Monday, September 8, 2008

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Create your own Pop Art

Portraits have always been a hot favourite with many people. While once, these were done only for celebrities, over time, ‘normal-people’ could also get them commissioned. Pencilled or charcoal sketches soon became extremely common, and people got tired of the same-old-thing.

Today most of us are looking for the next best thing to digital photographs. We have taken different photos, blown up the sizes, tried Photoshop effects and experimented with everything possible. So what is the next new thing that can be done?

Pop art Portraits

Pop art portraits are really hot and happening. You can convert your digital photos into amazing pop art works with little effort.

Using help from digital artists or online studios, you can easily upload your photo and get it converted to a pop art version.

What Personal Art offers

Today Personal Art offers many such portrait styles. You can choose from the popular Warhol, Lichtenstein, Graffiti or the less heard of Obama, scanner darkly and silhouette styles. You can even add a message, story or poem, to totally personalize the experience. Once you decide on what kind of portrait you want, you can then print it on mediums of your choice. This includes canvas, digital prints, prints on wood, slate or even a range of gift articles from our gift shop.

Stylish, inexpensive and Awesome

Pop art portraits can do great wonders for home d├ęcor.

At a low cost, you can get a portrait that looks great when displayed. You can also thread together a collage of memories using the option of pop art collages. You can also use mediums such as ceramic tiles to cover splash areas with stylish pop art. Finally you can design gifts for special occasions and festivals too.

With the various options we offer, we invite you to create your own pop art with us. Our list of over 15 styles and many variations holds great promise. Also our gift articles are both beautiful, original and high quality. If you order from the UK, we can deliver the finished product within two days. Moreover, we offer free delivery in the range. So don’t think more. Book your art with us today.

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