Monday, August 31, 2009

Graphic Design Biennial, the first German Grand Opening

Xi'an Art Museum, this exhibition curator, said Yang Chao, "The design of the master design community out in force is an event, but also Germany and contemporary design and creation of academic research shows a high level of concentration, its thematic , academic, size of the design world, Shaanxi and even the history of the design sector in China is unprecedented history. " After searching on yahoo auction. I found the album I like. cost around 165 HKD each.Of course my search does not stop there. From the pictures, I found out their brand. and they are made in china and available at tao bao.Around RMB each plus shipping and credit card chargesI never shop at tao bao. So took me a few days to set up everything, I end up paying with credit card (need to pay 3%extra)Each photo album comes with 2 sheets of clear photos corners (102X2)I got 2 photo albums and paid for 4 extra sheets of photos corners (Black and Mix Color)Then RUSSIAN envelope was a free gift from seller, I like thing simple Graphic Design Biennial, the first German Grand Opening Graphic design works of visual feast China, an unprecedented event in the design industry According to Zhao, Deputy Secretary for Cultural Affairs Qujiang Kam Kwong introduced, "DCGD of the first German Graphic Design Biennial" is a graphic design between China and Germany one of the most high-end exchanges between China and Germany focused on demonstrating the highest level of graphic design.Now that I have taken prewedding pictures in GUAM and HK. I have to start thinking how I should display the pictures.Cool Wedding will provide us with 3 Big Wedding Photo Album. So do I need anymore that will look the same? So I decided to look online for photo albums for me to put pictures inside.I want plain ones. No patters no nothing. Minimalism. 22 evening, the first German Graphic Design Biennale will be opened in the Qujiang Xi'an museum. The exhibition is the most conducive to Sino-German high-end graphic design for the first time the exchange, which lasted 10 days, between China and Germany will be displayed first-class designer of posters, book design, conceptual design and other works of more than 400 pieces of internationally renowned architects more than 70 pieces of first class work. In addition, China and Germany will carry out contemporary design, architecture and cultural industries International Forum.

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Thursday, August 20, 2009

Graphic Design Preston

Graphic design as a separate field of art emerged in the 19th C and developments like the growth of print advertising, advances in printing technology, the use of design to promote products and political agendas, creating art objects for specific purposes like entertainment, company logos, etc all contributed to the progress of this sector.

The World Wide Web has become the largest interface to promote graphic design. Web and software design, user-to-provider communication etc have all effectively used graphic design features. One attractive feature in these services is that the client owns all copyrights to the design once it is purchased.

Graphic Design services in Preston generally provide a suite of services to businesses in the Northwest, Lancashire, the Midlands and Greater London areas.  They include:

Logo design for instant brand recognition.

Restructuring existing logos and monitoring logo-related true returns on investment are additional value-adds.  

Print interface:  Creating brochures, manuals, catalogs, folders, newsletters and mail services for direct marketing, banners, posters, flyers, letterheads, etc to fit the brand image of the company is one of the features of graphic designing. Signage, exhibition and outdoor advertising are other related fields. Many graphic designers in Preston also supply brand-related stationery and marketing materials at low cost if they are part of the overall suite.

Website Design: Many graphic design firms in Preston offer website design services, ranging from simple informative websites with minimal features to rich, complex sites with manifold features, links, sophisticated audio-video, bespoke content etc.

Special Categories: Niche sectors like law-firms, health-care services including dentists, acupuncturists, alternative medical practitioners, etc, food services, local produce retailers, local arts and crafts, cultural associations, educational institutions can all avail the services of web design services in Preston.

Stock images or specially created: For smaller clients with more standard products, graphic designers in Preston may offer images/photos/illustrations from albums or libraries in their database. Bespoke material is available at additional cost.

Packaging design: Attractive packaging which conveys the brand image of the product is a special category in graphic design in Preston. These services include creating packaging for products as diverse as wine-bottle labels to CD wrappers.

