Sunday, August 9, 2009

The Power of Graphics & Logos in Advertising

How does a company depicts its profile in a simple logo? Many successful corporations, whether it is through "luck" or their professional IT staff, carry extremely unique and well designed logos. A simple piece of art representation of a description for a company, a logo can "explain" the activities of a company. How effective a logo can be depends on how much it tells of the company and how it will get the viewer's attention.

Logo design goes through a series of brainstorming and research and not just plain sketching and coloring. The logo of an airlines company for that matter, carries the message clearly to the public with either the tail of an airplane or the sketch of a globe with line going round it and more than often the fonts used are in  italics depicting fast or moving fast.

In simpler words, a logo is a pictorial representation of a company and tells of its activities.

Looking at online stores or for that matter ordinary supermarkets/department stores, you could easily know you can shop as much as your money can allow by the shopping cart symbol. It is through research that marketing professionals make such logos to carry the company's "flag".

Online marketing applies the same principles in marketing strategies, having well designed logos and graphic design on their web site pages.
Users stay and browse on a website they entered for a longer period if the pages of the website contain graphics and logos as part of the attraction.

Just as a child would continue reading a book if there are pictures in it. The extend of successful transactions and the paid online campaigns of websites largely depend on the presentations in the web pages.

The whole idea is to hold the viewers to stay on the website and probably end up on the shopping cart.

One of the best ways to have your online store remembered is by having it branded. And one of the best ways of branding is by having a very creative and unforgettable logo design and tagline. Needless to say, your logo is a visual representation of your online store while your tagline is like something to live by with—well, at least regarding your store operations. You may say that your online shop is too small for it to have a logo and tagline. Well, I say it is never too small to have such a tool.

A logo is a very powerful branding weapon that can make your online store very distinct from the other ones in the market. Many online shops do not have logos and, once you do, you are already a few paces ahead of them. Just do not forget to get your logo done in the best way possible. First, you must make sure that your logo is optimized. It should look good both in black and white and colored. This is one technique to know if it is good enough.

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