Thursday, March 26, 2009

Basics of Graphic Design


Graphic design is basically the use of text and graphics to communicate with others, usually used in advertisement or presentation models. This design is used in logos, brochures, newsletters, posters signs and on websites. The basics of this design is to learn about lines, shapes texture and colour and how to balance these things on to a device that is easy to read.

Basics of graphic Design

This form of communication deals with balance, proximity, unity, alignment, repetition, consistency and white space. This type of design uses basic elements and building blocks to portray a message. There must be a rhythm or balance to the design in order for it to be understood by the reader. There are scales, figures, grounding, framing, layers and transparency that go along with designing a layout.

There must be a patter and a specific timing and motion to the text and pictures.

The steps to the basics of this type of communication device is to study the audience, then determine what the purpose is, then determine where this message will be displayed. Whether it appears in a printed publication, on a website, or in a presentation. Then a goal needs to be set, the ideas should be organised, ideas put together, and a layout chosen. Then a type face is selected, the right size and styles. Lastly proofread the design and refine it for final production.

A well-Received Message

A good design of text and graphics will reach audiences and be a popular design if the designer sticks with a few good ideas; separate out the ideas into groups, place very important information in the upper left hand corner, box in important information, create a balance, place bulletins, use coloured or reversed text, use white space to his or her advantage, tilt some images, use bright colours, and use irregular shapes. All of these things are pleasing to the human eye, and people generally read from left to right, therefore placing urgent information at the top left corner is key to readership.

Benefits of Good Design

A good design attracts customers and readers, it adds value to the whole layout, and it simplifies and organises the ideas in a concise neat package. Sales are made or broken on the appearance of a websites home page and readers stay or leave according to what they see and the txt they read. An organised balanced appealing graphic and text grouping is essential to everything.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Using Art

Carrying an attach case and a brolly, you can see a man looking out facing backward in the picture, he is wearing a trench coat and a bowler hat. I am rather curious about the entire thing. It is this image that one corporation is making use of to tell people about itself.

An architect has been hired to act as the vice president and general manager of this new company said that he is the man in the image and it is part of an advertising campaign that they are doing to stand out in Canada.

When people use images to advertise, they can make use of extensive marketing tactics and still retain the artistic content of their advertising material and this is based from the attitude of late '70s architecture.

No longer is art solely for the purpose of making beautiful artifacts and paintings, art has since been used to promote other concepts like that of commerce. They're the new hybrids. There is a lot of competition that is brewing when it comes to Canadian businesses and there is no room for anything else but the best show of graphic design in Winnipeg.

Taking pictures was the pastime for these two partners. You can see their previous pictures now in the form of lithographs, graphic forms, silk screens, metal etchings, and fiber work.

Working for a local architectural firm, these partners actually crossed each other's paths in a darkroom. This was when they instantly knew that they would click.

What was lacking in their company was not the sales part but the matter of being a formal institution. In Vancouver, there was a graphics exhibition which they needed to attend for the company.

To print out the brochure, they will be needing at least three thousand dollars and another two thousand in backup funds and this five thousand total will be provided by one of the partners.

In Winnipeg, you will be able to distinguish the brochures that come from this company as they will be incorporating more forms of art, graphic, and print.

They work on potatoes as well which basically mean that they work on coasters, menus, matchbook covers, promotional printing, posters, architectural photography and models, logos, and T shirt design as well. Most of the time, they work for government buildings, trains, head and branch offices of corporations, lobbies and rooms of hotel chains, and commercial aircrafts creating custom art for them.

Offices are decked out with murals or silk screen serigraphs by the partners and this is something that they do other than helping companies with their advertising materials.

Yes, they will create custom fine art for your company but they will incorporate graphic design in the execution. It is not easy to keep up if you doo not work as hard when you are part of something like custom corporate art.

They are able to use graphic design to their advantage. Under their belt are happy customers from various federal and provincial buildings, a huge insurance company, a railroad, hotels, two major Canadian banks, and airline companies.

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Sunday, March 22, 2009

Career in Graphic Arts

When you read a magazine, buy a product at the supermarket, look at a billboard, watch television, or cruise a website, chances are you're looking at the work of a graphic designer. Today's graphic designers use traditional tools including pencils and paper, but they also use the newest and most sophisticated computer design software.A graphic artist is also often referred to as a graphic designer. He or she uses a diverse range of media to create designs and visually convey a message or an idea to the public. Since the aim of a graphic designer is to enhance the image and saleability of a product, the work profile could encompass designs for websites, logos, stationery, print material, advertisements, films and videos, posters, brochures, and other promotional materials.According to the New York Times, most online schools charge tuition similar to that of traditional schools.

So even if you're saving money on commuting gas, room and board, or by working at the same time that you're studying, finding scholarships can save you even more money. Look at the College Board Web site and; these are two free Web sites that can help you get started.

