Sunday, April 26, 2009

"photo Zone" Re The Most Prestigious Golden Award Graphic Arts - Graphic World, Golden

"The Third Golden Graphic Arts Award" awards are now known, Photo Corner plate Print Co., Ltd. won the top honor again.

Year term of the Golden Graphic Arts Awards have been held so far, third, the scale has expanded each year, the number of entries growing influence throughout the country, and renowned overseas. November 12, 2009, the printing industry, Papermaking Industry, publishing a common visual feast, "the third Golden Graphic Arts Awards Presentation Ceremony" was held at the Sofitel Wanda Beijing. Ceremony, evaluation experts from home and abroad as well as printing companies around the world on behalf of more than 300 guests gather together to share the experience of its third gold of the awards announced the Graphic Arts Award. "Photo Zone" is the third Golden Grand Prix Graphic Arts, Beijing, northern China the only gold medal of the enterprise. The sending of the entries "NobleTime" Gold Class by journals, "Li Fuyuan Ink Paintings" and "Lu Zhang Shen calligraphy works of" sub-album category Finalist by books. This is the second in October 2009, "pk Land? Wutai Mountain" won the Seventh China Book Binding Design Art produced the best book design award, "Chinese Folk Unique Copy of New Year," was published excellent book design award, the "Photo Zone" record the brilliant success again.

"Photo Zone" sending entries "NobleTime" category were journals Gold

"Photo Zone" printed "NobleTime" expressed by clocks, "Time flies, we can never be on the clean, but to heart" theme. In the printing process on the "NobleTime" Application of the latest printing technology, showing that "Photo Zone" on the watch-making expertise and excellent understanding of printing process to make fine crystal diamond watches, classic watches metallic, fashion watches The dazzling colors have been expressed with force. Works, a large area of the black background, highly detailed images and vibrant color fidelity level of representation, a reflection of "Photo Zone" complete pre-press skills, ease of printing control, the original paper application ability. Golden Graphic Arts Awards Judging Panel for this work to give a high rating, they agreed that: "This is a future in the present, details of the classic examples of success and failure." Printing companies in the industry, the "Chart Man Zone "called" award-winning specialized households. " "Photo Zone" award-winning Graphic Arts Award, to fully demonstrate its excellent print quality has reached domestic leading level.

"Wutai Lingfeng Line Environment", and "Chinese Folk Unique Copy of New Year," the Seventh National Book the best works of design art exhibition

"Photo Zone" is a design, plate making, printing, mainly industrial companies, has established a dedicated art products for the professional services teams, primarily for major art exhibition, art institutions, middle and high end of book publishing institutions. Especially in the cultural products of the binding design highlights the expertise, has successfully provided a number of well-known customers a full range of design, binding, pre-press plate-making services. "Photo Zone" at the plate also well established, can provide include power points, production, output, proofing of the full range of professional pre-press plate-making services to clients involved in the field of publishing, periodicals, magazines, Advertisement Companies, design studios, etc., up to more than 400 customers.

"Photo Zone" to get today's achievements, its successful implementation of digital printing are inseparable. Photo business world is characterized by: a large part of printed materials aimed at high-end, fine printing, the printing quality was very strict. Photo World has been thinking about: how to use advanced digital technology? How to make advanced digital technology to effective use, thereby enhancing the quality of printing? In 2008, the introduction of graphic world Founder Chang Yi CTP Solutions, and has been with the Founder Electronic Work together to maximize the advantages of CTP, to fully exploit the potential of the system. Through continuous technology and equipment, try to upgrade the graphics world Digital Printing In the actual production process to the limit?? Production efficiency has been greatly improved print quality has been recognized by customers graphic world printing, print quality and true than in the past has been greatly improved.

Present, "Photo Zone" in the pre-press, printing, processing, printing and binding after the binding aspects of design, have already reached the international advanced level, is the digital printing technology to the ultimate success story.

"Photo Zone" was also full of many printing awards show that China's printing industry has been able to Bingcheng Dong essence of civilizations, the digital printing technology to the highest position, thus competing against developed countries in the world.