Monday, September 28, 2009

What You Need to Know About Graphic Design

Graphic design is the art of putting ideas through visuals. This is the tool used for visual communication. Graphic design is most evident in newsletters, brochures, posters, brochures, business cards, and many other similar items. In order to make this type of communication work, typography and other assisting skills, especially creativity and imagination, are needed. Ideas need to be converted to graphical form.

Graphics have long been used to help people convey their ideas and other messages in order to make the communication well-aligned and clear. A message communicated through blurred media would be a message conveyed in vain if the recipients cannot understand that message. Artists and printers are involved in the use of graphic design. Today, graphic design is used to refer to the use of structural form in order to communicate through effective means.

Again, graphic design was developed in order to make communication even better.

There are several types of graphic design that can be used for the purposes of effective communication. There are four basic types that are used to dress up ideas and concepts into more understandable forms.

1. Type based graphic design. This is the type that communicates through the use of words, hence the name. This uses calligraphy and typography in order to get the attention of people to convince them to look at posters and brochures with such type of graphic design. This type of design can even be created out of the messy and uninspired page of plain texts without even the necessary clarity and alignment. This mess can be changed to become a page filled with attractive and interesting graphic design by increasing space width, using two columns, utilising different forms of calligraphy, and the like.


Image based graphic design. This is the type that uses images to convey the message. Images are effective communicators because they do not only plainly relate the message of the graphic design but they also set the mood of the situation being pictured in the design. Image based graphic design can be found in the form of photographs, paintings, and pictures, which are all graphics used to send some sort of information to those who see these designs. As what has been observed with this type of graphic design, people tend to understand better and respond faster if messages are communicated through images.

3. Type and image based graphic design. This is the type that makes use of both text and images to express ideas. A professional, expert designer can easily find the perfect ratio between text and images to create a good outcome. Good graphic designers would ask about what the client really wants and incorporate these requirements into the design.

4. Symbols and logotype. This is the type that uses symbols and logos to communicate. Symbols are effective in expressing lots of ideas into a compressed form that can still be perfectly understood by people. Logos are used as representatives for certain functionalities and these are even more effective when used in combination with symbols.

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