He has the authority to select models for the project. Other things like the props that are going to be used, the colors, and several other things are chosen by him. In order to be an efficient art director, you need to receive good training in graphic design. This is because the art director himself needs to do certain designing on his own.Of course, most successful artists typically have more than just raw talent. Top working artists also know how to structure their time, deal with people and do all of the necessary work that comes along with being an artist. Raw talent is necessary, but knowing how to use that talent is just as important.

Within the field of the arts, there are many different careers that you can consider, depending on where your interests and abilities lie. If you are interested in this field and you enjoy history, you may want to consider a career as an art historian. This is a great career for those who love the arts but are not interested in actually producing the artwork themselves.Most people wish to make a career in designing. Graphics design is an ideal professional option that is slowly and surely gaining importance. Graphic design plays a major role in every field including newspaper advertisement, website design and billboard. It makes it presence felt in every sphere of economy. Graphic design is the perfect field to gain specialization in for individuals who hold a fascination for layouts, colors and shapes. Good quality graphic design is slowly and surely gaining popularity.

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Saturday, March 21, 2009

Unrestrained Areas Covered by Graphic Design Perth

Graphic design is a skilled way of utilizing ones creativity and imagination combined with software design skills to produce a unique and eye-striking design, picture, image or any other layout that meets the requirement with the objective to convey a specific message to a target audience. In this process, the experts use various methods to choreograph pictures, words, or symbol for creating an excellent visual idea representation. Whether the layout design is created manually or done in a digital software matching set, the final result is to deliver an exceptional illustration for print and digital mediums. Graphic design Perth covers the whole sections of the work including printed brochures and business cards to email marketing and website design. Indeed, graphic design is one of the most significant aspects of the creative process in the print and digital world.

This aspect of designing normally refers to both the actual process of designing as well as the output of the design.

It is an infinite field of creativity that allows one to follow all paths in pursuit of a specific communication message. This art is used to make things such as logos, magazines, brochures, new product line, advertisements and corporate branding just to give an identity.

Especially in the present day consumer driven market, this is widely applied on creating a valiant image or an impressive design that reaches the hearts of the customers in a wide array of industries. The popularity or usability or graphic design has reached such a limit that today, no such document or image is seen without the element of this art applied to it. Another field where we see the importance of professional design is in the theatrical industry. Film makers truly count on the credibility of the designers to add in creative elements that further improves the experience of the viewers. Television productions as well as print media also use this field of design.

The skills used in the art involve the style, creativity and logically arrangement and presentation of prevailing data into the desired final result. The whole process needs a professional company or individual for services. A reputable company from Perth will take time to understand your needs and desires and then implement the latest methodology to ultimately help you achieve the best end product. Take your time to consider graphic design Perth and make sure you find the right professional to work with.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Best Tips for Graphic Designing

Before discussing on Graphic designing tips first we have to undestand that what is graphic designing, what is uses and why it is so important in web designing and internet marketing. Basically graphic design is to create something which is pleasing to the eye. Graphic designing is the art of visual communication that conveys informations about that picture or something to the audience or viewer. Graphic design is simply making things looking pretty. Graphic design is sum of creative technical research skills. A best graphis design is to choose and orgnise the words , images and massages into a form that is a medium of communication to the audience or viewer. In other words we can say that graphic design is way of interaction or a way of communication to the viewer.Graphic design is visual communication.

Now we have to discuss on the topic best tips for graphic designing and the best methods which are used for graphic designing.

Graphic designing is not a easy work. A very responsible and experince person can do this work. For a better graphic designing an experienced designer collects and analyzes datas carefully. He have to combine all technical, creative, research skills.

The basics and important steps graphic design are as follows:-

Gather Information:- This is the most important and the first steps of the graphic designing. Before starting a project a designer needs to know what the client needs. A good designer should carefully collect informations and datas.  A good designer should collect these informations which I am going to listed. These are as follows:-

(A)What is the massage?

(B)What are the dimensions?

(C)Who is the audience?

(D)What is deadline for the completion?

(E)How many pages the project have? Etc.

2.  Create the Outline:- The second important step of the graphic designing is  to   create outline of the project.The designer has to be create an out line on the basis of the informations or datas which he has collected. After that he has to present the out line to the client for his approval before proceeding. Once client aggree then the designer starts to  work on the project.

3. Sketches and Wireframes:- The next step in the graphic designing is sketches  and Wireframes. Before doing the project it is most necessary step to draw some sketches and layouts. For web design wireframes are a great way to start page layout.

4.  Design multiple version:- After finnishig preior works a designer can move to actual design work. While the designer finalize the design it is good idea to present at least two versions of the to the client.

5.  Revision:- The next step in this process is revision of the project. The designer should be sure that the client know that he encourage mixing and matching the design he provide.  A designer should always give ideas on what looks best. After client suggestion the designer may present second round of design.

6.  Sticks to the steps:- After completion of each step a designer should be sure to finish each step before moving on the next step. With an accurate outline anyone can create actual and accurate design.

Thus we see that these are the some basic tips toward starting the graphic designing project.