New Trends: Graphic design agencies in Preston must keep up with the latest trends in the industry. In terms of technology, interactive media and animation are emerging sectors. User-driven content, responding to customer preferences is another new field, as is green technology propagating eco-friendly practices. New fonts, hand-crafted or web design Preston effects, 3D, creating special categories for different screen types like iPhones, unique personal identifiers etc are emerging sectors.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Graphic Design Hobart

Graphic Design is a combination of art and design. The success of the graphic design should depend upon different factors where art is subjective and designs as a particular function. Graphic Design is a necessary part of web design as they explain all about the brand or services of the related business. The success of the website should also depend upon the good design.

There are template based and customized designing. In template design there is the only option of changing colors theme but it can't represent your website in a unique manner. By using customized design, you can make your website not only  unique, sensational but also help in creating traffic .There is so hard competition regarding online business .Use all the available features of customized design to get good ranking. Creative aspect can never be forgotten while designing. Art and design go parallel.

There are many search engines to use. The website design should be like that it can attract the visitors and force them to visit again to your site.

There is some feature regarding a good graphic design company. They work according to the clients. There is a proper communication between the designer and the client. The communication really helps the expert to reach at your dream graphic design. Hobart's company having latest graphic design techniques, also their graphic designee's experts includes layouts, typography and chromatics in their finished products and gives a well designed and well furnished website. They have a professional approach; target the view point of the visitors, uses clear and unique images, the outstanding color theme and logo they provided should be very expressive.

After that the keywords which are the basic element of the design should be taken care, the selection of the best design should be chosen by you.

You should have proper knowledge of that company with which you are going to attached. The company always boosts about their achievements but you have the knowledge about the truth.

Your website does not have boring effect .It is always attract the customers. As the communication between the designer and the client is possible then any problem can resolve soon. Koala Media is a Graphic design Hobart Company that helps you to achieve your website goals through creative graphic designs.

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Saturday, August 15, 2009

Picture of Your DNA as Unique Contemporary Art

DNA art on canvas is a form of contemporary wall art that is highlyoriginal yetnot as expensive asan original painting. DNA portraits are digitally enhanced images of a person’s genetic codeand printed on canvas for long-lasting quality. They are growing more popular in Australia and in many parts of the world. DNA art is a new, modern way of self-expression. If given as gift to friends and loved ones, you express how special you think they are. DNA canvas printing is a new form of contemporary art – minimalistic in form, inspiring, and deeply meaningful.

There is no better way to set off a modern home than with contemporary wall art. Contemporary-style interior decor is characterised by clean lines, soft curves, bold colours, wood, metal, or plastic furniture, and minimal clutter. Less is more when it comes to contemporary home design.

A homeowner or designer can add drama and a little personality to modern homes with some creative accents such as a unique sculpture or an abstract painting. DNA canvas art is of course one such piece.

Whatever the style or decor of any room, DNA Art has several design options available for customising your DNA contemporary art. You have over 57 styles to choose from and seven different framing options to help you decide how best to display your unique DNA artwork. You can choose from any of them – or tell us about your preferred colours or design – and we do our best to comply with your wishes. DNA Art offers a money-backguarantee that allows you to get a refund within seven days if you are not satisfied with the final product.

So how do we make DNA contemporary wall art? It’s simple really. We take a photograph of your DNA profile from samples you send us using professional genetic lab equipment. A chunk of your DNA is tagged with fluorescent dyes to make those highlights and bands that make you “you” come out.  We then get the photograph ready for printing on our independently tested Canson canvas with high-quality inks. DNA Art enhances the photo according to the style and design you specified on your order and then show you a proof of the finalised image before we proceed to printing your DNAcontemporary art.

The resulting image has its own artistic value that may be considered contemporary or abstract art. The lines are distinctive yet not too pronounced. Only about two to three colours are present in any DNA artwork. But who knew that those vertical and horizontal lines actually represent something much more profound – that is, one individual’s very essence of being. If that isn’t art, tell us what is.

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Friday, August 14, 2009

Raster to Vector Conversions Define Graphic Art Images

There are several editing programs that are used by professional editors. They are required to retouch, restore, manipulate or create new files. When they are worked on they can be saved in any format. But when they are on the editing table they are either vector or raster (also called bitmap). They have pixels that define the images. Some examples of bitmap are web based pictures or even pictures shot from an ordinary camera.  The image resolution determines the grid. This in turn shows us how many pixels the image has. Has it ever occurred to you that the pixel is just a spot of color? And when several such spots called dots are put on a grid it makes the entire picture. Depending on the image size the number of the pixels is calculated. And because there are a limited number of pixels or dots, the image resolution is fixed.

