Monday, August 31, 2009

Graphic Design Biennial, the first German Grand Opening

Xi'an Art Museum, this exhibition curator, said Yang Chao, "The design of the master design community out in force is an event, but also Germany and contemporary design and creation of academic research shows a high level of concentration, its thematic , academic, size of the design world, Shaanxi and even the history of the design sector in China is unprecedented history. " After searching on yahoo auction. I found the album I like. cost around 165 HKD each.Of course my search does not stop there. From the pictures, I found out their brand. and they are made in china and available at tao bao.Around RMB each plus shipping and credit card chargesI never shop at tao bao. So took me a few days to set up everything, I end up paying with credit card (need to pay 3%extra)Each photo album comes with 2 sheets of clear photos corners (102X2)I got 2 photo albums and paid for 4 extra sheets of photos corners (Black and Mix Color)Then RUSSIAN envelope was a free gift from seller, I like thing simple Graphic Design Biennial, the first German Grand Opening Graphic design works of visual feast China, an unprecedented event in the design industry According to Zhao, Deputy Secretary for Cultural Affairs Qujiang Kam Kwong introduced, "DCGD of the first German Graphic Design Biennial" is a graphic design between China and Germany one of the most high-end exchanges between China and Germany focused on demonstrating the highest level of graphic design.Now that I have taken prewedding pictures in GUAM and HK. I have to start thinking how I should display the pictures.Cool Wedding will provide us with 3 Big Wedding Photo Album. So do I need anymore that will look the same? So I decided to look online for photo albums for me to put pictures inside.I want plain ones. No patters no nothing. Minimalism. 22 evening, the first German Graphic Design Biennale will be opened in the Qujiang Xi'an museum. The exhibition is the most conducive to Sino-German high-end graphic design for the first time the exchange, which lasted 10 days, between China and Germany will be displayed first-class designer of posters, book design, conceptual design and other works of more than 400 pieces of internationally renowned architects more than 70 pieces of first class work. In addition, China and Germany will carry out contemporary design, architecture and cultural industries International Forum.

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