Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Pet Photography And Graphic Arts

Just like other family members, pets are also an essential part of the family. Being loved by almost all members of the family, pets are often photographed by them. But co-operation from pets is very rare. You would require a lot of film and patience if you are thinking of clicking pictures of your pet. A great thing about photographing pets is the fact that any type of camera can be used in taking their pictures.

Most pet pictures are taken randomly with the least expensive camera and they turn out to be great. The pictures can be easily enlarged and displayed on your walls due to the new easy to use cameras. You can use 35mm camera for crisp and sharp images. You have to be very quick in clicking the picture as soon as the pet comes in focus.

Just like a magnet, a spool of thread would attract your cat. Maintain focus on the tread and then click a lot of pictures when the cat comes close to it. You can invite a dog into the focus area with the help of some noise and then take its pictures. Once the dog has responded to some noise, you can start clicking pictures. Even in this case, you should use pre-focusing.

Get your dog in a playful mood when shooting outdoors and capture amazing pictures of our dog. Your children and pets could give you some amazing natural pictures while playing with each other.

For wonderful pictures, use these tips. When you are clicking pictures of a pet with a child, get as low as possible. You need to bend your knees and get the camera to the child's level. Try to take a closer view of the pet but do not zoom or distract the pet, do it in a very discreet manner. The distinct expressions of pets can be captured only when taken from a close point.

If you want to shoot the birds in a cage, to make the bars disappear, you need to do a tight close up. While clicking the fish in an aquarium, the same technique has to be followed. Always make sure you get a lot of shots of your pets. A lot of patience is involved in taking good shots of your pets.

When your pet is ready for a picture, do not take a long time in setting up the camera, click as many pictures you can. Most professional photographers agree that there's a direct relationship between the number of pictures you take and the number of classic photographs that you will make. In order to get more classic photos, click more and more pictures. This practice is really useful when you're dealing with pets that are hard to click.