Friday, September 5, 2008

How to Entice Visitor Interaction through Pictures, Graphic & Logo Designs

Aside from text contents and copies, another important element in your online site is the graphic designs and photos that you embed. Needless to say, graphics and pictures are needed to be integrated into your online shop for so many reasons. One of which is to make your online store visually stimulating to your visitors and clients. Remember that human beings are visual beings; we tend to learn and remember more what we see more than what we read. That is why all websites and online shops use photos and graphics in their pages.

Another use of these elements is that they can say so much with just one glance. Do not forget that online visitors only a lot seven seconds in order for them to decide whether they shall stay in your site or not.

Within these seven seconds, you should be able to inspire interest in them while, at the same time, saying something about your online shop. There is no better way to do this than a graphic art or photo—be it your logo design or a sample of your product.

However, you must also remember to get your online visitors and clients stimulated by your images. Make sure that the images you post are mesmerizing enough to have them stay or continue exploring your online store. Have them in enough resolutions so that your online visitors will enjoy these visual elements to the fullness of their potentials. Having an image is not enough; you must choose the right one.

Couple it with effective web copywriting and you are sure to have more visitors staying inside your online store and, in the long run, actual buyers of your merchandise. Always remember that your images and photos may be subject to interpretations so you must find the simplest one that can relay your message clearly. You cannot afford to have an ambiguous graphic.

Do not forget that the human mind is very complicated. Make sure that you are ready to deal with the many complications of things once you finally venture into an online shop.