Friday, July 27, 2012

The Use of Graphic Design in Many Fields Such As Websites, Animation and So On

What is a graphic design?
Graphic design can be referred to any discipline of art and the visual communication that is present. Graphic design is a representation of symbols, images and words in a combination. Graphic design has a tendency to create the ideas in a visual representation. A graphic designer may use effects such as typography, visual arts and page layout to produce the best result.

Graphic design is used both in the communication creation and the products that is created. Graphic design is used in various fields. For example in website design it is used in Logo designs, Package design, Various illustrations, Business cards, Stationery, Brochures, Website designs, Banner designs, Animated graphic designs and more. Graphic design is widely use in logo design and animated graphic design nowadays.

Nowadays graphic designers are hired to bring out the innovative thoughts into action.

Graphic designers play a vast role in bringing out the mechanism into a realistic image. Graphic designers is also used in greeting cards sector too as many companies search for the card in the competitive world.

Use of 3D design in animation
3D design is a three dimensional representation of geometric dimension. 3D designs are different 2D designs but both of them have some similarities. 3D designs and 2D designs depend on the same algorithm, vector graphics and raster graphics. At times 3D techniques are used by 2D designs too for the adverse effect of lightening and more. Most of the times 3D computer graphics are called as 3D models too. A 3D model is a three dimensional mathematical representation. To create a real 3D world one has to follow three major steps to be done in a perfect manner.

To be realistic create a virtual 3D world, determine which part has to be shown and determine how many pixels should be shown on screen so that the whole image looks like a realistic image.

An object that contains the height, depth and width is called a 3D computer graphics. Most of the 3D graphics that are created are of the motion type. The 3D computer graphics software is mainly used in the games and also in creating the motion pictures.

How can a logo are used in a web page?
A logo is a symbol that represents a company or an organization. This representation forms the foundation for the corporate identity. A logo can be simply defined as a name, symbol, emblem or other graphic element. A logo is basically designed for easy and defined recognition of a targeted market. A logo is the vision to your company. Peoples are very responsive for the logos and they validate their meaning.

This representation is very important for the recognition of the company and also it reflects the image of the brand. Simplicity is very important aspect for a logo. Using too many graphics, images and shapes can clutter the logo that is created. A logo should be easy recognizable and should have a strong impact. A logo should have a balanced image, distinctive and bold, appropriate image that should match with your company name, communicate your business effectively and it can be in color too.

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