Monday, July 13, 2009

Coach Op Art Graphic Julianne

Coach has never failed to bring us surprise, and watching the Coach Fashion show is a great entertainment for me. It is always vigorous and creative. This fashion season Coach has offered a series of Op Art Graphic Bags, which put more emphasis on the Optical Art design by using geometric figures and modern color sets, brings us a brand new visual feeling, which is totally different from that brings by the conventional Coach Canvas bags with C logo.

This Coach Op Art Graphic Julianne is a good example. Its unique pattern and color can be carried for class or working. Unlike the conventional leather bags, this bag is made from graphic op-art fabric together with lightweight leather trim. It gives out an easy-breezy spring feeling. This bag is both chic and functional. It has cell phone and multifunction zipped pockets and outside back zip pockets at your convenience.

It also has ting to clip an accessory or key fob. Sized at 12.25(L) x 12.75 (H) x 4 (W), the bag can hold all your belongings easily. Thus it can be carried whether you go shopping or go fro dating. Besides, it has an alternate shoulder strap for convertible tote to shoulder bag or crossing body function. What's more, there are four foot on the bottom thus it won't be stained easily.

As to me, it is the creative not-so-round ring pattern that attracts me most, not dull but rather lovely and lively. You can tell its authenticity from the classic golden Coach Logo and ID tag. The bag is available at a price of 8.00, a price that can be accepted by most people. Although being a relatively new brand, Coach has won a large share of market in the fashion circle. It is especially popular among the young people.

Who else can resist the creative, glamorous and not-so-pricy fashion products?