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Graphic design on the development of teaching graphic design in the world

I firmly believe that the Arab library has enough books that spoke analytically with graphic design to support Arab universities, specialized in art academies, and could be used as a special education program in the curricula of these academies. Library Arab condensed with other art methodological books without some translated books, discuss the design of foundations, advertising, and other topics which are covered by the advertising system.

The fact is that there is a short depth understanding of the concept of graphic design. This concept is not sufficiently represented in advertising and publicity, or print design, such as self-specialization has received little attention before the advent of the computer in the Arab world, living in Europe and the USA, who brought with sophisticated technology to return unspecialized cadres and handed it to us to define our true identity, academic and professionally.

With this specialization in schooling, the dependence of academic staff are entrusted to teach the specialization of the study plan in principle.

Some have been away from the specialization of the root and the other was of the opinion that any person can play with a specialization in art or architecture, the role of the planner. However, after careful review of a number of Arab university curriculum, we realized how out of balance and, sometimes, such tests were not enough, they do not identify the identity of the side of their art and other graphics to address one part of the design but without the grass roots.

Any graphic design teaching method must have its priorities the promotion of creativity and a factor to focus on methods and techniques and show their correlation with the skills that the students benefit from the specialization of this study, it should also include, but are not limited to the relevant knowledge, such as , graphic design history and his theories, studies allow the student to apply what they learn to develop their creativity and invention.

Must be taken into graphic design and students are expected to go in determining the systematic plan, which gradually refined design students to gain experience and methods, the new students' needs.

The first level, students should be acquainted with the history of graphic design, physical skills, and a host of design principles and techniques to develop their capabilities in designing and creating advertising campaigns and integrated projects that include logos, posters, websites and other materials, but Designer will be required.

High-level students should be familiarized with the methods that can develop their technical and intellectual skills as well as the status of the development of innovation with a complete and present their work after a series of integrated projects. These methods should be able to provide enough space for student groups of positions, they can turn a group of specialties, which belong to the umbrella of graphic design. All this could not be materialized without the studios and laboratories qualified to perform the role required additional personnel training and technical graphic design conscious goals whatsoever. Graphic design is based on the program, its implementation of the principle in practice, as well as theoretical. In addition, mentally, and trains the student in time to face the changes and techniques, as well as gives him the right to decide what is to come, as the developed areas of knowledge related to graphic design, extract, taking into account the need to link the classical view that is associated with the frames, to be qualified to keep the information and knowledge about the latest technologies.

How is it when we're talking about graphic design, should pay close attention to the graphic design base, which exceeds the limits of writing, which is the result of the development and achievement of the various resources of visual communication, television, computers and the Internet to expand, which allows us to get a better picture of other human resources in various parts of the world. This will certainly help us to be creative, innovative and able to analyze and evaluate, and, of course, requires a lot of curiosity, which can be enhanced and created a foreground shape and size of content.

Teaching methods can be based on many factors, such as the need to increase student interest and curiosity to learn, expand their knowledge, self-confidence and be more motivated to overcome what is new in the application of intellectual practices to keep pace with science and using your imagination to lead and increase their meditation and the search for new mechanisms and methods of work. Therefore, the difficulties caused by the student is inevitable, it can be supported with mechanisms that allow him to find solutions to the problems he might encounter in the use of special techniques and knowledge relevant to his specialization. However, this may not be sufficient to allow students to use their physical skills, design programs and procedures, provided he is not qualified to know when and how to deal with the idea and when she can understand the target.

From the above, but the academic approach, we believe, as a base to be used to teach graphic design should take into consideration the following points:

1 - Implement Graphic Design education in professional practice.
2 - from a variety of graphic design, media, due to their direct correlation with the development.
3 - Design and critic of the theory.
4 - the designer's knowledge of material importance.
5 - the designer's language and its theory as well as his ability to speak.
6 - decent designer's visual eloquence.
7 - the designer's education, art, design science, society, literature, technology, science and industry.
8 - Knowledge of communication and communication theory.
9 - programming, computer science and scientific management and marketing management.

Attention should be directed toward each student's individual design and the various methods to increase their creativity, not only the general design problems, as well as the success and good self-motivation and development. In addition, critical thinking, practices and concepts, and content analysis, and editing techniques for search and development should be developed through special skills are expected in the design of all graphic design media, because they are considered as a unique means of communication.

- How can we contribute to the development of graphic design?

Before answering this question, it is necessary to emphasize the important role of the curriculum or teaching plan, size, through the information provided, the methods and measures adopted to apply its resources and its relation to the information revolution, to shorten time and distance, as well as positive and adverse effects of this revolution, emphasizing the role of a training program, which depends on the inherent jurisdiction for the purpose of improving the knowledge and teaching methods.

