Friday, January 29, 2010

Led Zepellin Changes Graphic Arts Direction

The economy is definitely affecting the licensed merchandise market. Everyone is reducing their offerings. Sound like more bad news? Not if you are a collector.

We got word from both Led Zeppelin and The Beatles that they are reducing their licensed apparel and gift merchandise offerings, so we're stocking up for the drought. We have several styles of Led Zeppelin and The Beatles t-shirts in stock that are or will be retired. That means once they are gone, they're gone. We also still have some of The Doors licensed apparel that was retired last Fall. So, if you're a Led Zeppelin, Beatles or Doors fan, now is the time to get that t-shirt you've been eyeballing.

Items are retired when merchandisers and license owners (band or legacy) want to change designs, reduce or eliminate current products offered in the marketplace. Reasons might be to cut costs, prepare for a new release or to comply with a legal battle with the license.

Most bands come out with new items once the issue is resolved, but this is the time to collect - before the items are so rare that the value is pushed out of your budget.

Retired items are good news for a collector. If you buy what you like when it is current and keep it in good condition, it will appreciate over time. When the item is retired, it starts appreciating faster as less and less items are available in the marketplace.

One example is the Elvis, Jimi Hendrix and Rolling Stones Lava Lamps. We've had them in stock and available for a few years now at retail and as low as on sale. They are retired and no longer available from the licensed manufacturer. They are now priced at 5, but the longer we keep them, the more valuable they become.

If you were waiting on buying one of the lava lamps, it's still a fair price, but I'm afraid you've missed out on the best price.

Happy Collecting to all!