Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Best Tips for Graphic Designing

Before discussing on Graphic designing tips first we have to undestand that what is graphic designing, what is uses and why it is so important in web designing and internet marketing. Basically graphic design is to create something which is pleasing to the eye. Graphic designing is the art of visual communication that conveys informations about that picture or something to the audience or viewer. Graphic design is simply making things looking pretty. Graphic design is sum of creative technical research skills. A best graphis design is to choose and orgnise the words , images and massages into a form that is a medium of communication to the audience or viewer. In other words we can say that graphic design is way of interaction or a way of communication to the viewer.Graphic design is visual communication.

Now we have to discuss on the topic best tips for graphic designing and the best methods which are used for graphic designing.

Graphic designing is not a easy work. A very responsible and experince person can do this work. For a better graphic designing an experienced designer collects and analyzes datas carefully. He have to combine all technical, creative, research skills.

The basics and important steps graphic design are as follows:-

Gather Information:- This is the most important and the first steps of the graphic designing. Before starting a project a designer needs to know what the client needs. A good designer should carefully collect informations and datas.  A good designer should collect these informations which I am going to listed. These are as follows:-

(A)What is the massage?

(B)What are the dimensions?

(C)Who is the audience?

(D)What is deadline for the completion?

(E)How many pages the project have? Etc.

2.  Create the Outline:- The second important step of the graphic designing is  to   create outline of the project.The designer has to be create an out line on the basis of the informations or datas which he has collected. After that he has to present the out line to the client for his approval before proceeding. Once client aggree then the designer starts to  work on the project.

3. Sketches and Wireframes:- The next step in the graphic designing is sketches  and Wireframes. Before doing the project it is most necessary step to draw some sketches and layouts. For web design wireframes are a great way to start page layout.

4.  Design multiple version:- After finnishig preior works a designer can move to actual design work. While the designer finalize the design it is good idea to present at least two versions of the to the client.

5.  Revision:- The next step in this process is revision of the project. The designer should be sure that the client know that he encourage mixing and matching the design he provide.  A designer should always give ideas on what looks best. After client suggestion the designer may present second round of design.

6.  Sticks to the steps:- After completion of each step a designer should be sure to finish each step before moving on the next step. With an accurate outline anyone can create actual and accurate design.

Thus we see that these are the some basic tips toward starting the graphic designing project.

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