We should emphasize the need for compliance with the graphic design curriculum and its compatibility with the times and its development, its relationship with the latest audio and video technologies addition, information management, which forms the basis for the graphic designer's role in curriculum design opportunities and challenges of our time to understand the philosophy of information Technology and time) in order to allow students time to understand product information and effective way to actively participate in its portrayal of the impression that it is directed in such a form in harmony with the language of time.
It has a few books that focus on the following topics:

- Graphic design history:

This book should make a study of key events and achievements that have been the evolution of graphic design and development, as a student can follow the continuing search to explain ideas, starting with the letter (icon), a symbolic image drawn on cave walls, and ending with the graphic design. Suck knowledge will help students get acquainted with the innovations and innovators in this case, given the depth of the formation of a revolution in technology transfer media graphic design.

- Graphic Design Basics and factors.

These books should give the definition and design of bases and factors analysis and comparison. They should emphasize fundamentals and design factors, taking into account the formation and of manual skills through technical means and methods, techniques, procedures and creates professional graphic design work to identify ways to create high quality jobs that remain in each subsequent course of specialized graphic design programs.

- Publishing and Design Program

These books have all the programs that specialize in the design and editing, the designer has to acquire the necessary skills to be used for other courses that would help him when entering the world of the modern market definition and analysis. It should be specified not only the tools and their use, but its software infrastructure. Among these programs:

Adobe Photoshop
Adobe Illustrator
Corel Draw
Desktop Publisher
Quark Xpress
Home Page
Macromedia Flash

- Printing: Pathways to the origin and evolution

Such books should be defined during the analysis and printing stages of development, its methods and technologies, as well as the designer of the stages of printing and pre-printing and special design characteristics of each style of printing, such as offset, silk, rotogravure, and others. In addition, this book should address the history of printing letters, as well as their technical and aesthetic use of text presentation and style problems.

- Graphic design concept:

These books should provide an innovative design strategies, problems and questions. They should focus on: a strong effective design development, promoting and enhancing the knowledge and skills in order to provide graphics designin project management. Such books should also include methods to learn how to analyze and design processes, leading to innovative design and structure of the final decisions with well-developed high-level knowledge of the investigation and enforcement decisions, reflecting skills.

- Electronic jektoriu,

These books should define and analyze all specialized programs used in the form of graphic designers in developing the interface materials relating to electronic graphics Designfor electronic means of communication. This course aims to focus on the interaction of laser disk packs in order to find solutions, to create special styles of books, electronic magazines, online information, educational series, presentation, and interactive television services will increasingly specialized web interface inputs and desktops. In addition, the book is to provide students with the new software and technical information that they have the right to work, joining the network in key locations and how to manage Web sites, as well as create their own pages.

- Define the type of graphic design and objectives -

These books should define and analyze Graphic Designmedia, their advertising and marketing tasks, in particular. They should emphasize research and study in response to the extent, and all new mail comes, brochures, manuals, catalogs, flyers, newspapers, magazines, posters, signs, ads., Calendar, and other mass media call. All of these together, and the solution to the target audience and meet the information sheet for the identification of printed material or media identity.

- Photography

This book (s) must define what the photograph, normal, and digital instruments, its history, the stages of development and its importance related to graphic design, tool-free. It should address the methods of photography, graphic Designand in how to use them inside or outside of the study. In addition, the book should prove of commercial and industrial photography methods of theoretical and practical concepts.

- Marketing

This book (s) should identify and analyze marketing tools related to graphic design to help students develop their ability to distinguish between long and short designs, and various forms of communication means. In addition, the book (s) to teach students the principles of teamwork and group efforts in tailoring campaigns and implementation of innovative marketing ideas in collaboration with the text writers, executive directors and other key players. Identify market requirements in promoting and selling products include all phases of planning, marketing research and implementation. All of this requires that the student set goals, aspirations, problems, chances are your target audience, innovative strategy, competition, media and communication strategy should be used.
This is not surprising that the book is an international source of 100% of the books in Arabic, which specializes in graphics Design.The really is not that this specialty is rooted in Europe and the technology and methods are also international.

The pioneering work objectives with the designer's expertise and skill base, which belongs to the planning strategy to develop study plans that motivate and activate the creative thinking and relating to information technology is based on the different levels of people's knowledge and research programs to support the principle of how to understand and apply the full graphic design program in order to protect it from short-term programming, in this respect, the designer's cognitive theory of language, his ability to deal with time changes, technology, and training.

Our aim - to equip students with the skills, courage, innovation, ability to judge and evaluate, and curiosity, will depend on what is learned through information, knowledge and content size.


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