Thursday, September 25, 2008

Graphic T- Shirts The New Revolution.

Whether regular, hippie, nerdy, popular, athletic or whichever personality a person may portray, they all wear t- shirts once in a while, and ofcourse everyone, or mostly everyone wants to stay updated on the trends in the fashion industry.

One of the most prominent apparel wear that may change and revolutionize from time to time are t-shirts, starting from plain solid colors with round necks, to text t-shirts, to printed t-shirts, and finally graphic t- shirts. Graphic art work has its emergence known to anthropologists studying prehistoric periods from cave paintings and markings on boulders, bone, ivory, and antlers. Some of the most updated initial graphics in the modern world are from almost six thousand years ago, of stone tablets and ceramic cylinder seals.

Graphic art work is created by graphic designer or artists who specialize in this field of art, graphic art can be made on almost anything that also includes clothing, the paint or color that is used is not that of ordinary paint, it is usually high class fabric paint, why use fabric paint? Other paints used are prone to being washed out at a splash of water; fabric paint is a rather "tougher" paint, although earlier it was a mystery to how graphics were printed on T-Shirts, but now fabric paints are also used at a large scale by artists openly. These paints are then used in the design machine to imprint the design with accuracy.

Some artists, who are really skilled do not use printing machinery, rather paint the t-shirts uniquely themselves, although it is a tedious piece of art and cannot be done on a large scale and neither does it meet the manufacturing needs in bulk due to time constraints and demands and even finding such artists is a rare talent. Usually, graphic artists are skilled in commercial arts, animation and/or fashion designing.

Creating such types of graphic t-shirts is definitely not an easy task; it takes a lot of innovative ideas and experience along with a fresh mind to indulge the colors into one another. It's not only a game of colors but creating some new and interesting styles to capture the minds of the viewers, because people have a tendency to just scan through the items, and whichever product is unique and stands out is the one that stalls them to the respective product.

Graphic t-shirts can be available in many themes, it can be portraying cartoons with witty, humorous captions, and these t- shirts can be theme based, sports themed, music themed, cartoon themed etc. for instance we have t-shirts that have graphics of cricket balls or t-shirts that have musical artworks on it.

These t-shirts are the new talk of the town whether you want to sport your favourite metal band, artist, cricketer or funny captions with cartoons that keep your friends sticking around, these graphic tees are sure to get you the "different attention", don't be astonished if people would stare at you after wearing one. The new revolution at the shore, graphic t-shirts, they do the talking with pictures.

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