It can be scaled only to a limited degree. Which means, if a bitmap image is reduced then some of the original pixels are discarded. This affects the overall look of the image. And if the same picture is increased in height, it appears distorted. Hence these bitmap or raster images need to be put in the vector format.

The vector format is very flexible. The images in such a configuration can be maneuvered in many creative ways. There is no question of pixels or limited resolution. Hence they can be reduced or increased to any dimensions. The structure of these images is of malleable shapes and geometrical lines. This system is best to make multifaceted logos and a host of other things. Many architectural renderings and illustrations are also defined by this system. If a raster image is converted to a vector one then it can redefine it into a graphic art.

A vector image can be reduced to the size of a small business card, or a passport size picture.

Suc an image moves from point to point and can be traced also. This helps in editing as numerous clipping path techniques can be applied to achieve results. It can be enlarged too for an ad campaign. In either diametrically opposite size the quality of the image does not suffer. Now editors are making these images more creative. With the addition of a background (transparent or opaque) a new perspective is given. For more value addition, drop shadow or reflections also can be used. A vector image can be made into a pixilated (bitmap) one but it is difficult to do the technique other way round. Some of the editing programs that offer the best raster to vector conversions are Auto CAD, Adobe, Auto Desk, Corel Draw, Metafile, Macintosh, Windows, Illustrator, PNG, and Targa Bitmap.  

Using both the paths is also extending the creative imagination. Both are inter-dependent on each other. With the right program, the editor is capable of producing the best results. But for all practical purposes vector images are far more popular with the professional online editors.

Monday, August 10, 2009

Graphic Designing As a Career Option

There are innumerable people who possess a creative bent of mind that can grow from a hobby to a viable career option. There are several people who are good at drawing, and programme in graphic design and animation are perfectly suited for them as a profession. This course involves training self in developing the most artistic and visually pleasing designs with the help of technology. The designing software available nowadays allow us to break all the barriers and create what we visualize in our minds. There are a few reputed institutions in India that run PG courses for graphic designing and impart the knowledge required for making consumer centric art as well as harnessing the potential of technology.

After graduating as a graphic designer from a renowned PG college India, you work on projects pertaining to the development of logos, product packaging schemes, billboard designs etc.

But, while pursuing the course, you are taught drawing as a subject, its theory and incorporation with technology to develop high quality audience oriented pieces of art. After completing the programme in graphic design, job opportunities for you lie in the fields of print design (for magazines, newspapers & websites), product design, advertizing and logo production. There are several animation studios established all over the world, like Pixar & DreamWorks Animation, 20th Century Fox, Universal Pictures & Sony pictures Animation, which hire graphic designers and animators for creating characters for their mainstream movies.

The colleges that run PG courses in graphic designing teach the students how to use designing software like Adobe Photoshop, Adobe PageMaker, Adobe illustrator, Adobe Indesign and QuarkXpress with full proficiency. All software can be used at the state of the art production laboratories maintained by the institutes, which house modern animation studios that consist of the latest computers and designing hardware. The professors of that conduct the variegated classes of the programme in graphic designing are experts of the field, who possess years of industry experience as designers and animators. Their mastery over in this competitive line of art helps the students in gaining clear understanding of the nuances involved in the whole designing process.

At the PG colleges India, the graphic designers learn how to develop an impressive portfolio, which is akin to your Curriculum Vitae in the designing world. The illustrators need to create their best work and showcase it in the most striking manner in order to land dream jobs and start a fruitful career. The work done in developing the portfolio involves a lot of intellectual thinking, conceptualization, researching and giving your creative best. You can visit art galleries and events like ‘Infinite Possibilities', ‘Muse', ‘Young at Art' and ‘Artthrob' that are held in major cities across the country to learn about making portfolios and to get some inspiration for the same.

