Friday, July 27, 2012

Buying Art

Buying art is something that many people would like to do but not that everyone understands how to go about. Buying good art is a great way to make an investment, and to get something attractive to display as well. Getting art is a great way to decorate your home and is a great way to show off your taste and to add a touch of class and style to your room.

However the majority of us don't know much about art.. How do you choose art that will increase in value or at least stay the same? At the same time you need to choose art that says something about you, but that at the same time fits your dcor and is relatively inoffensive and not too ostentatious.

How you choose art in terms of design is really up to you and comes down to subjective taste. Different people like different types of art of course - some like modern art, some like impressionism, some like oil painting and once you've decided this it's much easier to choose the specific picture you like by an artist you can appreciate. Your dcor will affect this - if you have a very modern apartment then this will be more suited to modern art, while if you have a more traditional design then a water colour can be more fitting. Try and match the palette of the image a little to the palette of your room.

With landscape oil paintings it is pretty hard to go wrong. They create the impression of more space in the room and are almost like an extra window out into the world. At the same time few people are likely to have any strong dislike for landscape oil paintings. However they also don't make as much as a visual statement as having a painting of something. Try to choose a subject that somehow reflects your personality - if you like music or play an instrument for example then you may want to have a painting of a piano or a violin, while if you are very flamboyant then you might wish to have a bunch of flowers as your feature (these items are again also inoffensive). Hopefully when you're looking at things that are suitable for your room and your personality, then something should jump out and appeal to you.

In terms of making an investment you need to look for affordable art that's likely to rise in price over a short time frame. You want for instance to look for emerging artists who are currently lesser known but who are likely to make a big splash on the scene. This way you can buy paintings of emerging artists while they are still lesser known, and sell them on once they are well known and in demand. You can also buy art that is already rare and expensive and this way you can know that it should at least retain its value. Doing a small bit of research online to find emerging artists and other established artists.