Saturday, November 29, 2008

Window Graphics For Night Clubs

Designs Fit for Evening Lighting and Dark Business Establishments

Running a business during the evenings is far different from daytime jobs that when marketing tools come into the picture, the elements of nighttime displays have to set off a shadowy mood with bright effects. Just like in nightclub venue, you have to be picky with your window cling display designs.

Night clubs are venues that are dark and consist mainly of colored lamps and SFX lights to brighten up walkways and focal points; and with colorful lighting, posting wall displays and other decorative features are fun to build for the club. With faster and cheaper printing services for window graphics and with good lighting, you can conveniently change the interior and exterior look as often as you wish.

1. Black vines with colored lighting: This layout can be meant for a dark or feminine club atmosphere.

Build a patterned design that consists of vines, try them in black and use brightly-colored lighting to create contrast. You can have these in medium-sized glass windows aligned; for added effect, use different lighting colors for different window panes. Another option is to use lighting effects that change color.

2. People shadows: As a huge glass divider, you can have a gray and black window cling print to blend in to the dance floor crowd. Lighting is not really necessary since the laser lights coming from the stage can reflect on your design, when the mobile hits the glass.

3. Circle patterns for hallway entrances: Although common, this design type can look very attractive as a walkway entrance attraction. For something different, you can play around with the circle designs by building the round shape with tiny single-colored designs; have a few different shades of the inner pattern scattered around to break the consistency and have an equalizer effect.


Water effect for VIP rooms: With window clings, building water effect for a glass wall is possible and easy to handle. You can have full glass windows constructed for a VIP room divider; and for more privacy, smudge a color fill design, you will get a wet glass look when this area is lit.

Using window displays is a convenient and cheaper way to decorate your venue because printing companies, especially online printers, can produce high quality prints with quantities up to a hundred pieces, and deliver your orders in just one day; one service perfect for a fast-paced business.

If windows are not present in your establishment, you can have framed glasses with lighting inside to create a light box effect.

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