Sunday, August 9, 2009

The Power of Graphics & Logos in Advertising

How does a company depicts its profile in a simple logo? Many successful corporations, whether it is through "luck" or their professional IT staff, carry extremely unique and well designed logos. A simple piece of art representation of a description for a company, a logo can "explain" the activities of a company. How effective a logo can be depends on how much it tells of the company and how it will get the viewer's attention.

Logo design goes through a series of brainstorming and research and not just plain sketching and coloring. The logo of an airlines company for that matter, carries the message clearly to the public with either the tail of an airplane or the sketch of a globe with line going round it and more than often the fonts used are in  italics depicting fast or moving fast.

In simpler words, a logo is a pictorial representation of a company and tells of its activities.

Looking at online stores or for that matter ordinary supermarkets/department stores, you could easily know you can shop as much as your money can allow by the shopping cart symbol. It is through research that marketing professionals make such logos to carry the company's "flag".

Online marketing applies the same principles in marketing strategies, having well designed logos and graphic design on their web site pages.
Users stay and browse on a website they entered for a longer period if the pages of the website contain graphics and logos as part of the attraction.

Just as a child would continue reading a book if there are pictures in it. The extend of successful transactions and the paid online campaigns of websites largely depend on the presentations in the web pages.

The whole idea is to hold the viewers to stay on the website and probably end up on the shopping cart.

One of the best ways to have your online store remembered is by having it branded. And one of the best ways of branding is by having a very creative and unforgettable logo design and tagline. Needless to say, your logo is a visual representation of your online store while your tagline is like something to live by with—well, at least regarding your store operations. You may say that your online shop is too small for it to have a logo and tagline. Well, I say it is never too small to have such a tool.

A logo is a very powerful branding weapon that can make your online store very distinct from the other ones in the market. Many online shops do not have logos and, once you do, you are already a few paces ahead of them. Just do not forget to get your logo done in the best way possible. First, you must make sure that your logo is optimized. It should look good both in black and white and colored. This is one technique to know if it is good enough.

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Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Truck Graphics: Promoting Businesses

Small trucks and pick-up trucks are often used for different types of businesses—either to make deliveries of the goods or the materials provided with the company’s services, or to transport employees to where they need to be. Of course, in this day and age, businesses are more aware of their company’s status as a brand. A brand must always be consistently seen in the materials that the businesses use—including paper bags, receipts, the employee’s identification cards, business stationery—but why should the company trucks just bear a small logo when they can sport colorful truck graphics that will carry the company brand wherever they go?

Truck graphics and other forms of vehicle wraps are steadily gaining popularity among advertisers who wish to get their advertising message outside the home. Contrary to popular belief, advertising is not confined to the 30-second TV commercials we see on TV, or the glossy print ads on the magazines. Advertising also is not just about billboards or posters or flyers, but also about the things that will make the target market associate the brand with positive ideas and feelings. A lot of thought goes into the design of the logos that businesses put on the doors or hoods of their trucks because they want to associate the company’s brand to ideas and feelings that will make the consumer buy their product or avail of their service.

Truck graphics takes the whole vehicle branding to an entirely new level. The company logo and the name will not only be the ones seen by their prospective consumers, but also the slogan, artfully decorated with design elements that will drive the message into the target market’s subconscious.

Small businesses need not worry about the cost of truck graphics—this form of promotion is relatively inexpensive, and it is very cost-efficient. One also need not worry about the durability of truck graphics—they are printed on vinyl sheets with adhesive backing that are designed to withstand exposure to the elements for months. Studies show that there are more consumers who respond better to the novelty of truck graphics (and other forms of vehicle wraps) compared to their response to traditional forms of advertising. Should the company wish to replace the truck graphics on their vehicles, they will not have a hard time doing so—the adhesive-backed vinyl sheets will not leave unsightly traces on the surface of the vehicle.

