Friday, January 15, 2010

Visual Arts Courses & Colleges: Doing Arts Courses in India


A career in visual arts involves the professionals who are needed to produce stunning and creative results in media, business, publications and organizational presentations and campaigns. Visual artists could work with computer aided designs, graphic designed, animations, filmmaking, photography and design art. Visual artists include a vast field of action and are occupied for carrying out a number of projects meant to grab the attention of the potential customers and public.

Pursuing a Career in Visual Arts

To build a career in Visual Arts, person need to be very creative and should have original ideas and vision. Visual artists are required for visual productions which meant to capture the attention of the audiences and are used for publicity, business promotion and aesthetic purposes. Although visual artists could produce self-governing art work, but in the context of a professional career, the motive of work is always professional, even in this case.

Visual Arts Courses: Qualification & Training

In order to be experienced for a career in Visual Arts, minimum qualification is bachelor degree in Computer Graphics, Fine Arts, Advertising, Graphics Design, Motion Picture Production, Publishing, Multimedia Arts or other related discipline. However, the actual qualification standard for visual arts profession is skills, creativity and expertise of a visual artist instead of academic qualification. Apprenticeship, studio training, and professional training can increase the chances of getting jobs.

Visual Arts Career in India: Schools, Colleges & Arts Universities

· Bangalore University: Department of Performing Arts and Department of Visual Arts, Bangalore

· Shilpa Bharti Institute of Fine Art & Crafts, Delhi

· Fine Arts India, Delhi

· Faculty of Visual Arts, BHU, Varanasi

· Faculty of Visual Arts, Rabindra Bharati University, Calcutta

· Indian Institute of Technology, Industrial Design Centre, Powai, Mumbai

Personality & Aptitude for Pursuing Visual Arts Courses

When choosing a visual art career field you need to assess your own character and talents. A visual artist has to be confident, self-motivated and organized and able to manage their own business. Working in a firm has many benefits like regular working hours and superannuation. Industrial and Graphic design pay well and are often exciting and creative, though creativity should serve a commercial purpose.

Different Specialized Arts Available in India are:

1. Graphic Designing

A graphic designer can earn good salary amount, can find work in good office environment which is competitive as well. They work on advertising images, signs, product packaging and so on. Usually a special course is available for graphic designing where students can learn use of different forms, design principles, photography and communications theory.

2. Industrial Designing

An industrial designer combines practical understanding manufacturing, materials and designing of different products and artistic skills. Students can learn to visualise object in 3 Dimensions, CAD skills and Solid Technical Drawing. Before pursuing Visual Arts courses, if students have knowledge about these specialized arts it can proof to be beneficial for career in visual arts. Candidates can expect good remuneration in this career choice. Demand of visual artists is likely to be increased with modern technologies and modern requirements in Animation.