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Monday, March 9, 2009

Graphic Print Promotion For Charity

There are numerous charities for children all over the world. Children's charity activities include feeding, tutorial and education, shelter programs, catechism instruction, rehabilitation, and gift donation programs. These groups are non-profit, non-stock organizations that need to raise funds through marketing and promotion. Given very limited marketing funds, they commonly promote arts and crafts work of their children and sell them as gifts. The profit is used for the charity's programs.

Various art activities are conducted with the children in order to develop their creativity skills. The classes also serve as therapy through art, as there have been studies that art has the capacity to heal. These classes produce various artworks such as drawings, paper Mache ornaments, collages, paper lanterns, paintings, and bookmarks. The products are converted into graphic printed materials given away during the holiday season.

Examples of these printed materials include:

Greeting cards - Greeting card printing is one way in which charities raise funds for children. Charities print greeting cards and sell or give them as gifts to sponsors, benefactors, and honored guests of children's charities. Subjects of the cards include a variety of themes depending on the child's imagination. Customized greeting cards can be printed using the services of online printing companies.

Posters - Posters are powerful and creative materials used by children's charities to promote their causes. Subjects also include children's artworks. Charities also launch poster design contests as promotional activities for charity. Poster themes can focus on the overall theme or mission of the children's charity.

Wholesale poster printing is offered by online printing services at reasonable prices.

Stickers - Children's charities also make use of stickers as printed marketing materials. Stickers can feature an eye-catching graphic print together with the charity's name, logo, and theme. They can feature contact information including a website for global, real-world access of information. Bulk orders of stickers can also be printed using the convenient services of online printing companies.

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Monday, March 2, 2009


We are living in the world of technology. The whole world is consisting of two things, visual and reality. There is a big difference in both things. All credit goes to graphic design industry, which is doing and showing the impossible and make this true that nothing is impossible. We all must have seen wonderful pictures or videos which can’t be imagine in our normal life like a man flying in the air or a talking bee and so on. This is all possible by the wonderful use of effects to make illusions.

Now graphic designing is the part of every advertising and marketing business. Not even a single business can be flourishing without graphic designers. Their main task is to made new layout and customized designs for product promotion and even logos, the main identity of any business. These designers provide their services in house or some time companies hire their services from any design hot shop like creative instinct.

They work for their products promotion, innovative and creative designing etc. all the print media which we come across in our daily life is designed by these graphic designers like books, magazines, banners, pamphlets, leaflets broachers etc.

Graphic designing is not restricted to just printing stuff. It is also the part of film and media. Jurassic park, harry potter, avatar, Alice in wonderland etc. are the examples of graphic designing in film industry. In designing process the designers have to go through each and every detail of design the line, font, angle, resolution of image, effects and so on.

If we call graphic designing the art of creating illusions it is quite justified.

We watch many ads in our daily life. The ads of cosmetic surgery, hair transplant and slim products with the caption of showing the results of “before and after” are also the example of graphic designing. It is not the original results it’s just an illusion which shows that “you can be like this.” All this done through special soft ware’s like Illustrator, ADOBE Photoshop, and COREL draw etc. now the outstanding presentation of your business and products is the need of hour. That’s why every organization wants to be presented in its best and graphic designing make this possible for them.

Graphics designing completely feeds on creativity. Creativity and skill makes the best designs. The capability of making something new and different makes something outstanding and prosperous for business. Every organization whether it is small or big need proper and innovative designs for their business to prospers.

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Best Canvas Pictures

Art is something that inspires everyone around us. When we keep something related to art at our places, we feel very relaxed and calm. Even without writing, it speaks a thousand words. But, over the years, this field has seen a lot of change. From paint brushes to colors that are used, almost everything has gone through a transformation. This transformation is in a way good for us. Artists no longer take days to make something spectacular. Even technology places a very vital role in bringing this new change. Earlier when someone wanted to get their sketches made, it took a long time. But now days you can see machines which will give you the same exact result in seconds.

Even though technology will never be able to replace the real art, but it will become convenient till some extent. If you are planning to get your family’s pictures on a canvas, then you may be dealing with some real good artists.

But if you are extremely desperate and cannot wait for some time extra, then you can even get the picture printed on a canvas. The trend f putting canvas pictures has been going on from a very long time.

So many people across the world are amazed at how beautifully artists are able to make the entire portrait of almost anything on a canvas. It is a great from of art and it completely differentiates with the other types that are available. Hanging canvas pictures in houses has become like a style statement for everyone. They either get their entire family on it or individual pictures. So if you are looking for anything like this, then you can come across some people in the market who will do your job with perfection.

It will always be recommended that you should go in for the one which is hand painted. But if you do not wish to put your own pictures on the canvas then you can simply buy the ready made ones present in the market. This will allow you to look at all the types available in this category. Depending upon what you like, the price of the painting will be fixed. On the spot canvas pictures are also made by some people. In order to get the best result go in for something that is created by a reputed and renowned artist. Therefore all the above mentioned tips will surely give you your desired results.

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