

Logo designing is a specialized art of capturing ones companys character and identity within graphics of stimulating appearances. Brochure Design is a substantial part of the promotional techniques that the companies employ through a graphic portal. Promotional material also includes leaflets, catalogues, posters, calendars, signage designs and much more. You can avail some of the best catalogue design at the behest of a few clicks. You can assign any online portal to design signage, an aesthetic take on the display of information to a particular audience.

One may harbor an impression that meeting your graphic designer in person can help you convey your vision for the design in a much better way than availing their services over the internet. For this it is advisable that you reach the potential designers by first getting an impression of their skills by visiting their web page and consequently contacting them by email. If during the course of your conversation with the designer, you do not see your point getting through, you can give them a visit at their offices. Availing graphic designing services over the internet is a much more sensible option, not to mention that this way the services can be procured from the comfort of your homes/offices.

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Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Small Business Promotion and Marketing: The Vehicle Graphic Wrap

Every small business owner knows the value of advertising; a well-rounded budget should include a variety of promotional options from website to print and media ads. Yet traditional print and media advertising is very expensive and can be limited in reaching the target audience. The challenge for a small business owner is to remain competitive without committing to a large advertising budget.

Branding is the use of a company logo, byline or graphic design to identify the company product in a consistent and unique fashion. By combining a highly visible brand with traditional advertising the small business owner maximizes exposure. Customers will remember a sophisticated graphic image and develop the association with a specific service or product.

The advent of sophisticated technology has led to the increased interest in vehicle graphic wraps, which are basically large print, graphic images.

Any vehicle, regardless of shape or size, can be fitted out with a graphic design and turned into a 24/7 billboard for businesses. This method of advertising is one of the most cost-effective ways to reach customers.

The upswing in use of vehicle wraps or car graphics means that many companies now claim to be experts in this type of graphic design.  The savvy business owner will want to find the right company, with the right level of expertise and services, for his or her advertising needs.

Choose a specialized vehicle wrap business—they know how to design graphics for vehicles of any size, from a fleet of 18-wheelers to a VW bug. Installation is crucial to an effective vehicle wrap campaign; the full service design and installation company will do the best job and offer a competitive price which meets the small business owner’s needs. Their design team will create a customized look which incorporates the business logo seamlessly.
Hire an established business that can provide samples and customer recommendations. Check their website for pictures of vehicle wrap projects. A full-service graphic design business that specializes in vehicle wraps should have installation and maintenance options for the most professional look.
When seeking bids from companies, find the business that uses state of the art technology. Today’s 3M technology and large format digital printing make it possible to create a vehicle wrap for the largest of vehicles with crisp, clear attractive graphic art. Ask about the fabrication process and installation, two of the most important aspects of selecting the right design firm for vehicle wrap advertising.

Small business owners believe in hard work and a dedication to provide the best services to their customers—your graphic design company should display that same work ethic.

 Businesses are always looking for news way to promote their products. Being creative sets a business apart from the crowd and the use of eye-catching vehicle wraps for cars and service vehicles is a great promotional tool, at a good value. Using an overall theme with promotional banners, business window signs and graphics makes for a good branding campaign and creates a comprehensive and professional image.

To learn how car graphics can improve your business’s advertising reach contact bluemedia for a consultation.

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Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Discover a Career in Art

Many wonder if there is any money to be made in this industry. If you do not desire to be the starving artist, here are some careers you can purse and still release your creative juices.

Art Director

As an art director you will design media pieces and oversee the creation and production process for media information.

As an art director you can find positions in advertising and publishing. Some of the other positions you could work in are Corporate Image, product packaging and website creation.

Multimedia Artists

In this area of the art industry, artists create for films, video and other electronic media.

As a multimedia artist, you will pursue careers in the motion picture industry as well as in the video industry.


A career as an illustrator can be very rewarding. You can discover opportunities in advertising, publishing, cartooning, greeting cards and digital illustration.


Photography is a wonderful area of the art field.

Many people have an eye for taking a picture.

You can find careers in advertising, travel industry, fashion, portraits and photo journalism.

Educational Background

The educational backgrounds needed to pursue some of the opportunities in art vary.

While a formal education is not necessary for some areas like craft artist, areas like fine artist or art director a formal education and training may advance your opportunities.

Many students graduating from art school find success in the fields like advertising, film and television, software and gaming, graphic design and freelance photography.

Salary Expectations

For those pursing this career path the salary can vary.

Those with a formal education do have a chance of making a descent salary regardless of being a freelance artist or employed by a company.

A freelance artist will have to factor in the lack of benefits in their decision but as the artist becomes known they will be able to charge more for their work. It is found that a freelance artist often makes less to start than their employed colleagues.

