Monday, September 7, 2009

Actions To Make Cash From Graphic Design

One of the most straightforward and easy ways to make bucks from graphic design is to sell your artistry via websites like Webstockphoto, and on a per image basis. Each graphic artist has to set up his pricing and establish what he wants for each individual work. Making finances from unique graphic work is actually very clear. There is a glut in the market for content right now. Graphic artists with large bodies of work make a killing if their work is picked up for resale on the website.
Graphic design has many mixed ways of expressing itself. Most characters will be used in web pages to attract customers to products. Some items will be used as image stills in video, and still more will become book covers. Graphic artists often have no idea how their creations will be used and what potential purchasers are willing to pay. The best prices usually exist in niche areas based on specific keywords.

An immeasurable example would be the keyword cougar. This keyword is interpreted as the older woman younger man relationship. In this particular niche, the cheapest photos are usually about 5 per photo. Artists need to find niches like these. The only applicable photos of older women in relationships with younger men start at this premium price. Do you think the artist is going to make a large amount from these photos? Imagine building a website regarding cougars with several photos on the topic? You simply can’t execute this type of website without applicable photos. Graphic artists who are smart enough to take their time, can find the best niches for their pictures, and even smarter artists can find high value niches to service.
Working backwards is almost always the best way to make greenback. Imagine for one minute, that an artist can find 10 highly profitable niches that show high demand like cougars, or dating cougars. Any of these terms can make dough. So the best analysis involves these steps:
1. Find the 10 most profitable niches for graphic arts on the website you plan to sell your images on.
2. Spin your artistic work to fill these niches
3. List your work with clarity, purpose and out of this world salesmanship
4. Wait for your result
Once a graphic artist has put everything together, he/she can expect to make LARGE sales using this technique. Some organizations will share profitable niches with artists like iStockphoto and Fotolia. Just ask for the marketing department. Someone will help you. The way it works is simple. When the artist makes dough, the website makes bucks.

Ben Rama is a Graphic Designer, CG Artist & Cinematographer from London.
He is the founder & inspired director
at Digital Empire with many years of experience in Graphic Design, Film & TV within London.

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