Friday, July 27, 2012

The Ascension Of Graphic Design

Graphic design is a field that has been on the rise for the past decade. The demand for graphic designers is highly apparent, as an increasing number of small business owners have been promoting their companies through various forms of media. Entrepreneurs will often hire graphic designers to create a logo design, web design, product design, and/or advertisement. The use of graphic designs extends across all media; television, books, movies, newspapers, magazines, and the Internet.

Cooperation between a graphic designer and their client is essential in creating a desirable product. It is the responsibility of the graphic designer to accurately promote their abilities and listen intently to the needs of the customer in order to carry out the request because they are ultimately present to make the entrepreneurs vision come to life and eventually cause their business to grow. The brands integrity should be kept in mind while the design is being created. Also, the tone of its previous advertisements should usually be reflected. For instance, if the company in question usually presents itself in a humorous way, then that tone should typically be followed. Likewise, if they are known for possessing a family-friendly message, then the design should not venture into anything too risqu. All graphic designers have to know how to comply with the needs of the business owner, while not losing the creative quality of their own work.

Company branding needs to be incorporated into designs as well. Some of the most recognizable corporations in the world, such as McDonalds, the Trump Organization, Shell, Kodak, and Target, have all utilized a great magnitude of company branding. A clear, powerful logo design is often the most effective. While attempting to create such brands, the designer must have some understanding of psychology and have done research on the effects of certain shapes and colors on the human mind. Americans see thousands of products and advertisements daily; therefore any design that is being formed has to be able to stand out of the crowd. This does not necessarily mean that gaudy scales or bright colors have to be utilized, but designs should be creative, interesting, and explanatory. Brand integration that span throughout various products is desired.

The package design is just as important as logo design and advertisement, because it is usually the most tangible part of advertising that customers encounter. An ideal package design is attractive, informative, and appropriate of the product and company. Customers are exponentially more likely to consider purchasing products that look fresh, innovative, and intriguing, than those that appear to be cheap, irrelevant, and unimaginative. The logo design has to be featured on the package, for greater brand exposure.

Handmade advertisements have almost completely fallen by the wayside, so proficient computer skills is imperative for any graphic designer. High-powered technical software is always employed during the creation and distribution of products and designs. Because of these technical applications, going to school for graphic design is not always necessary, but it is very helpful in most situations. These days, graphic design is extending beyond knowledge of Photoshop. A good web design is essential as well, because almost every significant business in the world owns and operates a website. The art of web design is often complicated to learn, but important for reaching customers. With the Internet constantly expanding and connecting various forms of media, jobs in graphic design and web design are becoming increasingly available and necessary. Presently, the role of the graphic designer is not only to construct beautiful ads and pieces, but also to serve as the liaison between the brand and the general public. Therefore, graphic designers are extremely valuable because they are partially responsible for making the company experience success in revenue.