Friday, July 27, 2012

Art, Art, On The Wall...

Waking up in the morning, if you are like the majority of people, you likely glance at yourself multiple times in the mirror. You watch yourself brush your teeth and comb your hair in the recently fogged bathroom mirror. You use a mirror to determine if what you choose to wear is what looks best for the day ahead. You may even check yourself out in the rearview mirror of your car multiple times before you reach any specific destination. However, have you ever thought of how mirror images are reproduced? In mirror art, conceiving of mirror images can be difficult, but mastering the technique can make for an exceptionally interesting piece of work. Artists should be attracted to the techniques behind reflective imagery, if not for its unique look, at least for its development of skill.

Mirrors can be examined in many realms. Eyes and still water are both examples of organic reflective surfaces. Mirrors made of polished metal and glass can also be found. Whether using a more environmental picture of mirror images or a simple, everyday mirror, reflective art is extremely interesting. Depicting mirrored images in art can also be quite challenging for any artist, regardless of experience. A very interesting piece is Picasso's "Girl Before a Mirror." In it, an abstract woman looks into a mirror, and an abstract self stares back at her. A great deal of mirror art, however, portrays landscapes with nature being reflected off of water.

Mastering the truth behind a reflected image can make or break a piece of art. Aspiring artists who have troubles portraying reflected images may find it useful to purchase a Claude mirror. A Claude mirror helps separate and soften tones, making it easier for the artist to create the reflected images accurately. In addition, artistic experience with perspective will make mirror art attempts more successful. Learning to depict objects in mirrors can be a beneficial exercise for anyone looking to enhance their artistic style or accuracy. Therefore, artists may seek to perfect mirror art simply to gain technique, or they may want to exemplify the awe and beauty of reflections in their art.

Mirror art is any type of art demonstrating a reflective surface. Many great artists have utilized it both to enhance their skills and to reveal the wonder behind such sites. It is without doubt that a truthful depiction of a mirrored image can give any piece of art a sophisticated look.

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