Saturday, August 15, 2009

Picture of Your DNA as Unique Contemporary Art

DNA art on canvas is a form of contemporary wall art that is highlyoriginal yetnot as expensive asan original painting. DNA portraits are digitally enhanced images of a person’s genetic codeand printed on canvas for long-lasting quality. They are growing more popular in Australia and in many parts of the world. DNA art is a new, modern way of self-expression. If given as gift to friends and loved ones, you express how special you think they are. DNA canvas printing is a new form of contemporary art – minimalistic in form, inspiring, and deeply meaningful.

There is no better way to set off a modern home than with contemporary wall art. Contemporary-style interior decor is characterised by clean lines, soft curves, bold colours, wood, metal, or plastic furniture, and minimal clutter. Less is more when it comes to contemporary home design.

A homeowner or designer can add drama and a little personality to modern homes with some creative accents such as a unique sculpture or an abstract painting. DNA canvas art is of course one such piece.

Whatever the style or decor of any room, DNA Art has several design options available for customising your DNA contemporary art. You have over 57 styles to choose from and seven different framing options to help you decide how best to display your unique DNA artwork. You can choose from any of them – or tell us about your preferred colours or design – and we do our best to comply with your wishes. DNA Art offers a money-backguarantee that allows you to get a refund within seven days if you are not satisfied with the final product.

So how do we make DNA contemporary wall art? It’s simple really. We take a photograph of your DNA profile from samples you send us using professional genetic lab equipment. A chunk of your DNA is tagged with fluorescent dyes to make those highlights and bands that make you “you” come out.  We then get the photograph ready for printing on our independently tested Canson canvas with high-quality inks. DNA Art enhances the photo according to the style and design you specified on your order and then show you a proof of the finalised image before we proceed to printing your DNAcontemporary art.

The resulting image has its own artistic value that may be considered contemporary or abstract art. The lines are distinctive yet not too pronounced. Only about two to three colours are present in any DNA artwork. But who knew that those vertical and horizontal lines actually represent something much more profound – that is, one individual’s very essence of being. If that isn’t art, tell us what is.

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