Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Truck Graphics: Promoting Businesses

Small trucks and pick-up trucks are often used for different types of businesses—either to make deliveries of the goods or the materials provided with the company’s services, or to transport employees to where they need to be. Of course, in this day and age, businesses are more aware of their company’s status as a brand. A brand must always be consistently seen in the materials that the businesses use—including paper bags, receipts, the employee’s identification cards, business stationery—but why should the company trucks just bear a small logo when they can sport colorful truck graphics that will carry the company brand wherever they go?

Truck graphics and other forms of vehicle wraps are steadily gaining popularity among advertisers who wish to get their advertising message outside the home. Contrary to popular belief, advertising is not confined to the 30-second TV commercials we see on TV, or the glossy print ads on the magazines. Advertising also is not just about billboards or posters or flyers, but also about the things that will make the target market associate the brand with positive ideas and feelings. A lot of thought goes into the design of the logos that businesses put on the doors or hoods of their trucks because they want to associate the company’s brand to ideas and feelings that will make the consumer buy their product or avail of their service.

Truck graphics takes the whole vehicle branding to an entirely new level. The company logo and the name will not only be the ones seen by their prospective consumers, but also the slogan, artfully decorated with design elements that will drive the message into the target market’s subconscious.

Small businesses need not worry about the cost of truck graphics—this form of promotion is relatively inexpensive, and it is very cost-efficient. One also need not worry about the durability of truck graphics—they are printed on vinyl sheets with adhesive backing that are designed to withstand exposure to the elements for months. Studies show that there are more consumers who respond better to the novelty of truck graphics (and other forms of vehicle wraps) compared to their response to traditional forms of advertising. Should the company wish to replace the truck graphics on their vehicles, they will not have a hard time doing so—the adhesive-backed vinyl sheets will not leave unsightly traces on the surface of the vehicle.

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