Sunday, June 14, 2009

Cute Pictures

The main feature of a cute caricature is that the face eats up more than 50% or 60% of an art paper and is drawn exaggeratedly funny.

Creative- Drawing a cute caricature need to have some levels of creativity and imagination. Often the best time to catch a little one full of smiles and mischief is just after a meal or bath time.

-When you have trouble taking shots of the active child then perhaps consider sleeping shots. Many baby contest pictures are of sleeping babies. If you have access to a digital camera it must be adjusted to correct settings (read your manual). With a digital camera you can delete those imperfect pictures but with normal film you need to be much more diligent with your shots.

Angles & Formats:

-Make sure that you are on the baby's level whenever possible. The cutest baby photos have more baby than anything else in the photo.

-With digital cameras make sure the "focus" is centered on the child and not on any items in the background.

-Try to take your shots straight on to them, these pictures generally look more lifelike and the ability to zoom in is much improved.


-Every minute of every day can be the perfect moment for that prize wining cutest baby photograph. Those perfect pictures will be the moments when you are generally not prepared. During the "awhhh" noise that people make when baby is looking particularly cute are the moments when you need to be pushing the camera button. This is very difficult to achieve without being constantly ready with the camera. These special moments are sad to miss, whether your intention is to have the pictures for yourself or for baby picture contests so you want to try to catch these "awhhh" moments forever if you can.

The Camera:

-As above, the type of camera offers up some restrictions with taking your picture perfect shots. The most economical option is of course a digital camera because you can easily look through all those cute baby pictures and decide which to keep or delete rather than having to print all of them. These are just a few hints of how to gain that picture perfect shot, the rest is easy. Just get that cute child of yours to do all the cute things that they normally do and the photographs are bound to follow. If you are interested in baby picture contests entry check out the internet for places to enter your cutest baby photos. Cute dog pictures along with a cute story are something everyone wants to see and read.

Of course if you prefer just to submit a picture, that's o.k. From adorable to mischievous to hilarious - dog pictures are enjoyed by any age group.

Even those who do not have a dog or any pet at all, love dog pictures. Asking an owner to show off their canine pics is like asking Cleopatra to belly dance. It comes naturally.

Tips on How to Take Nice Pictures

Do not take the picture from above. Crouch down to dog level. This gives a more intimate view of your pet.


Take care as too much bright light can dim those exceptional features.


Getting the right pictures will take some patience.

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