Sunday, August 2, 2009

The Art of Designing a Website via web Graphics

Long island website graphics plays a crucial role in marketing your long island website moreover is an excellent way of boosting your sales. It is website graphics that is able to give correct first impression on your potential customers. By using effective long island website graphics; your long island website is able to give a consistent over all image of your long island website in clients mind. The quality and positioning of the graphics that are used in the long island website are helpful in enhancing websites look making it both attractive and professional. In case everything else in the website fails to make correct impression then too by making use of professional looking graphics can enhance your website.

While launching your long island website, you are trying your level best to send a message to the public that may be informative or strictly sales based or both.

Remember, whatever may be your motive but keep in mind to use simple and easy to read and understand content.  You can do this by breaking up the content or text and make it more powerful to convey the message by using graphics in it that are relevant to the txt or the content of the website. While doing so you need to take care that the viewer’s interest is not disturbed or distracted. The used website graphics that are used as a medium of long island design must be complimentary to the text and help in conveying the message. The used long island web design graphics should be able to so appropriate that the visitor on just looking at the web page can make out what he can expect from the rest of the website. This means that it should be interlinked. Remember long island website graphics and their positioning play a vital role in long island web design to the point where they could either make or break your website.

Image formats
Mostly, in long island website the format used by your long island web designer is for website graphics is either JPG or GIF because they get loaded at a faster speed than any other format. Commonly the JPG images are used for photographs and GIF images format are used in logos, buttons or menu bars. The drawback of using JPG image for long term is that it has lossy compression which means that every time you edit o save the image loses a little amount of quality. The best way to prevent the lossy effect is by using image manipulation software where you can do all the editing and paste the image in JPG just once.

Size of the image matters a lot
The visitor whenever visits your long island website or web page that particular web page will get downloaded onto the user’s computer, which means that your used web graphics are downloaded as well.  Here there are two factors that matter. One that the user is using a very slow internet connection and due to that reason the graphics of your long island website will take a lot of time to download, making viewer to lose his interest and increasing the possibility of his leaving the website. The second is that the long island website is using web graphics that are having high bandwidth which means that if there are a lot many of very large graphic files on the website, and that site becomes popular, then the cost of running that site may go up. Therefore, if your graphics are more than 50kb, then seriously think about reducing their size to make your website long island seo friendly and popular.

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