Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Top college for pursuing Graphic Art and Design

If you believe that you are creative and have the art factor in you, you need to consider a degree in art and design. You might be having the skills but still doing a course would enhance them and make you a professional in your field of interest - let it be graphic designing, fashion designing or 3D game art designing. If you are done with your schooling, you can get admitted for diploma or under graduation in the course. While diploma requires 1 or 2 years for completion, under graduation needs 3 to 4 years. This typically varies with the college you got admitted to. Also, getting into a top college in arts and design is not an easy task and needs a very good portfolio. Many top colleges usually have separate entrance examination tests to get an admission. Always chose an art and design college that is accredited.

Art and Design students usually work as internet marketers, graphic designers, game designers, cartoon designers, fashion designers, decoration designers, interior designers and textile designers.

They can either work for large firms or start their own companies. There are also many graphic students who virtually started a company online and earning a fortune. These students offer services online and maintain their own virtual company websites. Most of the art graduates are known for their entrepreneur skills as it is comparatively easy to start a company that deals with designing stuff. The company grows gradually depending on the clients and projects. The pay package usually depends on the company you work for. Though, art students get a comparatively lesser salary, they can rule the field if they are creative and hard working enough.

Best college for pursuing a course in graphics art and design

International Academy of Design and Technology: A for-profit organization, accredited by ACICS, IADT offers programs in advertising and design, digital production, digital photography, fashion design, forensics of computers, animation, game and graphic design and interior design. It has also got a film school that trains students in production, acting and sound. Students must have completed graduation to get admitted into this school. They get admitted only if they clear the personal interview that will be held once all the entrance criteria is met. If the student is not a GED graduate, a basic test that covers math and literature will be conducted.  If the student is willing to transfer credits, college transcripts have to be submitted. Communication skills are a must for this course and international students seeking to get an admission must take the TOEFL exam.

Full Sail University – Art and Design Degree:  This is a course for creative artists where they improvise their creative and design skills and develop their own vision for design.  The course covers the basics of design and has courses that are industry specific. You also get to learn about marketing your design skills via social media and advertising. The course starts with the fundamentals of art theory (2D and 3D) and history of the design industry. Then you start learning multimedia techniques and website design. As you move on, you get more proficient in using software for creating designs. You will implement all the techniques, theory and applications learnt in your final project with the support of an instructor and once that is done, you will be employed as a full time designer in a reputed firm

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