Friday, November 28, 2008

Graphics That Work

What's the most exciting web site you visited today? Did it have words and clip art? Likely is had appealing graphics that piqued your interest and kept you on the site. Great graphics are crucial to your web site design, because they entice customers and give you a professional, modern look. A small business that catches the right angle for its graphics has a chance to compete with the big guns.

Of course, depending on your line of work, the type of web business you own, and the style that you wish to convey, you'll need different graphics or even a different level of professionalism.

There are certain "dry" topics that don't need much by way of graphics, perhaps a University library or the sort. But almost any business that sells directly to customers will benefit from superior and interesting graphics and design. Here are some rules for how to play the game:

• Be interesting, not colorful. Color is wonderful, and it adds a lot to certain businesses, such as kids' clothing and toys. But it's not always the answer. The use of graphics should facilitate a way for you to connect with your visitors and show them a little something about yourself. Sometimes this is best done in black and white, and sometimes a multicolored look is the way to go. Developing a color scheme that is picked up on every page throughout your site is important as well, as it maintains focus and improves the appearance of your web site.
• Cut down on text, and make your graphics shine. While some SEO experts insist on having text on your home page, it's not necessary and clouds your look. Google's new way of doing things precludes the necessity to cheapen your site with spider-grabbing nonsense that is bad for internet business. Focus on providing quality and making your web site as well as your business top quality and the traffic, as well as the search rankings, will come.
• Don't imitate others, even if they look good. Yes, it's good to see what's popular and keep up with trends in graphics and anything else. You'd be a fool to think otherwise. But, be yourself. Determine what makes you unique and let your graphics show that. Carve out your niche and the right customers will arrive at your doorstep – or internet site.
• Go with what you know. If your site is working, even if it's not the most cutting edge or trendy, stick with it, and change only as necessary.

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