Friday, July 27, 2012

LCD module with graphic display

LCD module designed to be simple advanced project as easy as LCD driver integrated display unit. 3.5 "LCD display module, the RS232 can be used for lithography inverted RS232 serial port, SPI or IIC mode, the interface allows the user to select the final control. Controller can be from a single board, special purpose micro-controller or PC Machine different applications, anything. 3.5 "LCD module provides a simple command structure, so that numbers and words is a vertical bar graph display on the screen. Text fonts are built-in, and use standard ASCII mapping. 8 user defined characters may be generated. Low-light situations the screen backlight. Backlight can be turned on or off under program control. Contrast adjustment to compensate for different lighting conditions and viewing angle.

In order to achieve higher liquid crystal display module in two different levels of command and control protocol can choose to use the software or hardware constraints. Display screen users can set the power and onboard EEPROM memory.
LCD module is designed as a small, easy to use and 525 connected to the UART or serial LCD display technology equipment. This will 2400-115200 Potter and the TTL and RS232 level signals of the speed - not MAX232 required! As a result of ultra-thin chips of glass' (COG) technology, which is to provide a transparent thermal cover, can be used for a variety of different ways, for example: installed in the cabinet, held hands, or even stay in the surface and the double- sided / Velcro ® tape. Set up is simple, there are no DIP switches or jumper connection configuration and the display module the wrong way, will not hurt it, which means that it is for educational and experimental applications of the ideal choice. It will also supply different operating between 3.5 and 20 volts it is to adapt.

A TFT-LCD module is characterized by its 'GraphSmart' automatic bar facilities, so that the data graphic LCD module is very easy. No need for a complex program on your micro-controller - it can do only two bytes of data - the graphics and to show the percentage of length.

Incredible size!
Picture on the right shows how thin synlink compared to liquid crystal display module is a typical LCD module. Use of glass on the chip, surface mount components and PCB's synlink 0.8mm thin module takes almost no room for your product or project! As one of only 6 mm, maximum thickness synlink least common multiple is the thinnest in the market of its product range.

Easy to install!
The synlink least common multiple is incredibly easy to set up - no jumpers, missing or microcontroller in the special program. The module can be set in a small part of the four time using the touch buttons - each side of the screen two. These buttons can be used not only to set the screen, but they can also be programmed to send user-defined characters back to the host device.
LCD modules are so thin, you can use Velcro or double-sided sticky tape. This means that you can you never be able to fit their place, and then displayed. If you decide to use the four touch buttons, you can use a completely separate terminal control host device.
Measurement of liquid crystal display module has a radio control servo signal specific model - unlike any other product on the market - will also measure the pulse width and frequency. This means that the receivers, gyroscopes and other R / C equipment can be checked and matched to the corresponding servo. TextStar the same time and with the standard 1520us 760us signal compatible with the pulse repetition rate up to 1kHz. Learn more about using the least common multiple radio control Click here for more!

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