Friday, July 27, 2012

Translation Software For Graphic Designers

If you're wondering what a translation software can do for a graphic designer, read on and find out.

One of my best friends is a graphic and web designer who gets plenty of jobs from online sources. As such, many of the work he does involves foreign language titles, labels and slogans. Several times, he is been tasked with designing websites intended for foreign customers, including French, Italian and Spanish.

Now, he could have easily just turned down these offers. After all, he could make mistakes in the text that can end up as time-consuming issues that will bring problems both for him and his clients. On the other hand, it's such a wasted opportunity not to take them, especially when all the other English-speaking graphic designers seem afraid of accepting the job.

Instead of shunning the foreign language work, he decided to invest on language translation software instead.

Using them, he's easily available to verify whether the menu items he adds into websites are correct, if the slogan changes he does make sense or if his comments on the CSS files will actually be helpful to his clients.

For such a nominal cost, these foreign language tools have been able to help him take in more business. Even better, he gets the job done without embarrassing mistakes. If you're a graphic designer and have been staying away from work that involves foreign terms and languages, think again - you could be turning your head away from a veritable goldmine.

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