Friday, February 19, 2010

Photography Graphics ? Playing with graphic Visuals!

“Living a life through the viewfinder lets you see more than you can perceive, it broadens the horizon, enhancing ones imagination and revealing the world in a dazzling array of colours”.

A picture speaks a thousand words, It conveys a million emotions, it freezes time, capturing a moment forever, such that though it may fade out from your memory, yet it won’t die. Eternal, everlasting. The art of capturing a good picture does not only depend on how good a camera is, but upon how good the photographer is, and his knowledge of the subject. Photographers’ most potent tools are not only the camera, the lenses and post production work, but also the usage of his creativity, and thinking out of the box. Taking a simple moment, gathering its essence and magnifying it to such an extent that the viewer is left enthralled is a photographer’s true job, and it is by no means an easy task.

Viewing the world through the third eye is not an easy task, but it is surely a fulfilling one.

However, today, along with these skills, some other tools useful for a photographer are filters, Photo editing software’s like Photoshop, Coral Draw, Imageready, Hp Dreamcolour, among others. Sometimes, a photographer needs a certain effect in a photo, so for that, filters may be useful. An example being flares- suppose one desires the lights in a picture to appear like stars, so on addition of a filter in front of the lens, the desired effect is achieved. Polarizing filters help us get light of only a particular vibration to pass through, and the image is changed accordingly.

However, it isn’t possible to use these filters in all situations, so software’s such as the above mentioned Photoshop, et al. are used. By using them, the cost of investing in different kinds of filters is also reduced to a great extent.

Such Software’s are used not to get the perfect image (For nothing can replace the photographer), but it helps enhance the images. Simple commands such as Auto Contrast and Auto Leveling can change an image by a great degree. With the use of such software’s, one can obtain HDR images- with the help of Auto Exposure Bracketing- and get images with vivid colours. In case of shooting portfolios of models, skin melioration can be achieved, and if there is a dearth of make up on the subject, it can be applied on the image via various tools. The hue and saturation of a particular image can also be changed by using such software’s, desirous text can be added, and various other enhancements can be done.

Another technique Is clone making, wherein the subject’s picture is taken in different positions using the same background, and then via editing software’s, the images are merged to get the final image, wherein multiple subjects appear on the image. This effect has been used in lots of posters, especially for movies and commercials.

So, today, editing software’s are not seen as a luxury, but a very serious need. Editing and adding graphics has made a niche for itself. So keep on getting those pictures! Happy clicking!