For those driven by the passion for their art it can be a tough road but one with many avenues. One must be dedicated and persistent to be successful in the area.

With the right motivation and training, we are far from the days of the starving artist suffering for his passion.

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Sunday, August 10, 2008

Basic Graphic Design

Graphic design focuses on visual communication and presentation. Techniques used to produce graphics include, typography, visual arts and page layout. Graphic design is used when creating logos or brands, websites, publications, advertisements and packaging for products.

Graphic design started to become its own movement in late nineteenth century Europe when it was considered separate from fine art. By the 1920s revolutionary Russia started creating objects for utilitarian products, including buildings, theatres sets, posters, fabrics, furniture, clothing, logos and more.

As consumerism has grown so has graphics. From road signs to reference manuals, graphic design has enhanced humans ability to share knowledge. Graphics are a large part of the brand identity of corporations and largely associated with advertising and entertainment.

An article from The Design Observation Group stated that "broadly defined, graphic designers are the visual ambassadors of ideas: their role is to translate, communicate- and occasionally even agitate- by rendering thinking as form, process and experience." They must be able to balance clarity and innovation.

The basics of graphic design are:


Colour: Colour has a big impact on the mood of a design.

2. Line: the width and texture of the lines you use also contribute to the overall tone of your graphic. And the way they interact with each other is also important.

3. Shape: Angular shapes are generally associated with masculinity, while smooth and curvy shapes are more feminine. Circles are associated with wholeness, peace and unity.

4. Scale and size: Scale and size bring balance and proportion to your design.


Space: Space (or white space) give designs breathing room and the eye some time to rest. The trick is to properly balance space with design. Too much space might make the work seem unfinished, whereas not enough space, make things cluttered.

6. Texture: Texture ads an element of realism to design.

7. Value: Value adds unity to designs. It can help balance out elements of design.

Graphic design can be learned at school or self taught. Nowadays, graphic design is done on computers and every digital company will have at least one designer on their team. It is the obligation of the graphic designer to keep up with current trends and educate their team of developers and marketers as well as clients. Infographics are a big trend at the moment. That is creating visual graphics out of data. This makes information easy to absorb, comparisons easy to visualise, and content more interactive and aesthetic.

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Top college for pursuing Graphic Art and Design

If you believe that you are creative and have the art factor in you, you need to consider a degree in art and design. You might be having the skills but still doing a course would enhance them and make you a professional in your field of interest - let it be graphic designing, fashion designing or 3D game art designing. If you are done with your schooling, you can get admitted for diploma or under graduation in the course. While diploma requires 1 or 2 years for completion, under graduation needs 3 to 4 years. This typically varies with the college you got admitted to. Also, getting into a top college in arts and design is not an easy task and needs a very good portfolio. Many top colleges usually have separate entrance examination tests to get an admission. Always chose an art and design college that is accredited.

Art and Design students usually work as internet marketers, graphic designers, game designers, cartoon designers, fashion designers, decoration designers, interior designers and textile designers.

They can either work for large firms or start their own companies. There are also many graphic students who virtually started a company online and earning a fortune. These students offer services online and maintain their own virtual company websites. Most of the art graduates are known for their entrepreneur skills as it is comparatively easy to start a company that deals with designing stuff. The company grows gradually depending on the clients and projects. The pay package usually depends on the company you work for. Though, art students get a comparatively lesser salary, they can rule the field if they are creative and hard working enough.

Best college for pursuing a course in graphics art and design

International Academy of Design and Technology: A for-profit organization, accredited by ACICS, IADT offers programs in advertising and design, digital production, digital photography, fashion design, forensics of computers, animation, game and graphic design and interior design. It has also got a film school that trains students in production, acting and sound. Students must have completed graduation to get admitted into this school. They get admitted only if they clear the personal interview that will be held once all the entrance criteria is met. If the student is not a GED graduate, a basic test that covers math and literature will be conducted.  If the student is willing to transfer credits, college transcripts have to be submitted. Communication skills are a must for this course and international students seeking to get an admission must take the TOEFL exam.

Full Sail University – Art and Design Degree:  This is a course for creative artists where they improvise their creative and design skills and develop their own vision for design.  The course covers the basics of design and has courses that are industry specific. You also get to learn about marketing your design skills via social media and advertising. The course starts with the fundamentals of art theory (2D and 3D) and history of the design industry. Then you start learning multimedia techniques and website design. As you move on, you get more proficient in using software for creating designs. You will implement all the techniques, theory and applications learnt in your final project with the support of an instructor and once that is done, you will be employed as a full time designer in a reputed firm

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