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Monday, August 3, 2009

Pictures To Canvas Create Solitary Wall Arts

If one is bored by looking on the simple wall of home then canvas art it is the right option where one can switch to. This work of art is growing its popularity throughout the world. It offers the photographers with amazing way to take their desired picture to canvas and create true work of art. Picture prints has left behind those conventional photo frames and making its way to splendor. More and more people are using these portrait prints which make their walls look very attractive. There are various types of these portraits available which can enhance the magnificence of houses

Garnishing homes with photographs is very common throughout the world. Picture canvas is one of the flexible and fantastic inventions for home. It allows one to frame the photographs of family, friends and several designs onto the prints. This is the best stuff for keeping the memories alive by painting the beloved moments onto the fine paintings. Not only the pictures but it also allows one to fabricate the incredible imagination down into the finest piece of art. It is the impressive method that prints the lively images into the sheet. This work of art is not only meant for homes, it can be used in offices and several other places.

Canvas pictures are the best way of dressing any wall of home or office. These pictures are the durable piece of art. Printing of the digital photo onto the art is a highly durable process and the end result speaks for it. Art works are very reasonable which can be purchased at very low rates than one will spend on other paintings. These paintings come in various sizes ranging from small paintings to large one. The equipment utilized and technology used for crafting these fabulous arts has improved very extensively.

Printing pictures to canvas whether in black, white and sepia or in any color is the most astonishing concept in the field of printing. Most of the professional photographers are also making use of this printing process. Pictures printed on the art sheets are very amazing, stylish and fashionable and also offer unique appearance. Most of the photo printing companies have confined the market with their significant service which provides several picture printings according to the requirements of the customer. These photos are made to print on high quality of cotton sheets which utilizes enduring ultraviolet proof pigment inks.

High quality of material is used for the construction of the canvas. Also the ink and colors used for the art work are of best quality and last for many years. These art works are coated with protective varnish which helps in preventing the painting from any kind of damages. Nowadays there are several websites available where one can submit preferred design and arts and get them modeled into fine paintings. Most of the companies use advanced technologies which shape the prints perfectly on the sheets according to the requirements. If one is not satisfied with the preview of the painting, then one can ask for alteration in styles or colors depending upon the requirements.

Sunday, August 2, 2009

The Art of Designing a Website via web Graphics

Long island website graphics plays a crucial role in marketing your long island website moreover is an excellent way of boosting your sales. It is website graphics that is able to give correct first impression on your potential customers. By using effective long island website graphics; your long island website is able to give a consistent over all image of your long island website in clients mind. The quality and positioning of the graphics that are used in the long island website are helpful in enhancing websites look making it both attractive and professional. In case everything else in the website fails to make correct impression then too by making use of professional looking graphics can enhance your website.

While launching your long island website, you are trying your level best to send a message to the public that may be informative or strictly sales based or both.

Remember, whatever may be your motive but keep in mind to use simple and easy to read and understand content.  You can do this by breaking up the content or text and make it more powerful to convey the message by using graphics in it that are relevant to the txt or the content of the website. While doing so you need to take care that the viewer’s interest is not disturbed or distracted. The used website graphics that are used as a medium of long island design must be complimentary to the text and help in conveying the message. The used long island web design graphics should be able to so appropriate that the visitor on just looking at the web page can make out what he can expect from the rest of the website. This means that it should be interlinked. Remember long island website graphics and their positioning play a vital role in long island web design to the point where they could either make or break your website.

Image formats
Mostly, in long island website the format used by your long island web designer is for website graphics is either JPG or GIF because they get loaded at a faster speed than any other format. Commonly the JPG images are used for photographs and GIF images format are used in logos, buttons or menu bars. The drawback of using JPG image for long term is that it has lossy compression which means that every time you edit o save the image loses a little amount of quality. The best way to prevent the lossy effect is by using image manipulation software where you can do all the editing and paste the image in JPG just once.

Size of the image matters a lot
The visitor whenever visits your long island website or web page that particular web page will get downloaded onto the user’s computer, which means that your used web graphics are downloaded as well.  Here there are two factors that matter. One that the user is using a very slow internet connection and due to that reason the graphics of your long island website will take a lot of time to download, making viewer to lose his interest and increasing the possibility of his leaving the website. The second is that the long island website is using web graphics that are having high bandwidth which means that if there are a lot many of very large graphic files on the website, and that site becomes popular, then the cost of running that site may go up. Therefore, if your graphics are more than 50kb, then seriously think about reducing their size to make your website long island seo friendly and popular.

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