Monday, November 2, 2009

Why Study Graphic Design?

If you are artistically inclined and good on the computer then graphic design could be the right path for your education and your career. There are many art schools that offer a graphic design program for a variety of different types of graphic design. Before applying to graphic design colleges, it's good to know what your degree in graphic design will entail.

What You'll Study in Art School

Depending on the graphic design program, you'll be learning about the basic fundamentals of design which include drawing, color theory, and typography. Depending on what you're interested in, there are several different types of typography, including: digital, manual, type, web, poster, and experimental. Your school may require you to study packaging (cosmetic, logo, and product package), as well as print, editorial, and informative design.

Career Options in Graphic Design

Your job options will depend on what type of graphic design you choose to specialize in during your college career. Potential graphic design career paths include: environmental design, retail design, package design, publication design, in house graphic design, brand identity design, website design, entertainment design, and many more.

There is no guarantee that a degree in graphic design will land you the job of your dreams, but the training you receive in art school will prepare you for a variety of careers. Almost all companies need to do some sort of marketing, which typically involves a design of some sort, which is where graphic design can come in. As a graphic designer, you could also work at a gallery, work at a magazine or other publication as the layout designer, or at a variety of companies in a variety of industries.

Other Considerations for Graphic Design Students

Graphic design isn't just about creating pretty pictures on the computer. Like most careers, there are a variety of skills needed in order to do a job well. It's essential for graphic designers to have good people skills as you'll frequently be working as part of a team.

If you decide to study graphic design, you could end up with a career doing what you love. The first step is to explore graphic design colleges and start your journey.

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