Sunday, February 14, 2010

Say Goodbye To Low Resolution Pictures with Vector Art

Not all of us have hi-end cameras or camcorders. Most of the times the pictures we take though very beautiful tend to pixelate when enlarged. So if it’s a wedding or a birthday party & you had planned to have a slideshow of the couple’s or your kid’s most memorable snaps, you will undoubtedly be in for a disappointment. Have you ever wondered why this is the case? Why pictures taken from a 5 or even 12MP camera tend to become hazy when enlarged on a very large scale? Well, that’s because these are raster images i.e. the image is made up of little boxes called pixels. Now imagine a jigsaw puzzle with fewer pieces-that’s a low resolution picture. So of course as you zoom in, the pieces separate leaving a hazy image instead. The more the number of pieces i.e. pixels the more close-knit the picture would be & it’ll still be clear when enlarged.

Yet this creates a need for a very high power lenses & large memory for storing the bitmap or jpeg image file.

This is where vector artwork comes in. when you vectorize a picture you convert it into a mathematical format. The pixels are done away with & instead we have squares & circles and other geometrical shapes representing the true image. This benefits us a lot as not only is the size of the vector form much lesser than a normal bitmap image but also you can scale the image to any size without it turning hazy!

Easy though it may seem at first, it’s not that simple to create vector art from a raster image. For one thing, such conversion requires expertise in softwares like Corel Draw or Illustrator which not many have.

That is why it’s always best to approach a professional in the field of vector artwork to help in converting raster images to vector artwork form. Conversion process involves a lot of sophisticated functions like aggregating all geometrical shapes like circles & polygons to form the actual image. Many z-order transformations are involved in the process including sketching & rotating etc which is simply not possible on the part of any layman.

So the bottom line is if you wish to vectorize a low resolution picture seeking the help of a professional is a must! Try vector art & trust me you will be very satisfied with the end result. The digital pictures will be rendered more realistic & you never have to worry about the image pixellating again. In fact vector artwork is so popular that even newspapers & other print media prefer vectorizing raster images. There are many online studios that would be happy to create vector art for you. Login today & say goodbye to low resolution pictures forever!

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