Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Discover a Career in Art

Many wonder if there is any money to be made in this industry. If you do not desire to be the starving artist, here are some careers you can purse and still release your creative juices.

Art Director

As an art director you will design media pieces and oversee the creation and production process for media information.

As an art director you can find positions in advertising and publishing. Some of the other positions you could work in are Corporate Image, product packaging and website creation.

Multimedia Artists

In this area of the art industry, artists create for films, video and other electronic media.

As a multimedia artist, you will pursue careers in the motion picture industry as well as in the video industry.


A career as an illustrator can be very rewarding. You can discover opportunities in advertising, publishing, cartooning, greeting cards and digital illustration.


Photography is a wonderful area of the art field.

Many people have an eye for taking a picture.

You can find careers in advertising, travel industry, fashion, portraits and photo journalism.

Educational Background

The educational backgrounds needed to pursue some of the opportunities in art vary.

While a formal education is not necessary for some areas like craft artist, areas like fine artist or art director a formal education and training may advance your opportunities.

Many students graduating from art school find success in the fields like advertising, film and television, software and gaming, graphic design and freelance photography.

Salary Expectations

For those pursing this career path the salary can vary.

Those with a formal education do have a chance of making a descent salary regardless of being a freelance artist or employed by a company.

A freelance artist will have to factor in the lack of benefits in their decision but as the artist becomes known they will be able to charge more for their work. It is found that a freelance artist often makes less to start than their employed colleagues.

For those driven by the passion for their art it can be a tough road but one with many avenues. One must be dedicated and persistent to be successful in the area.

With the right motivation and training, we are far from the days of the starving artist suffering for his passion.

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