Friday, July 27, 2012

Art Competitions

There are many art competitions out there that as an artist, you can enter your work. These competitions are a good way of showcasing your work and gaining some recognition. It is expensive to set up an exhibition for your work as a struggling artist. The art competitions can save you money and give you the exposure you need and the cash prizes are not so bad as well. There are things you should consider while preparing for art competitions.

The picture you take for your art pieces represents you to the judges in a certain light. This will increase or reduce your chances for winning art competitions. You should read the instructions on the format photos that need to be submitted. The era of films is coming to an end and digitals are taking over. Most entries in digital forms have specific criteria mostly to be submitted and depend on the number of pixels.

Framing your art is important in art competitions. The frame you present your work in speaks volumes about your piece. Scratched and cheap looking frames lower the quality of your work. Most buyers want to buy pieces and hang them immediately in their houses. If it has a bad frame they might think it is not worth the cost or time to wait. Frame your work creatively though within your budget margin. If the painting doesnt win the art competitions you can always re-use the frame.

If the art that you want to enter in the art competitions needs to be framed in glass, it is important to take this into consideration. You might decide to use the regular glass or a more expensive non-reflective glass. The best glass is the non reflective glass. This type of glass does not reflect any other objects to your piece. The regular glass will reflect anything that the light falls on. As a result of this, your true image will not be displayed to buyers. You might lose the art competition due to this. People might miss out on the real image.

If you want to enter a competition in other areas you might need to ship your pieces. Consider the cost of shipping and other costs needed. You have to buy a sturdy box to ship your pieces. In addition to this, an agency that is designated by the competitions organizers will also need to be paid. It should be within a budget you can afford.

Never enter more pieces than you can deliver. Failure to submit pieces that have won might lead you to being banned from participating in art competitions for a few years. So plan careful and work on your budget to make sure you cover any costs that might be needed for shipment.

There are competitions that have entry fees but there are other sites that do not charge. is a site that allows members to enter art competitions for free and they have over 50 competitions a month. A nice way to showcase your art.

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