Thursday, August 20, 2009

Graphic Design Preston

Graphic design as a separate field of art emerged in the 19th C and developments like the growth of print advertising, advances in printing technology, the use of design to promote products and political agendas, creating art objects for specific purposes like entertainment, company logos, etc all contributed to the progress of this sector.

The World Wide Web has become the largest interface to promote graphic design. Web and software design, user-to-provider communication etc have all effectively used graphic design features. One attractive feature in these services is that the client owns all copyrights to the design once it is purchased.

Graphic Design services in Preston generally provide a suite of services to businesses in the Northwest, Lancashire, the Midlands and Greater London areas.  They include:

Logo design for instant brand recognition.

Restructuring existing logos and monitoring logo-related true returns on investment are additional value-adds.  

Print interface:  Creating brochures, manuals, catalogs, folders, newsletters and mail services for direct marketing, banners, posters, flyers, letterheads, etc to fit the brand image of the company is one of the features of graphic designing. Signage, exhibition and outdoor advertising are other related fields. Many graphic designers in Preston also supply brand-related stationery and marketing materials at low cost if they are part of the overall suite.

Website Design: Many graphic design firms in Preston offer website design services, ranging from simple informative websites with minimal features to rich, complex sites with manifold features, links, sophisticated audio-video, bespoke content etc.

Special Categories: Niche sectors like law-firms, health-care services including dentists, acupuncturists, alternative medical practitioners, etc, food services, local produce retailers, local arts and crafts, cultural associations, educational institutions can all avail the services of web design services in Preston.

Stock images or specially created: For smaller clients with more standard products, graphic designers in Preston may offer images/photos/illustrations from albums or libraries in their database. Bespoke material is available at additional cost.

Packaging design: Attractive packaging which conveys the brand image of the product is a special category in graphic design in Preston. These services include creating packaging for products as diverse as wine-bottle labels to CD wrappers.

New Trends: Graphic design agencies in Preston must keep up with the latest trends in the industry. In terms of technology, interactive media and animation are emerging sectors. User-driven content, responding to customer preferences is another new field, as is green technology propagating eco-friendly practices. New fonts, hand-crafted or web design Preston effects, 3D, creating special categories for different screen types like iPhones, unique personal identifiers etc are emerging sectors.